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By Priyanka Bhatia & Maddali Meru Mohit Revolutionizing the Dynamics of Brand Promotion & Marketing Strategies

Rapidly mutating media landscapes and swiftly digitizing consumer behaviours have opened an unparalleled plethora of possibilities. However, many businesses find it difficult to adapt to this transition and engage with their consumers meaningfully, depleting their cash reserves in the process. Looking at the opportunity for companies to cater to the resultant demand for cost-effective cross-disciplinary expertise, Priyanka Bhatia along with her partner Mohit Maddali planted the creative seed of Brandophile in 2020.

Today, Brandophile has emerged as one the leading entities in the digital marketing space that enables brands to tap into audiovisual branding, digital marketing, and retail experience design and bloom. With a team of young and vibrant professionals, the Delhi-based communications agency is actively catering to a wide range of domestic and global clients across industries such as Retail, Tech, Luxury Décor, Education, Real Estate, etc.

The leading lady explained the idea behind the creation of Brandophile by saying, “Brandophile is an embodiment of our firm belief that when you perceive a need for something to happen but do not see it occurring, you should be the one leading the way. Before we became business owners, we saw a tonne of untapped brand-building and marketing opportunities with huge potential across new customer touchpoints that brands were unaware of.”

“While most agencies view brands from merely a visual design lens, we approach them from a holistic, multisensory perspective. We bring to the table, our expertise in and understanding of how the various senses influence brand perception and consumer behaviour in digital and retail spaces,” she further added. 

The Visionaries

Priyanka Bhatia – Co-Founder
Extremely passionate, creative, and balanced mind with a “Never give up” attitude, the foundation of her character, Priyanka Bhatia leads Brandophile in the role of Digital Strategy Head. With her years of diverse experience in a variety of industries, she is playing a crucial part in shaping, controlling, and amplifying the digital footprint of Brandophile’s customers.

Mohit Maddali – Co-Founders
Mohit Maddali is leading Brandophile as the head of the brand strategy. He is a multi-instrumentalist composer with extensive expertise in managing brand strategy and brand experiences. He excels in crafting roadmaps that yield maximum impact.

Brandophile’s Insights on the Significance of R&D and Tech Advancement
Research forms the backbone of Brandophile. Everything the business does revolves around it. The full range of its service offerings and the subsequent growth are supported by data-driven decision-making. The team conducts comprehensive and multifaceted research on everything from audiovisual brand design to digital marketing strategy in order to provide clients with creative, well-informed solutions that produce quantifiable outcomes.

They also carry out developmental testing to evaluate the multidimensional impact of the solutions they offer, in addition to secondary research, pre-campaign testing, and post-campaign analytics. The team has been able to maintain the high standard that their clients need because of their strict dedication to R&D across disciplines.

One of the guiding principles at Brandophile is to stay updated with new technological developments. A significant part of their media consumption routines involves reading peer-reviewed journals, periodicals, and other publications. The group also includes a variety of thinkers who are capable of combining creative solutions from a larger, multidisciplinary perspective.

The Innovative Work Culture
Brandophile is committed to fostering an environment where ideas, strategies, and innovation may flow freely because it believes in collaborative, inclusive growth. They appreciate and promote constructive input. By doing this, they turn each team member into a crucial player in the pursuit of their goal and the expansion of the business.

Achievements and Milestones on the Way
The continual provision of top-notch customer service and the creation of cutting-edge communications roadmaps that produce results have been Brandophile’s primary areas of focus since its inception. With God’s grace, they have received recognition and acclaim for their efforts in this domain –

  • Priyanka Bhatia has been featured among the Top 10 Women in Digital Marketing by Women Entrepreneur magazine.
  • Inner Review Magazine has placed Brandophile as one of the Top 10 Branding Agencies in India.

Brandophile’s Future Outlook
There is an ongoing shift towards expanding the service offerings through partnerships and talent acquisition across domains like aromachology, neuroscience, AR & VR. In order to engage with consumers more deeply and meaningfully, the leading team intend to develop Brandophile into a multimodal communications firm that creates custom digital and retail experiences for brands.

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