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Aquavit Pharmaceuticals

Aquavit Pharmaceuticals

A Sophisticated Name In Personalized Medicine & Healthcare

Should two human beings with very different genetic makeup and age be treated the same in terms of medical care? Probably not. They will, however, most likely receive the same treatment if they become ill. And the rest of the world will follow suit. Despite advances in medical science, doctors don’t fully understand how patients respond to different therapies.

The ‘One-size-fits-all’ approach is exclusively used, but it often results in undesirable side effects. Nonetheless, the use of precision/personalized medication can change this for the better. The growing study and research into human genetics and genomes, as well as how they influence health, disease, and drug reactions, has enabled doctors and scientists all around the world to provide more precise diagnosis, drug prescriptions, and effective therapies. Eventually, this keeps the patient off the ‘trial-anderror’ approach, ensuring an optimal therapy from the start.

Despite its efficacy, the complete democratization of personalized healthcare is yet to happen. Tailoring individualized health care to improve patients’ lives – it’s a mission. A mission that can become widely possible because of advanced healthcare companies like Aquavit Pharmaceuticals. Headquartered in New York, the Company offers personalized healthcare through innovative technology solutions, biologics and biologics delivery systems.

Founded in 2010, Aquavit is constantly setting benchmarks in medical aesthetics through multiple pipelines in the fields of neuroscience, oncology, medical dermatology and immunology (COVID-19). Its uniqueness stems from its patented microchannel technology, which permits intradermal delivery of any medicine or therapeutic agent that can be administered topically or by patch. This novel route of administration makes them a pioneer in the domain. Aquavit is one of the largest manufacturers of microchannel technology and among the top 3 medical aesthetics companies in the US.

With a mission to modernize and personalize healthcare, the company has made great strides, developing formulations, prototypes and much more. Recently, it acquired an exclusive license to market and commercialize a botulinum toxin product, DTX-021, in the United States and Canada. This will help target indications such as Chronic Migraine, Blepharospasm, Cerebral Palsy, Spasticity, Overactive Bladder, Depression, Plantar Fasciitis, Osteoarthritis, etc. Aquavit also has a vastIP portfolio, including 30+ patents and over 25 trademarks.

Time is changing, and with that – diseases are evolving, associated with additional characteristics. For instance, COVID-19 basically inflicted respiratory tract infections – both mild and lethal at a fast rate. The Delta variant, on the other hand, transmits faster – and more efficiently. The rapid spread of the virus across 96 nations demonstrates the level of chaos it can bring. And it is not just COVID-19!

There are other infectious diseases that have evolved; these are best addressed through personalized medicine. The cognizance propels paradigm awareness as it has proven to optimize healthcare at reduced time, cost and rate of failure in clinical trials. Aquavit supports this and has customized products assertive to individual channels. The portfolio includes:

