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Implementing Phenomenal Navigation, Tracking And Monitoring Solutions Using NavIC

Technology is changing our everyday existence by interconnecting various parts of our lives, from smartphones to smart homes, and smart cars. This helps us to live more safely and comfortably, with more convenience and efficiency. At the center of this evolution is GNSS or Global Navigation Satellite System which is a type of satellite system with wide spread global coverage.

This is generally known as GPS, Global Positioning System. People use global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) every day without knowing it. It uses satellites to provide independent geospatial positioning. It makes it possible for regular electronic devices to ascertain their location, positioning, and navigation via sensors that receive radio signals from the satellites.

GNSS is used in all forms of transportation, space stations, aviation, maritime, rail, road and mass transit. Positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) play a critical role in communications and mobile navigation tools like Google Maps, telecommunications, land surveying, law enforcement, emergency response, precision agriculture, mining, finance, scientific research and so on.

Company Overview

Elena Geo Systems was established in the year 2012 as a space technology company in the Technology Business Incubator of IIT Kharagpur. The company specializes in the development of the entire downstream ecosystem surrounding NavIC. Owing to its end-to-end presence in the navigation and monitoring domain, it has managed to expand its presence from the chip level to user systems level in a short span of time.

Specializing in its niche segment that involves creation of the entire downstream ecosystem from the NavIC receiver to a complicated intelligence system. The exclusively curated solutions are capable of delivering 30% improved operational efficiency that can reduce losses by 50% and more. With the adamant vision to cater to human needs, they have developed an R&D facility that strives to provide the nation with better solutions.

Depending on their indigenous R&D, they have been able to implement better monitoring solutions utilizing NavIC (The Indian GPS), considering the Indian requirements, work culture, government rules and regulations and local infrastructure.

GPS (Global Positioning System) is the most prevalent global navigation satellite system (GNSS). This system is owned by the U.S. Government and operated by the United States Air Force (USAF). It is one of the several space-based navigation systems, which provides critical capabilities to military, civil, and commercial users across the globe.

Other systems include GLONASS (Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema, owned and operated by the Russian Federation), Galileo (a GNSS created by the European Union through the European Space Agency (ESA)), BeiDou or BDS (a global GNSS owned and operated by the People’s Republic of China) & Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS) (a regional GNSS owned by the Government of Japan and operated by QZS System Service Inc).

The Indian Government launched its satellite system in the year 2008 after realizing the importance of the Satellite-based Navigation System. During the Kargil War, it was noted that the American GPS was denied to India and so India developed its own navigation system called the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System (IRNSS) which was later renamed as NavIC (an acronym for ‘Navigation with Indian Constellation).

India has a series of 12 satellites for its NavIC . Currently, 8 satellites from IRNSS and 3 satellites from GAGAN are providing navigational services in India. The NavIC utilizes geostationary satellites in a higher orbit, which brings about signals with fewer deterrents and utilizes dual band recurrence L5 and S-band, which enables users to get more accurate and highly reliable navigation results with a large radius.

ISRO has also recently announced plans for five more satellites that are scheduled to be launched in the coming months. Another major forthcoming change is to add the L1 band into NavIC and increase the “safety” of the signals. This will make NavIC’s reach global.

The product line

Introducing highly competent products that are user-friendly as well as flexible is how they explain their product development cycle. A few of the worthy mentions are as follows-

Antenna: This is a multi GNSS external antenna that can receive L1, L5, and S-Band navigation signals.
NavIC Module: Elena’s NavIC Modules are multi GNSS, can receive NavIC (S and L5 bands), GPS (L1), GLONASS (L1), and SBAS.
NavIC Receivers: These are receivers built using Elena NavIC Modules. They bring full GNSS services to user applications with all advantages of NavIC .
IVTD: Elena Intelligent Vehicle Tracking Device is a versatile tracking device, easy to install and operate by the user. This receives NavIC signals and conforms to AIS-140 Standards.
IVTS: Integrated, Intelligent Monitoring System, that is versatile in its use and can be customized to any monitoring application of the user.
IATD: Elena Intelligent Asset Tracking Device poses as an exclusive tracking device that can be kept on any asset needed to be tracked temporarily.
Drone Navigation Systems: Elena’s NDNU is India’s first navigation unit for drones. The NDNU is a complete receiver miniaturized along with an internal antenna to enable drone navigation.

An analysis of the demerits of GPS

• Highly precarious; as it could be accessed as well as be controlled by other countries’ armed forces.
• Authority to set up accurate situating administration has not been given to India.
• Low accessibility, low accuracy, no accountability, dubious uprightness
• Ceaseless maintenance of the Orbital qualities
• Streamlines impassive areas
• Negligible satellite presence over the Indian geographies
• Accuracy rate (DOP) is extremely low
• GPS and GLONASS accessible since the 1990s. GLONASS circuit is quite cumbersome with low inclusion.
• GPS circuits extremely minimized, with high inclusion, became well known in created nations.
• Be that as it may, L1 signals accessible to the public are low in accuracy, exactness and reliability.
• GPS can easily surrender just to 10-meter precision even with a large number of measures.

End-to-End Advantages of NavIC

• Assured for Indian Public, Specially created for the Equatorial Region.
• High Availability, Accuracy, Reliability, and Integrity.
• S-band suited for Indian Terrain, especially the mountains and the seas.
• Restricted Services for Defence Forces.
• GAGAN Messaging Service (GMS) can be used for Disaster Management and to flash news to all in the Indian region within a second.
• IRNSS Messaging Service, in addition to GMS, gives more flexibility.
• One point time reference for all Indian users. All operations can be synchronized using accurate time data from NavIC Atomic Clock which is the most stable than any other GNSS.

