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Black ball rules

Black ball rules

Things you need to know

Blackball or pool is a popular game among all age groups. Whether it is a party, a celebration with friends in a bar, or a work party in a restaurant, nobody can say no to a game of blackball. Everybody has played the game once in their lives and truly enjoyed it for the thrill and excitement the game provides. But are you well versed with all the rules of the game?

You can play pool game online or with your friends in a relaxed setting! There are many ways to play black ball, and no person knows all the rules of every format of blackball. However, this article will help you save the embarrassment of not knowing enough game rules. Stay on this until the end to learn some exciting rules to help you master the game.

Knowing the Basics is a Must

There are more than a hundred formats of playing pool, but you don’t have to stress over learning all the tricks and tips to ace the game. The most common format is the 8 ball pool, and knowing the basics will help you win the game. The table is 7ft by 4.5ft. And the balls are yellow and red, and the white ball is the cue ball.

The game’s objective is to hit the white ball with a cue stick so that it will push your set of balls (either of the red and yellow balls) into the pockets of the table to score points. Your aim should be to hit the white ball so that it directly or indirectly hits either yellow or red-colored balls. The player who gets all their balls into the table pockets wins the game.

We were on a Break

The players decide who will do the break by tossing a coin. The winner decides whether to break or not and gets to hit the white cue ball with full force and attempt to spread the balls in the triangle formation to score points. If they successfully pocket the ball of their choice, they continue, or the turn gets passed onto the opponent.

Starting the Game

The black ball game begins with the red and yellow colored balls that are placed in a triangle shape on the table. The player who gets to play the break shot places the white cue ball in the balk area and hits with full force towards the triangular formation to spread the balls on the table. If the player successfully pockets the ball of his choice, he will be allowed to continue hitting, or the turn will be passed to the opponent.

Twists & Turns

Blackball is a game of twists and turns, and you should aim for the turns more than the twists. In this game, players alternate turns. A player can continue playing if they pocket their ball without committing a foul. However, if you pocket your opponent’s balls mistakenly, it will be counted as a foul, and it will be your opponent’s turn to pocket their ball. Additionally, if a player accidentally pockets the white cue ball, it’ll be the opponent’s turn to score.

Black Ball Left

When players pocket all the balls of their choice, they have to pocket the black ball successfully. However, here’s the tricky part. The player has to choose a specific pocket to pot the black ball. If the player successfully pockets the black ball into the pocket he had nominated, they will win the fair and square game. On the flip side, if the player pockets the black ball into another pocket he has not declared, he loses, and the game will be over. If the player cannot pot the ball, the opponent will get a chance to be back in the game and try to win.


There would be no question of foul if both the players were playing well. However, fouls are inevitable in black ball and common too. A foul in a pool game decides whether it is the other player’s turn to take a shot. If one of the players commits a foul, it gives the opponent a chance to take two shots rather than one. If they miss one shot, they can take another to score and pocket a ball. Moreover, if the opponent successfully pockets the ball for the first time, he will still have another chance to pocket another ball. The turn will be passed on to the other player.

Fouls are considered when a player:

  • Pockets the white ball
  • Pockets a different colored ball
  • Hit the opponent’s ball or the black ball
  • Contacts any of the balls with their hand, clothing, or accessories
  • Takes a shot when the balls are still moving
  • Pushes the ball instead of striking it
  • Pockets no-ball and hits a cushion
  • Hits the ball too hard, and it jumps across the table


After the break, if a player successfully pockets the balls of the color they have chosen without hitting the black ball, it will reward them with numerous hits. It will not allow the opponent to come to the table and take their shot. You can pot the break and keep playing until you commit a foul. This is called a whitewash, and there will be instances when you’ll come across it and feel a little prouder of your pool skills. However, one failed attempt will give your opponent the chance to strike, and it will be over for you to finish off the game in style.


Pocket all the balls of your chosen color, and lastly, pocket the black ball to win the game. However, the game will be lost if you pocket the black ball before the other balls or hit it so hard that it is flung off the table. Any foul against the black ball will also finish the game. These rules will help you not commit serious mistakes while playing black ball and emerge victoriously.

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