  • AQT- These are microinjection devices to help practitioners administer therapeutic agents directly to skin using drugs of their choice. The series includes AQT-001, an acclaimed product used by renowned dermatologists and other medical practitioners.
  • Very soon, the company will introduce AQT – 004, a low-dose microchannel microinjector, particularly to deliver Botulinum toxin and will prove to be revolutionary in aesthetic and therapeutic implications.
  • AQV-1122- It is a flagship drug delivery device that has been formulated to deal with pandemic scenarios. Aquavit has developed a microchannel delivery apparatus for epidermal vaccinations. When vaccinations are administered to the epidermis of the skin, an immune inductive site rich in antigen cells is activated. This allows vaccines to be delivered through the skin. Aquavit’s invention is painless, user-friendly, and requires little knowledge. And it is applicable in the current scenario, based on the restrictions to access healthcare. This new technology utilizes the proprietary AQT microchannel technology. By continuing to expand the scope and depth of Aquavit’s new delivery technologies, this innovation ensures an insightful contribution to global healthcare as it effectively addresses platform technologies directed toward intuitive methods for immunizing masses against infectious diseases. Its self-administrable technology allows for affordable and accessible healthcare for the masses. Moreover, in case of any unforeseen pandemics, it can be drop-shipped in remote countries that are dealing with limited/minuscule healthcare resources.
  •  MAV- This state-of-the-art analytics AI platform is Aquavit’s exclusively developed technology that employs Machine Learning and Data Analytics for skin diagnostics and personalized treatment regimen.
  • PITO- The PITO – 001 or Apollo™, a Personalized Injection Treatment Optimizer, is a smart technology platform and microinjector built on a desktop configuration that compounds customized formulations for intradermal delivery. It is also integrated with AI and Big-Data technology which analyzes specific needs and recommends personalized treatments (MAV Series). Both of these products are soon to be released. PITO-002 is a similar form factor to PITO-001, and addresses topical solutions including skincare.
  • Micro-channel® technology- As a transformative innovation, Aquavit’s patented micro-channel® technology is a novel route of administration (RoA) for drugs and biologics. This unique technology will facilitate intra-dermal delivery at greater efficacy and speed of delivery for any drug or therapeutic agent currently delivered either topically or via a patch form. It will prove to be a revolutionary breakthrough in Aquavit’s mission to modernize and customize healthcare for all.
  • Aquavit’s products have proved to be an integral asset to improve and optimize patient care. Its microchannel technologies are offering customizable options to physicians and individuals. And since these products have a range of applications, it meets patient satisfaction evidently. Over the years, Aquavit’s technology treated hundreds of thousands of patients without any complications. The Company has subsidiaries in the USA and South Korea to develop, manufacture and distribute its technologies.

Interestingly, the pandemic has spurred numerous challenges in terms of healthcare, particularly skin health. Nowadays, everyone on the road has to wear masks all the time. While it plays a vital role in reducing the spread, it can often be hard on the skin and cause a range of skin problems (Acne, Peeling Skin, Rashes, etc.). Aquavit made a significant contribution to this scenario.

With its breakthrough product Inner B System®, the Health-Tech Company is helping people hydrate, cool and prevent breakouts. The product combines Salicylic Acid and Allantoin for blemish control, and comes in a hydrogel form that can be worn under the skin discreetly. It has proven to be very useful for healthcare professionals who are wearing PPE Kits day-in and day-out.

Every successful innovation has a visionary behind it who has the experience and motivation to create something worthwhile. Sobin Chang is the brains and visionary of Aquavit. She has a wealth of knowledge in pharmaceuticals, devices, and biologics, spanning from the well-known brand BOTOX® to a $7.5 billion oncology portfolio. She has extensive experience in management, marketing, and research, having worked for Fortune 500pharmaceutical companies over the years.

She has also served at the US Department of Health and Human Services, the Division of Drug Marketing, Advertising and Communications of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA DDMAC), guiding the FDA Modernization Act. Besides Aquavit, she chairs the initiative for the Yale Institute for Botulinum Toxin Research.

She is a Yale trained Pharmacoeconomist with over 60 publications to her credit. She was the opening keynote speaker at the Big Data in Pharma conference in Philadelphia recently. Her astute leadership is helping Aquavit democratize the need for personalized healthcare over the conventional. Her therapeutic experience spans Neuroscience, Dermatology, and Infectious Diseases.

Having a leader of strong acumen, it’s no doubt Aquavit has a very dynamic culture. Sobin has created a solid team of fun yet seriously smart individuals. They collaborate and often take on multiple roles to create a model culture that helps Aquavit to thrive.

The cohesiveness was very helpful during the Pandemic. Sobin speaks on this, “We were able to overcome the pandemic through lean operations and focusing on the important matters. We were on video calls all day everyday… Felt like I was in broadcasting”. They swiftly switched to online communications and a remote work model, which helped them adapt and overcome the chaos.

“Find your roots and be resilient to overcome obstacles and see through your success.”

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