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Despite the disruptions in 2020, those with digital maturity and access to information achieved revolutionary growth. The occurrence emphasizes the critical role of digitization in the face of overwhelming odds. From this perspective, it’s important to comprehend the construction industry’s standing and prospects in e-Commerce. The pandemic did not spare the vertical, and it followed existing patterns.

But, over time, it shed its long-held inhibitions and took its first tentative steps into the digital realm. Because the alteration was so widespread, its effects reverberated in India as well. It’s no surprise that e-Commerce is propelling the Indian construction industry, giving the ball away for entrepreneurs. CRACINDIA is an excellent illustration of such possibilities materializing. It’s a digital one-stop-shop for all of your construction needs.

positions itself as an incorrigible entrant with a focus on reshaping the way people avail their construction needs. In basic terms, it’s an innovative search engine for finding local construction service providers to procure resources and use services. CRACINDIA’s concept of “Construction resources at a Click” was introduced by Mr. Sushil Shivaji Mahangade.

He is a Civil Engineer and realtor with a proven track in business development and expansion, operations, strategic planning and execution. Sushil’s career as an entrepreneur began in 2015 when he founded Value Group of companies, a construction contractor firm. During the course, he came across many contractors asking for work and not finding any. “Seeing them struggle for work and I couldn’t stand the prevailing manual framework for searching work,” he affirmed.

On the other hand, finding a good contractor wasn’t easy, due to the lack of a customized channel. The scenario stimulated the idea of an e-commerce platform that can bridge the gap between the two parties. And that is how CRACINDIA was born. Registered with the Department of Corporate Affairs, CRACINDIA is revolutionizing the construction services industry by connecting customers and suppliers across India.

The platform is also commonplace for service requisitions, including floating tenders for construction activities to be carried out by Individuals, Co-operative Housing Societies, Construction Companies, Builders and Developers, Local Bodies, Corporate Offices and Municipal corporations etc. Service providers assign ratings to all available services so that clients can make well-informed decisions. With a user-friendly interface that ensures hassle-free search, the platform has become a comprehensive meeting point for service providers and recipients. The concept has yet to reach its full potential, but it can transform construction services in India, making them more trustworthy and efficient.

The entrepreneurial landscape is going through paradigm transformation. COVID-19 is still putting an immense strain on businesses of all sizes and shapes. Investors are on edge, valuations have come down, and skilled resources are laid off across verticals. But there is a silver lining. The period is revealing unique opportunities and will further line up new ones with time. Sushil argues that as we prepare to return to a world that will change forever, it’s time to reset everything. “If there was a time when the playing field was leveled for small and famous startups, now is,” he adds.

And enlightened by this notion, he has positioned his startup to adhere to the ‘New Normal’. He believes this is the time to grab new opportunities and identify new customer segments. The COVID-19 will soon subside, paving the way for India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem to grow. Keeping up with the optimism, CRACINDIA is vigilant to explore new dimensions and re-imagine business in the post-pandemic era.

The firm also invests in R&D to broaden its knowledge and gain new insights to improve efficiency while lowering expenses. This also entails developing new products and services to grow and flourish in market forces while gaining a competitive advantage. A viable example of this is CRACINDIA’s marketing strategies. It uses social media (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and others), sends out marketing mail to service providers (Builders and Developers, contractors, suppliers, and manufacturers), and employs SEO and telemarketing too. Although it’s working with a small cadre, adhering to the trends is anchoring its trajectory.

CRACINDIA, like every other inventive startup, is more than just an e-commerce platform. It’s a cohesive ecosystem fueled by ideas, actions, and a desire to make a difference. The firm inherits these qualities from its curator. Sushil considers himself a perceptive leader, outlining the firm’s capabilities and performance. He leads CRACINDIA with fundamental values of ‘Integrity’‘Listening’‘Modeling’, and ‘Mentoring’. Sushil values self-evaluation as a critical aspect of leadership. It aids in the identifying of flaws and strengths, as well as how to improve them.

Apart from self-evaluation, it’s also important to be an active listener.

It aids in fathoming the team’s day-to-day issues while being attentive to nonverbal cues. Eventually, this makes Sushil an ideal leader for his team. He loves inspiring people and measures his strengths through his efforts. Sushil also believes in mentoring and helping others attain new heights. “I believe that powerful leaders are defined by how well their teams succeed,” asserts Sushil. He focuses on the growing needs of his colleagues and facilitates their training requirements through proper resources. He is dedicated to building the strengths of others around him, unfurling their leadership potential.

There is a saying, “Building and sustaining relationships are long-term investments.” While CRACINDIA aims to grow as a profitable business, it follows an ethical code of conduct. It’s customer-centric to heart and strives to provide an uncompromised quality in its offerings along with 24×7 customer service. Parallelly, it provides a flexible and friendly working environment for its employees.

Having an ambitious vision to serve the Indian Construction Space with innovativeness, it has welcomed passionate and like-minded visionaries. “The fact that everyone is so dedicated and we are just a year old shows how well our work culture is,” shares the founder proudly. The company provides equal opportunities to everyone and encourages them to learn from their mistakes, trends, etc.

Within a year of inception, CRACINDIA has created a blooming presence across the country. It’s close to achieving 10k registered vendors on its platform, and that too within 6 months! Sushil and his team have a lot of plans for growth and expansion. However, he is a leader who loves ‘Doing great things in silence.’ And while he is keeping it under covers, he will climb the leadership ladder and position CRACINDIA on the top. The platform is here to set the bar for offering construction services in a systematic and timely fashion with just a few clicks!


“Never be frightened to try anything new. Everyone starts small and works their way up through hard work and creativity. Losses and profits are both a part of business, so if you’re losing money, assess how you can make it lucrative, and if you’re making money, consider how you can protect it from losses.”

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