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The American Economist, Clayton Christensen has once quoted, “The innovations are far more important because the technology itself has new way to impact the world for good until it’s ebedded in the business model. Innovation is the combination of the simplifying technology and the business model.” Technology, at present, is the essential aspect to lead the corporate world and flourish in the new-age competition. It has become a stepping stone for the businesses out there as tech-based solutions are the need of the hour.

Business Connect has been a great appreciator of ventures with unique business models and the impeccable leaders behind those. We have an excellent history of featuring numerous exemplary companies in our portfolio that are refreshing the business world with new-age solutions. Here again, we are back with another top-notch tale of one of the leading ventures in the IT domain, Constecner Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of the company.

The MD of the company, Goverdhan Govind shared a variety of less-known facts about the company and his overall entrepreneurial journey so far in the interesting conversation with us. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readers and will surely fill them with motivation. We will be euphoric to know how this inspired our readers to break their barriers and chase their dreams.

Giving a detailed introduction of the company, Goverdhan asserts, “Constecner is evolved out of the legacy of Innovation, Engineering and Technology expertise developed through past 4 decades, which has led to incorporation of Constecner in the year 2016. We have established the organization to partner with global customers in adding value and scalability. We achieve this by providing ‘Engineering Services Outsourcing’ module for design, drawings, shop drawings, BIM modeling, quantity surveying, tendering support to sectors such as Building Construction, Infrastructure projects. Also, our services enable the client to address the skill gaps and to access the emerging markets.

We achieve this by applying the state of art tools, software’s, technology and specialist resources, with meticulous focus on Time, Quality and Sustainable growth. Moreover, if we talk about the inception story, the company was founded by Goverdhan Govind in the year 2016. And the sole purpose is to apply Engineering and Technology to projects in a most effective and efficient way, thereby providing value based and scalable solutions to Businesses. Mr. Goverdhan Govind has worked in design and construction of project across Europe, Asia and Far East nations.”

The team of Constecner works on global projects by getting seamlessly connected with technology. They are focused to apply state of art computer-aided design and drawings, with software such as CAD & BIM. They also work with several plug-in software customized for project requirements. One of the most fascinating factors of the company is its deliverables are fully digitalized which makes it a leader in the respective realm.

“We are an ISO 9001 certified company, with “Total Quality Management” systems and processes. Our deliverables are subjected to check by relevant disciplines through the process before it is released to customers. We ensure to meet the customer’s requirement first time and every time, by applying our quality control procedures, as a way of doing business. -GOVERDHAN GOVIND”

Their research and development over the past decades have resulted in advanced systems, processes, and plug in software to suit projects and customer needs. For example, the team has the automated systems to generate,  Detailing of Structural Steel and Rebar, Quantity takes off, BIM modeling plugin tools, Earthwork estimation tools for Infrastructure  projects, 3d Modeling plug-ins for enhancing the Architectural rendering. Further, the company also possesses researched and developed green products for innovative and rapid construction, such as lightweight interlock blocks, Instant roofing systems, acoustic panels, and Fire-rated wall for rapid construction.

The management is now heading forward to poise to scale the company to be a reliable growth partner to clients in the long term and thereby increase revenues and bottom lines to at-least 3X by the next fiscal year as the order book is witnessing increment for 2022-23. Its investments in skilled resources, people management, process controls, innovative methodologies, value engineering, real-time progress reviews, and deft management ensure timely deliveries with high-quality end products. “We create a project-specific quality plan, with a major focus on the nature of activities involved in the project. This enables our team to remain on the planned path providing efficient output to complete the project within the planned duration,” says Goverdhan.

Before signing off, the visionary shared some words of wisdom for the upcoming business enthusiasts out there by saying, “Engineering services outsourcing has always been in pursuit of new horizons, driven by the aspirations of people who seek a better life. In the age of information and technologies, the Engineering services industry crafts the second largest economy in the world. Though a drop in GDP to 5% a year is witnessed post pandemic, it is expected to rise to a moderate 8% to 9% by 2022-23.

However, this can happen with market growth such as research, innovations, and customer-centric product development. Constecner’s core strength is in its experienced team of professionals, skilled technicians, tools, and the standard techniques that it adopts in its work processes, with this strength as our force, we are in pursuit of growth to be a reliable services provider to our customers.”

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