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Crossdoor Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Crossdoor Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

A New-Age HR Partner by Sonia Middha Offering Top-Notch Recruitment Solutions

According to the Workplace Diversity Report, women comprise 67% of the human resources workforce. The research has also pointed out that it stems from a woman’s strong emotional intelligence or capacity for empathy. Another apparent reason is that women are better at conflict resolution and have greater knowledge of human resources.

The Business Connect Magazine has recognised one such young enthusiastic leader in HR Sonia Middha, Founder & CEO of Crossdoor Consultants Pvt. Ltd., an innovative Human Resource firm. Passionate, ardent, and fierce, Sonia Middha is among the most inspirational female leaders in HR who have paved their way with mastery and excellence.

When Crossdoor was established in 2015, the budding entrepreneur Sonia Middha had the opinion that youngsters have always been able to see things in a fresh, inventive way and have a strategically evolved approach. This belief pushed her to design and lead Crossdoor since its inception.

Young businesswoman Sonia Middha operates by a set of convictions she has developed because of her years of professional experience. She is always adaptable and eager to experiment with new things. She strives to foster a collaborative and innovative workplace atmosphere. She firmly thinks that team management and achieving objectives depend on transparency. She wants to create a work environment that attracts the right talent. She intends to do this by implementing productivity incentives and team-building activities to promote a collaborative work atmosphere.

Crossdoor: Crafting Creative Hiring Strategies to Deliver Excellence
The human resource industry is booming with opportunities. Dedicated practice areas in technology, marketing, human resources, sales, finance, and accounting are included in Crossdoor’s service offering. With a distinctive onsite/offshore global delivery model, they help magnify the combination of human-resource economy and efficiency to pursue and deliver excellence. They are known for their effective method of acquiring talent from the market by proposing the right job options to the right job seekers.

Crossdoor has established itself as the preferred partner in recruiting for Salesforce partner firms as a result of its innovative methods and exceptional delivery strategy. Focusing on prominent sections of the talent acquisition process like Employer branding, building a talent attraction strategy, and execution of end-to-end talent acquisition, the team is delighted to serve the customers the best.

The Key Driving Force behind Croosdoor’s Success
The team at Crossdoor believes that only if an organisation opens itself to change can it be ahead of its curve. They benefit businesses by having diligent, capable, and dependable personnel. The following are some key elements that demonstrate how Crossdoor Consultant opens doors to success –:

  • Crossdoor hire fully screened, trained, and inducted candidates so that you can focus on running your business.
  • A partnership approach based on trust, transparency, and respect ensures that they contribute the most value possible by thoroughly comprehending your company’s needs.
  • In order to best meet your demands, teamwork with you while keeping in mind the goals, plans, and strategies of your company.
  • They have assisted both new businesses and well-established businesses in setting up captive offshore teams.
  • With a distinctive onsite/offshore global delivery approach, they are an idea that helps to magnify the combination of human resource economy and efficiency to pursue and execute excellence.

The leading lady further apprised, “Crossdoor grew manifolds because of our work quality. We mostly acquired new clients as a result of word-of-mouth marketing, our expert work, and our tenacity in meeting the recruitment needs of our esteemed clients within the allotted time frame. Crossdoor has consistently set the bar high, whether it comes to pursuing specialised, critical tasks or meeting deadlines. Due to our prompt pledges and results, Crossdoor is consistently regarded as the top choice in booming industries like Salesforce.”

 The Core Competencies of Crossdoor
Crossdoor Consultants’ unique approach and commitment to helping businesses acquire a dependable, knowledgeable, and dedicated workforce has propelled the company to greater heights in providing ideal recruitment solutions across numerous industries.  Later, the company came up with the notion of combining virtual and in-person interviews during COVID-19 to streamline the employment process.

Due to the cost and time reductions, it also aided in raising standards. In-person and remote employees working together in a hybrid workforce became more frequent. The transition to internal mobility has several advantages, including higher engagement, lower expenses, and a faster hiring process, but the significant advantage might be increased retention.

The core competency of Crossdoor Consultants lies in effectuating client requirements by delivering the best contractual and permanent staffing solutions specially designed for customers. In addition, recruiters at Crossdoor take the opportunity to add new skills, adapt as needed, and show their value to the organisations. Recruiters rapidly add skills like bringing clarity to talent data, reshaping employer branding, and fine-tuning the hiring process.

Crossdoor’s Tale of Inception and the Journey so far
The passionate young lady, Sonia Middha, incorporated Crossdoor in 2015 with a vision to bridge the gap between speciality sectors and opportunistic people. She did not have posh offices or a substantial financial foundation, to begin with; all she had was her self-confidence and self-trust.

She firmly adheres to the adage, “We must first believe that we can succeed in order to succeed.” She was aware that her genuine dedication and laborious efforts would propel her up the success ladder and serve as an inspiration for other people with huge dreams.

With an aim to succeed, she started the recruitment practice with full faith in herself and slowly and gradually built her talented team across Pan India. Crossdoor did not restrict itself to hiring talent within Gurgaon city and instead sought out talent from throughout India. Building a prosperous empire and setting an example for other businesses and manpower agencies required the collaboration of talent from several states.

In the last seven years of her entrepreneurial journey, Sonia has shown her potential as an empowered lady, and her contribution to Indian business society has been an inspiration for not only women but also men.

Clientele & Corporate Ethos
Crossdoor primarily serves the IT sector, but they do not just stop there. PWC, Logitech, Emakina, Persistent Systems, Prodapt Solutions, GVMantra, Collabera, and a host of other companies are among the clients they serve. Their unique selling proposition (USP) aims to offer the greatest incredible and ready-to-join candidates so that there are no last-minute cancellations and our customers’ time, and money are invested wisely. Additionally, they assist clients in redesigning and constructing recruitment programmes, which enables them to create a top-notch candidate experience.

Crossdoor’s Exclusive Approach to Market their Brand
Crossdoor is committed to providing the highest talent and quality. They not only prioritise client satisfaction but also guarantee a smooth candidate experience.

  1. They focus on the 3 Cs – Clarity, Communication, and Closure – and they try to always manage customer
  2. Networking and events are the two key strategies they follow to promote the brand.

Dignitary Recognition and Appreciation Won by the Crossdoor Consultants
Sonia and Crossdoor Consultants have received several recognitions for their combined efforts. They have achieved such great success in their work at the grassroots level. In 2015, Crossdoor began in a modest home office but has since grown significantly. The voyage has been extremely intriguing and full of adventures and lessons. Crossdoor has made significant progress not only in India but in other regions as well, serving the workforce needs of businesses ranging from start-ups to significant MNCs. Crossdoor is considered to be the first preference when especially Salesforce is talked about.

Crossdoor Consultants: The Upcoming Plans for The Future
They have made a lot of progress and have accomplished a lot during the past seven years. However, Sonia and her subordinates also realise that these are only the initial years for the firm, and they have to go a long way, Crossdoor Consultants plan to have its offices in different cities across Pan India and spread the talent in all directions so that Crossdoor soon becomes India’s number one recruitment company.

A Few Words of Advice by Sonia Middha Before Concluding
According to Sonia Middha, “Dreams do come true if you are stubborn enough to make it true. Always Dream big!”

Everyone has dreams, and while we all want them to come true, we must work hard to realise them if we are to live up to them.

If you want to turn your goal into a reality, make sure to put your best foot forward. Your level of effort will determine the outcome of your success.

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