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De’Zaina Interiors

De’Zaina Interiors

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The inside story highlighted here outlines the success trajectory of De’Zaina Interiors that is known to ensure the highest level of quality to its diverse clientele. The sheer motto on which it relies is turning dreams into reality one design at a time. From design execution to furniture production, everything is well-taken care of by the company.

What allowed them to scale to prominence since its inception is outstanding quality control that comes from constant testing of materials at acquisition phase all the way until delivery and installation. At its core, the organization has been into providing world-class services to the elite patrons all across the Delhi-NCR

The service portfolio of the organization ensures the execution of luxury residential projectsbe it programming phase of hard finishes all the way to the interior accessorizing phase. Creating, developing and delivering extensively unique pieces of furniture as per the client’s demand is their forte which they take immense pride in.

As we got a chance to arrange a virtual meeting with the founder of the company- Tanvi Bhatia, we got insights into the organization’s overall business portfolio. As we headed for the conversation, she made her opening remark as, “De’Zaina offers a broad spectrum of services to our clients such as styling, custom product designing, custom lighting designing, spatial planning.” Let’s find out what is more to offer.


The inception story of De’Zaina Interiors begins when Tanvi Bhatia Gupta who is an American national, born and brought up in the USA, decided to tap into her entrepreneurial streak unleashing her creative potential. She is a Magna Cum Laude Graduate from Boston University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration specializing in Finance and a Minor in Fine Arts concentrating on Graphic Design.

After she completed her education with a Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, she successfully designed a few homes in Beverly Hills, California, under a prestigious development company. Thereafter, she decided to move to New Delhi in 2015 while pursuing her corporate career at DLF, she gained considerable experience. She managed to accumulate a considerable amount of experience while being associated with some world-renowned designers in the US as well as New Delhi.

She has triumphantly executed several projects in distinguished localities of Delhi- NCR for eminent personalities of the city in a short tenure. Let’s see what Tanvi has to say about her successful design career so far, “After gaining experience working with world renowned designers in the United States and in Delhi, I have helped expand my husband’s construction and development business by adding a new vertical of interior design while working on my own portfolio under my brand name of De’Zaina Interiors.

I am a person who prioritizes a healthy work-life balance committing to the growth and development of my career as well as my family. My way to success is my focus, energy, organizational skills and emotional connectivity to all aspects of life.”


De’Zaina Interiors is scaling greater heights owing to its dedicated and highlymotivated team of professionals that are exclusively shortlisted by Tanvi herself. A successful execution of several projects has been done by her strong team of focused individuals. Providing us more insights into this topic, she claims,

“From my draftsmen to my accountants, my creative team and my executive team is completely in tune with my imaginative design processes. Our office is an open office setting, allowing the creative juices to flow from one to another.

I have handpicked hard-working individuals, with an inventive drive and a thirst to accomplish uniqueness in each project. Owing to our execution team labour, craftsmen, and site managers, we have been able to make a difference to our targeted niche.”


The covid scenario has boosted the interior designing market since people started spending so much time in their homesasserting the need of lively living spaces. People are in constant efforts to change their existing spaces or develop new ones.

Some of those are in dire need to change their home designs while others have only opted to create home offices for experiencing outstanding work from home flexibility. All the requirements made by their clients are successfully delivered by De’Zaina team , allowing them to thrive happily in their living spaces.


Tanvi has been an intern of an eminent designer, Timothy Corrigan who raised her knowledge in french traditional designs. She also worked as an interior designer for a goliath real estate developer that served some of Southern California’s most elite clientele. At DIJ Group, LLC., she had the opportunity to work on interior architecture design elements for properties in Beverly Hills, CA, while collaborating with another world-renowned designer, Thomas Schoos, and his team.

While working on multi-million dollar estates, Tanvi has continuously refined her design aesthetic and added to her versatile portfolio. In New Delhi, Tanvi worked in India’s leading real estate development company, DLF Limited. At DLF, she worked under a highly accomplished architect on the development of a club house of a residential building complex. Tanvi’s education and work experiences complement her unique design sensibilities.

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