By Sugandh Bahl

Discovering the Toot, Saga Continues…..

Well, there is actually a thin line difference between an Entrepreneur and a Business Man. An entrepreneur aims at establishing a business by solving some societal crisis with full of innovation into his offering, while a business man builds his empire in name of profit and money. But both are successful in their own way, as innovation and profit leads you to success. The task is to discover whether you have a business bent of mind or creative thinking! Likewise it becomes difficult for writer to curate such noteworthy read but Business Connect seems to have shelled out top notch writers who are excellent at making such content.

Now, what makes an entrepreneur different from the rest is listed below.


Their thought processes are not curbed by greedy affairs with money. Their new thoughts and strategies is what keeps them going towards ladders of success. They wish to possess exclusivity to their offerings and their free will of thinking is what sets them apart from the mob.


Innovation and entrepreneurship are vital ingredients in building a successful enterprise. Ways in which these two concepts fuel any commercial venture is what keeps them amongst known faces. The only key to locks of their profit is the constant innovation which they keep bringing about in their existing ranges too.


Failures are actually part and parcel of lives and innovative opportunists like Entrepreneurs have to live with it on daily stance at times. When gains are expected, failures bump you back, pumping the energy for you to bounce back with zeal again. Therefore, entrepreneurs face setbacks like challenges, which help them to sweep risks easily.

  • Not Finding Reward In form of Paychecks

The journey from an employee’s paycheck to an entrepreneur’s empty accounts isn’t as easy as it seems. Especially for any married individual, it’s a troublesome task to get used to no monthly paychecks and indeed sustenance becomes a task. If you have small or nonexistent income, you are probably a new entrant into entrepreneurial ecosystem, still in shock over the loss of your paycheck. Or, maybe you have set breeding grounds for your idea, but it’s still young to flap its wings. Yet, you are not alone, as this is the most appropriate successive path; success doesn’t come easy on platter, you’ve got to lose something to gain the best.

For any entrepreneur repeat rate is their biggest asset where he/she feels confident about their products and offerings and also when their brand name is proclaimed by word of mouth and not by marketing gimmicks. This is actually the biggest reward for any entrepreneur if their brand name is shouted in market with just their innovation and customer offerings as the credibility of their brand increases even more. Being without a paycheck brings belief in oneself a belief to trust your guts and move ahead.

Business Connect’s articles will therefore help him read through experiences of many to walk over fine lines.


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