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Augray Private Limited

Augray Private Limited

Revving Up Businesses with Innovative and Intelligent Technology Solutions.

Dynamic Leadership

Suresh Thankavel: Suresh serves as CEO. With over 15+ years of diligent experience serving technology-based solutions. An adventure lover with umpteen ideas for moulding into the future world! Many will say, “Live your dreams.” He tries to make it possible by launching ‘Augray’ to work and explore beyond the existing technological boundaries! Speaker and a think-big attitude, Augray has been awarded the “Most Innovative AR/VR Startups in 2021.”

Narayan Balakrishnan Subramaniam Srimath: Narayan is the CTO at Augray. Having worked in the technology industry for 12 years, he is well-versed in several tech stacks. He is in charge of projects, new product inventions, and research and development. He is a terrific mentor for budding techies and thinks creatively when it comes to business and technological solutions.

Prakash Ramamurthy: Designated as Director, Prakash Ramamurthy is in charge of sales and marketing. Having more than ten years of experience working as a sales leader for several unicorn firms, he enjoys building new sales teams, serving as a mentor, and supporting continuous change for learning. He also exhorts the team to be energetic and have an eye for operational effectiveness.

With the rapidly expanding technology trend, software and apps have become integral to business functioning! Providing excellent solutions to contemporary ventures (Enterprises and SMEs, StartUps), Augray Pvt Ltd has been offering top-notch cutting-edge technology solutions since its inception. With a distinctive vision of offering AR/VR/MR platform applications for smartphones, tablets, and wearables that empower consumers with valuable visual experiences, Augray Pvt Ltd was founded in 2014 as a digital IT partner.

Almost a decade-old endeavour under the leadership of Suresh Thankavel, CEO, Narayan Balakrishnan, CTO, and Prakash Ramamurthy, Director, has successfully worked with global logistics service providers, manufacturing and trading companies helping their business operations streamline and providing specially crafted solutions spanning across industries and business functions. Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Augray has come a long way since its humble beginning in 2014 and has worked with 70+ companies across different industries ranging from FMCG, CD, Manufacturing, Retail, Real estate and many more.

The Service Portfolio

Augray focuses on maximising value for clients by making effective use of technology and fusing cuttingedge technologies with innovative digital methods. They firmly believe in upholding the highest integrity, providing consistent productivity and top-notch quality, and always being accessible as a reliable digital IT partner. The following are the primary services that the company offers:
• AR experience (App based & Web-based)
• VR experience (Application & PC – VR)
• MR experience (Smart glasses/Smart glasses app and solution)
• App development
• Website development
• Learning Management system
• Content/User management system
• Data analysis & dashboards

Carving Out as a Differentiator

With its distinctive 8+ years journey, Augray adheres to the design methodology where knowledge, team power,
and experience are working together to develop distinctive solutions. Here, the focus has always been on providing an experience. They either invite their consumers or go to them and encourage them to acquire first-hand experience to appreciate the actual potential of the products and services to convey their true value.

After establishing a rapport with the consumer, the sales personnel prefer to have a conversation rather than provide a presentation. According to Augray, selling is all about prioritising the customer’s needs. This includes being aware of the clients’ backgrounds, problems, and other issues. They promote themselves as tech partners where the customer is involved at every level rather than just being a firm that offers solutions.

“We are more than just suppliers of solutions. Normally, we work together with our clients from the conception stage all the way through delivery. In addition, it is crucial for us to comprehend the client’s business objective and link the solution to it. We also need to understand the user journey and experience so that we can come up with the best solution to enhance it. We at Augray strive to reinvent businesses, not just by enabling them with new technology but also by transforming them for sustainable growth with technology”, Mr Suresh Thankavel further explained.

Augray’s Cornerstones

2014 – Augray was built from Wisdom InfoTech to create and provide immersive experiences to speak with their clients.
2015 – Expanded their presence in New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.
2016 – Best solutions for the overall vertical sales delivered, including Travel, Hospitality, and Gaming!
2017 – Launched the world’s first AR messaging platform, TADA TIME.
2019 – India’s first WEB XR solution launched along with the first-of-its-kind video XR solution.
2022 – Launched OneXR -Suite of XR Products and Solutions for Businesses

Augray’s Take on Industry Evolution

The Indian AR/VR market is anticipated to experience a robust CAGR of 38% by 2027 through technological advances and the rising adoption of technology in diverse portfolio sectors including content generation, engineering and technology, and the development of virtual applications for electronic devices to create customizable content

The key drivers:

• The roll-out of 5G technology, Wi-Fi 6 and emerging technologies including big data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning is fueling India’s augmented reality and virtual reality market growth.
• The rise in awareness regarding augmented reality and virtual reality.
• The need to engage and enhance customer experience with their product and brand.
• Manufacturers are increasingly focusing on the research and development process to fuel higher growth in the
• To meet evolving customer demands concerning better efficiency and durability, several manufacturers are coming up with technologically advanced offerings.
• The adoption of augmented reality and virtual reality for training purposes to replicate real-life situations and instil quality training is expected to fuel market growth.

The Work Culture of Augray

Being an employee-centric company, Augray has instilled a lot of trust and confidence in the employees. The flexibility the employees get here keeps them motivated and makes them go above and beyond their limits to achieve their goals.

The entire team is involved in the process from the ideation to the execution stage and is given complete creative freedom. Speaking of recreational activities, they have weekly and monthly activities and events that promote teamwork and leadership among all employees.

Road Ahead

Since AR/VR technology is one of the most customisable technologies and has a wide range of applications, including pre-sales, sales, after-sales, production, training, and many more. The industry is expanding, and there is an increasing need for it. For consumers and businesses, Augray seeks to develop cutting-edge goods and solutions that will aid in their development and enable them to stay up with the
ever-changing market.

Words of Wisdom

Market evolution for businesses occurs similarly to human development. In order to stay
on top of our game and experience sustainable growth, it is imperative that we adapt to
innovation and new advances.

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