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A Path Maker In The World Of Cyber Security With Mission Of “Ransomfree India”

They start to say with a statement of Mr Robert Mueller (Director FBI) that “There are only two types of companies, those that have been hacked, and those that will be”. As the world moves with new technological advancements, we are more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The only way out is to construct a more robust barrier while using antivirus software that is one step ahead of attackers in technology.

Although there are numerous companies providing a variety of Software solutions to tackle this issue, our today’s star of the show has a unique position with revolutionary innovation in cyber security industry. Business Connect is renowned for its excellent monthly editions featuring various market leaders of varied industries. And here again, we are back with our exclusive edition of the month comprising such success tales only.

To make this edition successful, our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual session with the leadership panel of Vibranium Alltech Pvt. Ltd. The Founder & CEO of the company, Mr. Sanjay Patolia shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and also shed some light on his overall entrepreneurial journey so far. His endeavor for the business community highly inspired us to feature his venture on the cover of our exclusive edition.

We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will surely encourage the budding leaders out there to break the barriers and chase their dreams. So without any further ado, let’s dive straight into the read.


As the Founder revealed, the prime motive behind conceptualizing Vibranium Alltech was to make Indian ransomware free. “We could see a lot of potential in the antivirus industry which is untapped, utilizing it is another motivational factor. We intend to see each customer fully delighted because S/he is sure that the data is fully protected with privacy,” says Mr. Sanjay.

He further adds, “During 23 Years of me being a business owner in the field of IT and while having interactions with other CEOs in my domain, I realized that there exists a savior problem that impacts each one. Inadequate Technology was a problem in the Cyber Security World. The Cyber attacks were increasing every day the threat was getting enlarged every minute, Precious Data was damaged, Privacy was exposed and millions of dollars were lost in paying ransoms for getting the stolen or theft data back.

For me as a responsible business owner, it was painful. It disturbed me from the core that I was merely a spectator and could not do anything about it that was the moment I decided to find a solution to this problem. Moreover, I started taking inputs from various stakeholders, including Consumers, Business Owners, Distributors, and Dealers at various levels.

What I could see and conclude was that the technology upgradation in the antivirus business was missing. And the upgradation once a year or 2 like other businesses is not sufficient in the world of Cyber Security. Data Protection technology requires consistency 10 hours a day of R&D efforts and for years no focus was given to this crucial aspect of Cyber Security.

Vibranium is a privileged organization there. We have a dedicated team that has been relentlessly working for seven long years with a complete focus on R&D. I take this opportunity to acknowledge my team for that dedicated work.”


Our curious team asked the CEO about the way the company is doing justice to its respective motto which is,
‘Undefendable cyber security to the globe and he revealed by quoting, “In my view, it is almost impossible to Stop ransomware and other Cyber attacks but it is possible to provide undefendable Cyber Security to the globe. For that Vibranium Alltech Pvt Ltd has come up with a Cyber Security product portfolio.

The whole portfolio is simplest and easiest to operate, Fastest and smallest to install, and strongest in protection and privacy. Right now we have 2 products for the Microsoft Windows platform with different kinds of features and within a very short span of time, we going to launch various products to serve all categories of consumers.”

Talking about some of the major differentiating elements the company possesses. The team of Vibranium entirely focuses on being proactive and also cares about fairness in treating distributors and has strong technology. Vibranium invented “Blue Dome” real-time protection technology for the first time in the cybersecurity world. “Blue Dome” goes completely beyond traditional antivirus technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning-based threat detection and identification technology, as well as its ability to protect valuable user data from past, present, and future threats.

With unremitting efforts and updates, the company and the team are always one step ahead. Elaborating more about the emerging trends in the particular arena, Mr. Sanjay affirms, “The intensity, speed, the number of attacks and their variations are increasing in the cyber World, to counter that we are upgrading our technology to mitigate the risks involved.

The dark side of the digital era is getting darker and to apply light on them we are strengthening our Malware research. We have initiated the Wakeup India movement in that we are providing tools, technics, and tactics of Vibranium to our channel partners. Till now we have more than 7000 plus trained channel partners in the Vibranium processes and we will have 30,000 trained partners by December 2023.

If we look at the Recent cyber attacks on eminent and large organizations “The Dark Horses always trying millions of attempts to breach Data but the fact is only one vulnerability is enough to compromise” Vibranium is equipped with the “Zero Trust” algorithm with Data Science. By breaking the barrier of traditional Threat detection technology adapting and integrating the most intelligent Offline threat identification system without using any cloud samples and it’s making a huge difference in the cyber security world not for today but for the next 10-15 years.”

• More than 11000 Active Channel Partners
• More than 100 Distributors • More than 14 states in India • More than 7000 Trained associates • More than 75 technical Training across India
• Ranked No. 1 Antivirus Globally in Performance test by Passmark software – Straliaia
• She was featured in Analytics Insight as ‘one of the Top 10 Innovative Tech CEOs to Revamping the future’ November 2022 Issue.
• Featured in “The CEO Story as CEO of the year 2022” December 2022 Issue

“We belive that family members have empathy & care for one another. As a part of our responsibility we do whatever bit we can as a Vibranium Team. The Vibranium team enjoyed meal with street childerns across india at 34 locations on September 5 to September 18 2022.

We also facilitated the professionals who are instrumental in removing darkness of ignorance, the teachers across India. The team acknowledged and recongnise the services, Safety and Security provided by Police Personalles across India and we will definitely continoue doing so.”


Shedding light on his future master plan for the company, Mr. Sanjay says, “The road ahead is crystal clear. Each state in india is to be served fully with Vibranium Products. In the coming years we see vibranium developing products of emienince & protecting the precious data of 1.3 billion Indians.” Furthermore, before signing off, the leader also shared a few words of wisdom for all the budding leaders out there by these points.

• Please have a single-focus approach
• Having a problem worth a solution is the key
• Hold on, dreams do come true
• Passion alone is not sufficient.

We need adequate resources to execute, sustain and elevate it.

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