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FUTURA SURGICARE A family-led venture raising bars of service standards…

In our exclusive quest of searching for the most inspiring business ventures, we have brought to you the story of a family-owned business that has emerged as one of the most credible and authentic providers in its niche market. As phenomenal as their product portfolio is, you might find the company’s entrepreneurial voyage quite enticing.

This is the saga of the success of a duo of visionaries- Mr. A.D.Setty & Mr. Abhijith Sagar who began Futura Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. in 1994. Mr.A.D.Setty, the founder and Chairman of the company is a Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary by Profession with over 40 years of industry experience. Mr.Abhijith Sagar, the Director of the company is an MBA graduate with a specialization in marketing and 15 years of industry experience.

The core function of this mature organization is the manufacturing of wound closure products. For now, the manufacturing unit is located in India only. They offer their products under the brand names Dolphin Sutures, Dolphin Mesh, Dolphin Stapler, Dolphin Hemostat & Dolphin Tapes. As we got a chance to interact with the duo, we seized the opportunity to explore different aspects of the venture and make the best possible outcome of the conversation held with them. All the narrative mentioned here is based on the excerpts of the conversation. Let’s get started.


The Wound Closure division is the company’s primary focus. The business closely collaborates with customers in this market to comprehend their requirements and create items that meet those objectives. Sutures, staplers, surgical tapes, and topical skin adhesives are now available from the company’s comprehensive line of wound closure products.

Fortis, Manipal Hospitals, AIIMS, and others are just a few of its prestigious clients. Additionally, the business exports its goods to approximately 65 nations, primarily in Europe, Asia, and Africa. With outgrowing its peers, the company is extremely focused on turning every stone to establish itself as the surgeons’ foremost choice for safe and secure wound closure in the Indian market.

Since its inception, the company has strained every nerve to stay ahead of the competition by examining and adapting as per the market trends and customer pulse. This is somewhere posed as their secret sauce to success. The business has been in front of its rivals in identifying market needs and creating products to meet those demands.

It maintains close relationships with renowned doctors in India and overseas, and this in-depth knowledge helps it better comprehend and serve the industry. “The primary distinction for Futura Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. is innovation. The company may now claim to have the world’s broadest selection of antibacterial sutures. It has also introduced a number of novel products in the Hernia repair market and currently has the largest range of composite meshes with greater biocompatibility and an adhesion barrier,” claims the luminaries.

Never have they ever compromised on the quality, systems and commitments either towards the customers or the employees. A high rate of customer satisfaction gives them an edge in the market and their foremost testimony in this direction comes from the certifications owned by it like CE, ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and WHO: GMP.


The entrepreneurial journey is never a cakewalk for sure. It is an adventurous journey filled with innumerable ups and downs that make it happen after all. For Futura Surgicare, such has been the case to grow its presence in a country like India.

What was the primary obstacle in their journey was explained by Mr. Shetty and Mr. Sagar, “Indian manufacturers must go above and beyond to win customers’ trust in a nation like India, where more than 80% of all medical devices are still imported.

This is especially true when dealing with a very delicate product like surgical sutures. Creating Dolphin Sutures was the same. Up until the brand became well-known, we had to earn the trust of the client by constantly delivering high-quality goods and services. We were able to get through this challenging time thanks to patience and perseverance.”


Tech-centric operations have helped them scale in no time for sure. For any business, tech inclusion has proved to be immensely beneficial and Futura Surgicare asserts the same assertion. In the search for the newest technology, the corporation seizes the lead. It was the first firm in India to release Durabarb, a Knotless wound closure device. It is the sole business producing ground-breaking Teflene sutures made of PTFE.


R&D is a process that never fails to provide positive results to any organization or individual. Undeniably, it has played a vital role in the resounding success of Futura Surgicare Pvt. Ltd. Under the guidance of Mr.Abhijith Sagar, the company has launched several unique products for the first time in the country- making it a pioneer in its targeted segment.


Work culture always paves the way for business growth and productivity that is wellacknowledged by Futura Surgicare. Hence, it has firstly ensured to assemble a workforce that is highly experienced and dedicated. One of the secrets to the success of the company is that employee turnover is less than 5% across the entire organization. They also show how consistently the business upholds its principles, rules, and ethics.


In chronological order, we have provided the worthy mentions that speak volumes of their inspiring business journey and proud achievements-

• 1997 – First Company to launch PGA sutures in India
• 2007 – First Indian company to launch Polyglactin 910 sutures
• 2008 – Achieved CE certification for the first time
• 2010 – First Indian company to launch Poliglecaprone & Polydioxanone sutures.
• 2012- First Indian company to launch Antibacterial Triclosan Coated sutures
• 2013-18 – Launched skin staplers, hernia meshes, skin staplers, bone wax, etc.
• 2019 – First Indian company to launch Barb sutures – knotless wound closure device
• 2021- Launched PTFE Sutures, 6 Composite Meshes for the 1st time in India
• 2022 – Launched Topical Skin Adhesives, Hemostats and 5 types of antibacterial sutures

With its expanding market presence, the company strives to diversify its product basket by investing heavily in the growth of its sales team while placing a renewed emphasis on the growth of its export market. It aims to be present in 100 countries by 2025.

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