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SPARROW Simplifying Interactions.

Business Connect is renowned for its exclusive editions entirely centric towards highlighting some great ventures in the market along with their leaders. And here we are again with the latest edition of the month in which we have summarized an introduction of some leading business ventures to the world.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of the Customer Experience Lab in which the Co-founder of the company, Mr. Soumya Acharya, and Mr. Kranthi Kumar from the Product Management team shared numerous lesser-known facts about the company and their latest product. This will add extra value to the lives of our global readership panel and will encourage budding leaders to chase their dreams.

CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE LAB empowers customers to deliver more efficient and effective customers using innovative design thinking and technologies. Customer Experience Lab accelerates your customer’s experience by unifying all interaction channels and applying real-time, data-driven optimization through a superior mix of mobile, video, display, and email inventory.

By converting the right people at the right time, they drive solutions while ensuring optimal impact and engagement. Customer Experience Lab helps manage internal teams and offers solutions that address customer needs. At different stages of the CX cycle, they unify all communications on a single platform, protecting data and improving communication within teams and customers in a single place.

The built-in tools for interconnected integrations bring the teams together on an online platform that is easy, intuitive, and simple. “As we all know, CX consists of two different parts: the interaction and the transaction. Most brands view CX as an interaction or a transaction. However, at CEx Lab, we believe that interaction and transaction cannot be separated from one another.

We have developed a platform to bring them together. This is our internal engine called SPARROW. The SPARROW platform is as agile and as flexible as the small bird. All interaction channels such as voice, video, Social Media, chat, and automated BOT, are transparent. The modular structure allows the customer to select a bouquet of modules as a package or individual modules by themselves.” – says Kranthi Kumar while introducing SPARROW.

CEx Lab believes in empowering companies to deliver more efficient and effective customer experiences using innovative technologies and design thinking. There is no need to replace the existing platform to experience the benefits of SPARROW. It is a platform-independent software solution aimed at companies of all sizes. Working with different channels to develop a high level of accuracy in sentiment and voice analysis is one of the many things that customers will find extremely useful.

With the help of SPARROW, dialogues can be created based on user feedback, greatly increasing customization and creating a better user experience. Speech and text APIs for the predominant regional languages of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa are among the most accurate available on the cloud. Aspect-based analysis, awesome synonym finder, and monitoring and reporting features make this a must-have.

“The customer 360, with its wealth of features, should be used to experience it,” affirms Kranthi. Reporting, data analysis, BOT automation and NLP in sentiment analysis are available for the bot. Easily grow your business on an intelligent technology platform with no domain restrictions. Some domains where SPARROW has made a difference are aviation, banking, BPO, education, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, restaurants, supply chain and logistics, and travel.

One can access all necessary information in one place on the dashboard. Everything you need is here thanks to smart integrations and layers of interactivity that can be added from SPARROW or elsewhere. Customer support requests can be created, managed, automated, personalized, and prioritized with help desk management.

One window handles all requests, supports all automation for common issues, and helps with SLA management, suggested ticket fields, and all custom ticket statuses. No matter how many interactions you have, or how many channels they come from, SPARROW can help you quickly discover, analyze and share insights with automated speech and text analytics in a single interface.

SPARROW is designed to connect seamlessly with your internal or external CRM software. SPARROW offers an open API for simple application interfaces to external systems. Currently, there are only a few basic interfaces to top CRM systems like SalesForce, Sugar CRM, ZenDesk, FreshDesk, MSDynamics, and Service Now. Over the next few months, they will be rolling out more than 50 integrations.

Soumya Acharya, the co-founder, was awarded the Indian Achievers’ Award 2021-22 for Business leadership. His attitude is contagious and is well worth catching. and CEx Lab team members are a large community of friends for him.

The first step to creating a great workplace is letting go of the outdated habits. This includes transitioning from a controlbased culture to one that is self-governed. “The hierarchical management styles” don’t exist here. Soumya says that it is not so much about the employees’ physical presence as it is about their availability and reachability.

He is very appreciative of his team’s being available and reachable when needed across the globe over several time zones. Soumya further adds that Sparrow will be a SAAS product, with a “pay as you use” model being made available soon. This will eliminate the need for complex licensing for most modules and will make the adoption easier.”

The strength of the team lies in each member, and the strength of each member is the team. They have a great team that is expanding as their business grows. The leadership team builds their other teams by setting their expectations and setting an example by living up to their company’s values and culture in everything they do. “The team of over 50 has more than 100 years of combined CX experience and has completed over 50 projects in over 10 countries.”

Customer Experience Lab has been creating CX stories in the APAC region for the last few years by implementing complex CX workflows in many areas and providing a connected and unified view across all channels. This has helped transform the CX of many by migrating to cloud domains. The company expects to empower many more with its cloud migrations and create a variety of CX stories on its SPARROW platform in the coming months.

Call or email the team to learn why so many well-known businesses are partnering with Customer Experience Lab.

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