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Ambitious and Inspiring, Sushmitha S Sets a New Parameter in Skincare with

“Beautiful skin is for everyone.”Sushmitha Gowda Founder

According to WGSN’s Big Ideas 2023 report, in the post-pandemic era, a deeper focus on health, science, sustainability, and social justice will transform beauty routines and products with long-lasting, reusable, planet friendly, and circular products gaining precedence over the rest. One of the burgeoning brands in the skincare industry, Entice Supplements Pvt Ltd brings a range of naturally infused skin care products.

In an effort to help people in attaining healthier skin without breaking the bank, Entice Supplements exclusively focuses on potent ingredients and hassle-free outcomes. Instead of using any synthetic materials, the products are manufactured here using elements like floral and fruit extracts that are sustainably obtained. Formulas are delicate in consideration of Indian skin and the issues surrounding it.

The sustainable beauty brand’s natural skin care products are setting new benchmarks for the sector. Envisioned to help people get glowy skin, healthy hair, and ageing gracefully, the entire Entice team has been working tirelessly to develop distinctive and innovative products suitable for all skin types with the goal of assisting people in achieving glowing skin, healthy hair, and ageing gracefully. The pandemic has opened people’s eyes, and Sushmitha has effectively used this crisis to create a plethora of opportunities that have helped her brand achieve incredible success.


In contemporary India, an increasing number of women are pursuing entrepreneurial endeavours and establishing the foundation for other women to join the workforce. These women leaders are equally intelligent and motivated as any of their male counterparts, in addition to being highly educated, brilliant, self-assured, ambitious, and career oriented.

This empowers them to wear multiple hats both at home and at work –Sushmitha S, Founder, Entice Supplements Pvt Ltd is one such inspiring story in the Indian startup ecosystem. She is dedicated to developing a skincare line that is suitable for all skin types and combines the best organic components.

Sushmitha founded and has since been heading the Entice team, with her exemplary leadership and education since inception and has seen the brand flourish to become India’s unique skincare initiative offering a range of natural skincare products.  Each product in her skincare line perfectly balances the substances skin needs with the knowledge of science and the advantages of nature.

She aspires to provide top-notch skincare that appeals to individuals of all ages and promotes healthy, nourished skin. Sushmitha Gowda, the founder of Entice, is also the brains behind the amazing and natural Ashyraa haircare (Ancestral recipe), a one-stop solution for various kinds of hair issues. Ashyraa haircare is Sushmitha’s grandma’s recipe, and she always had healthy hair using it hence revealing the secret to the world about the ancestral recipe.

The actressturned-entrepreneur envisions her brand to be the number one choice for hair care, treating hair issues as well as their particular circumstances and well-being in order to give people higher confidence in the way their hair looks. “The skin is the largest organ of our body and ages as we grow old. At Entice, we have created collagen-rich products to specifically cater to the needs of the Indian skin type.

Collagen is a natural protein responsible for the youthfulness of our skin. It keeps the skin soft from the inside and wrinklefree from the outside. Healthy glowing skin and lustrous tresses lead to self-confidence. We take pride in bringing top-notch skincare to your home since having beautiful, healthy skin is essential, not a luxury”, the beautiful lady proudly shared.


R&D plays a crucial role for any organisation since it offers insightful knowledge and helps to enhance current processes so that efficiency may be increased and expenses can be decreased. Additionally, it enables companies to create fresh goods and services that will help them compete in cutthroat markets.


The women-led brand focuses on skincare-infused makeup that is free of parabens, petrochemicals, and alcohol and brings unique marketing tactics to promote its solutions. Their strategies towards working on advertising or
marketing are identifying the target audience, setting our goals, bringing in professionals, finding time and place to run the ads, enhancing social media ads as a significant part of the audience are driven via social media and evaluating the success of the ads.


Taking on difficulties and risks is the foundation of leadership. Think carefully, organise your thoughts, and portray your sincerity, honesty, respect, and dependability to others. Finally, it’s all about teamwork and motivating others to produce their best work.

A company’s mission, values, ethics, and environment play into its culture. Employees are encouraged to reach the potential of their skills fully, and they’re likely to grow through the job experience. Insights on the Recent Transformations in the Startup World For more than two decades, the transformation has been percolating.

The entrepreneurial ecosystem in India has been developing over time. Driving innovation, giving people the freedom to improve their skills and abilities, and introducing fresh concepts and goods all play significant roles in change.


With its scalable marketing, serving repeated clients, achieving positive ROI on organic marketing efforts, getting the first testimonial, and outsourcing the first business task or function, Entice Supplements has achieved numerous milestones since its inception.

Now, it is looking forward to expanding its business by providing third-party manufacturing for budding ventures and launching more varieties of products. Presently, they are expanding Pan India by setting up a pop-up at salons; now, they are aiming to serve worldwide with a physical store in the coming years.


Be humble and learn. When it comes to qualities such as confidence, it can be easy to put on a front and come across as a solid entrepreneurial character. However, knowledge is something that you need to know for sure. Good businesspeople are perpetual learners who never stop learning or asking questions. You never know what you’re going to learn along the path, so don’t give up, don’t take things personally, and don’t take no for an answer.


Believe in yourself. It’s never too late to begin the project you’ve always wanted. Go ahead and start. Every business you start will include some level of risk. But only when you step into the world of business you’ll explore a lot of things and make it big. To taste success, you need to taste failure first. Failure teaches us things that we weren’t aware of. Never give up. Failure is an experience to explore the world of success.

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