USPs by Elena

When it comes to the unique selling propositions of the company, the leadership team explained there is not just one but many. Such as-

• Human Resources
Elena’s establishing and center group welcome on board many years of experience in creating Satellite-Based Route Frameworks that adjust to the Indian Landscape.

• Best Caliber
Solid spotlight on assembling exclusively designed equipment that matches NavIC-related details.

• Bits of Knowledge
Possesses outstanding understanding from start to end of innovation and choice creators in the Guard and Space Application area. Elena is available across the whole range of NavIC-driven downstream arrangements from Receiving wires and Collectors to Savvy Client Frameworks.

• R&D under the focus
In line with AatmaNirbhar Bharat, Elena focuses on creating state-of-the-art secure navigation equipment for the Indian public & defence. Elena also undertakes several government-based research, design, development, and manufacturing projects as well.

Recently, Elena won the grant for the DCIS (Digital Communication Innovation Square (DCIS) under Champion Services Sector Scheme (CSSS)) issued by TCOE on behalf of Department of Telecom (DoT) 2021/22. Elena’s project was to develop Timing Devices that would function using the Timing reference that is available in the NavIC / IRNSS signals.

These could be directly converted to IST. Since coverage of NavIC / IRNSS is continuous without any break, unlike GPS, the timing circuit will be very simple and would not need a separate internal clock. The cost of these products was also expected to be very less.

Meet the leadership panel at Elena

Lt Col V S VELAN: Founder And CTO

An Indian Army Veteran, Col Velan is a subject matter expert in satellite-based navigation and has been working in the GNSS domain since 1998. He was the System Manager for development of monitoring systems for the armed forces during 2003-2011.

He had taken premature retirement in 2011 to pursue research in this domain. He has been involved in the NavIC / IRNSS domain since its inception in 2008 and is also a founding member of the Integrated Space Cell. He was a part of the ISRO team for trial evaluation of the GLONASS-based multi-GNSS receiver and simulators.


A highly skilled accounting professional, Mrs. Naveena Velan is one of the key personnel involved in creating goals, policies, and procedures for the company to help it operate more efficiently and profitably since its inception.

In addition to overseeing the daily operations of Elena, she also maintains long-term strategic projects that might include developing long-term budgets, developing and monitoring KPIs, human resources development, and keeping a pulse on changing regulatory and compliance rules.

She is also responsible for supervising the day-to-day operations of Elena, including management of all outsourcing initiatives to internal and external vendors, activities associated with improving risk and control and other enterprise-wide operations, focusing more on improving metrics like operational efficiency, production – operational cost optimizations.


Col Sanjay Chadha is an Army Veteran & Director of specialized telecom projects with over 34 years of experience in the telecommunication industry. As a telecommunication expert, he has served as President – Strategy, Gurgaon India for technology evaluation and partnerships for various joint ventures. He has consulted with global organizations in the telecom, security, and software domains.

One of his key accomplishments includes a “Made in India” Optical Intrusion Prevention System in 2012-13. These systems are being deployed across military stations PAN India. His global expertise also spans 20 years dedicated to network planning & design, rollouts, and network operations, delivering several critical projects as CTO for a Tier-1 operator in Nigeria viz. 2G, 3G, 4G and NGN core Transport.

He has also planned, designed, and budgeted for the largest Defense network in India (NFS), which is currently under execution. Being an experienced entrepreneur himself, Col Sanjay Chadha supports Elena in leading the organization’s corporate business development initiatives and expanding the company’s customer base. He is responsible for developing and executing strategies to identify new market opportunities and grow the company’s market share.

He is responsible for managing relationships with key customers and partners and developing go-to-market strategies and ensuring a track record of success in increasing revenues. He also works closely with all units and senior management to provide strategic direction to ensure ongoing management and development of new business accounts.


Col Pradeep Kumar Juneja, an Indian Army Veteran, started his career in the armed forces in 1974 when he joined the National Defence Academy. He then joined the Indian Military Academy and was commissioned in 1977 in the regiment of artillery. In 1982, he volunteered to be an aviator and got his wings in 1983. He commanded an Artillery Regiment and then served at various army HQs wherein he dealt with the management & procurement of armaments & ammunition for the Indian Army.

He then proceeded on deputation to Pawan Hans in 2007. After his stint in the army, he continued his passion for flying in the civil world till 2016. From his days as an aviator, Col Pradeep Juneja developed a keen interest in GNSS systems as these techniques are applied and implemented extensively in various defence and civil aerospace applications.

In 2017, he joined forces with fellow compatriot Lt Col V S Velan at Elena Geo Systems as Defence Head based in Delhi. His role encompasses helping to drive a structured approach to Elena’s defense product implementation and deployment with various arms of the armed forces. As head of defence, he leads key stakeholder activities and functions as a point of contact and product policy expert for all Elena’s Delhi-based operations including Land, Maritime, and Air domains.

Mahadevan K –Technology Manager

An electronics engineer, Mahadevan Kaliyaraj joined Elena in 2019 intending to develop his skills in R&D and the design of GNSS systems. He spent a year as GNSS manager, understanding GNSS systems, software, and hardware design and testing. He also spent time liaising with clients demonstrating Elena & technology and understanding their requirements.

During this time, he sharpened his skills to develop various applications and systems to support various Elena products. In his current role as Technology Manager, he is the primary owner of operating relationships with tech partners, vendors, and end-users. He also actively supports product development, coordinating and managing hardware, and software & ensures that they operate in conformance with specifications.

As the leader of the tech support team, he oversees the installation of hardware and software and trains the systems’ end users. He actively supports the resolution of ambiguous, complex problems and manages and provides direction and mentorship to a growing team. He is also actively involved in developing opportunities for expanding the customer base.

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