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Dr. Priyanka Mathur

Dr. Priyanka Mathur

A US-Based Medical Maven Pioneering An Extraordinary Health Tech Solution

The Covid-19 crisis has been an eye-opener for everyone around the world. Simple aspects of life that we took for granted made us realize their significance during unprecedented times. Intellectuals from different industries came forward to recognize the shortcomings and major failures of the global healthcare systems.

One such expert in the healthcare sector is Dr. Priyanka Mathur who was overwhelmed to see her patients suffer due to the inability to access the right care. This allowed her to update her pre-existing software application – MediPocket to reform the norms of the healthcare industry. She avidly believes that as a seasoned medical professional, it was her humble duty to contribute in one or another way to stimulate the waves of change across this space.

Hence, a ‘technical AI initiative’ was started by this considerate ‘doctor turned entrepreneur’ with a ‘non-technical background’. This inside story depicts her mission, vision, and several attempts to revamp the healthcare sector which we found quite intriguing.

MediPocket is an integrated healthcare application that offers numerous solutions under the same roof. Owing to address the pain points existing across the health care system, initially, the product was developed targeting the US markets only. Then, a pandemic happened and she realized that it is not just the US health industry, but every country across the globe needs a revolutionary healthcare solution like MediPocket. “We recognized how the global healthcare system needed to be equally efficient for ensuring healthy populations,” states Priyanka the motive force behind this venture.

Priyanka is a well-acclaimed, trained doctor who has worked across countries like the US, Russia, and India. She was born and brought up in India and pursued her medical studies and internship from Russia. Later, she returned to India to practice her know-how for many years, before eventually settling in the United States. During her career trajectory, Priyanka was immensely exposed to three different healthcare systems that helped her identify the vacuum or major gaps.

Priyanka realized that how countries across the globe thrives on inappropriate healthcare infrastructure that was evident in the Covid-19 induced pandemic. Thereby, she became adamant to bring a comprehensive solution that can assure absolute healthcare to different populations globally. “When pandemic of such a magnitude hit the world altogether, no armies or weapons can help in such scenarios. Only advanced healthcare systems can allow us to make a difference,” emphasizes the female entrepreneur.

Care, Connect and Cure— is the mission statement set forth by Priyanka speaking volume of her flagship product.“We care for people to connect them with the right specialists with an effort to offer a perfect cure via our advanced AI platform,” how Priyanka quoted her mission.

MediPocket has been formulated by accumulating the firsthand experience of industry experts with the patients, where the valuable insights shared by them facilitated the development of this integrated global solution. “Though doctors are heavily into patient care rather than supporting the designing of the solution, their active participation can add major substance to any solution that can prove to be an impeccable offering,” explains the leading lady about the active participation of world-class doctors in the development of this one-of-a-kind product.

The industry acumen of such professionals ingrained in this application is what gives it a leading edge in the market. Aligning the power of health and technology, MediPocket has been envisioned to be a revamping health care solution that can be substantial at a global scale.

The major vertical that MediPocket focuses on is affordability and accessibility. For the past two years, it has been keenly working on its affordability vertical, only serving the prescription operations across the US- market. The pharmacy prescription domain has a regulation on quality but no restrictions to manage the prices, leading to major loss to the patients.

Here, MediPocket has been playing its trumpet to ease the scenario by allowing the patients to compare and reach out to the best-prescribed pharmacy for medicines at quite competitive prices by using Free MediPocket Rx Discount Card to help save up to 90% on the medications, for this they partnered with 75,000 pharmacies across USA, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Via this app, comparing the prices and ordering a prescribed drug at the doorsteps has become as easy as ordering food online. But, as MediPocket deals with highly-regulated segments i.e. of prescription medicines, it is HIPAA compliant where operations are performed crossing 8 security check-points.

It allows them to ensure end-to-end encryption were from order to delivery every step complies with security functions. Owing to its high-security touchpoints, MediPocket has been verified and approved by California Pharmacy Association, which Priyanka claims as a ‘star to their collar’

Now, MediPocket is all set to be launched across the globe to various countries with a steadfast vision to establish a philosophy- ‘Healthy world makes the healthy nation’. Accessibility to the right healthcare is crucial for this vision to come true. Harnessing the power of proliferating technologies in its favor, this platform will be ensuring ‘specialty care connectivity’ to various nations.

“We know the quality of healthcare that is provided in the US has always been matchless, making it the last resort for ultimate treatment procedures. But at the same time, it is not easily accessible to everyone due to several factors— financial constraints being the prominent one. Similarly, several pain points like these have been collected and addressed where specialized healthcare of any nation is assured to a person from any country at just a simple click!,” states Priyanka.

The noteworthy point is the panel care that MediPocket poses were sitting in your own country you can curate a specialized treatment where your own health care provider can collaborate with the specialists from another nation for better treatment.

Doctor Ai is an AI-driven cross-border specialty care offering by MediPocket only. It has a splendidly formulated feature that will revolutionize the whole healthcare space with its exclusivity. Whenever we come across some healthcare issues, search engines are the sources we seek help from in the first place. This scenario is extremely hazardous as in most of the cases people are misled to incorrect health information, and sometimes even opt for misleading treatments too!

The inspiration behind introducing this exemplary feature was Priyanka’s personal experience with her beloved sister who was heavily misguided about her unhealthy state into believing that she has last stage cancer. And what was the source? Of course, the pool of profound knowledge — the internet? It was then she realized the adversities of the global population relying on information available online for their health and well-being and decided to inculcate such in-depth knowledge in MediPocket in the form of Doctor AI, but with immense precision under the supervision of industry experts.

To sum it up, Doctor AI is a ‘doctor mimicked virtually’.

Here, witnessing a 2D-image on the screen, a person can just point the part of the body with the symptoms, followed by curated questions and answers and the ‘algorithms’ will allow it to gradually reveal the true disease probabilities based on the insights and knowledge shared by globally acknowledged doctors. It will then match you to the right specialization, book appointments, and be able to video consult with top USA specialists by sitting in India. The platform also provides the ability to add your local doctor to the call with USA specialists to curate the best treatment plan.

Partnered with best USA hospitals MayoClinic, UCLA, MSK, Boston Children Hospital, Cedars Sinai, Stanford Health are few best ones MediPocket is working with to provide concierge services for international patients by matching them to one of these best hospitals.

Primarily, Dr. AI – the symptom checker and video consultation with top USA specialist features will be availed for the Indian population but a year after, it will be launched all over Asia and then will be expanded globally.

MediPocket has opened preregistrations for only the first 20,000 and they can request a consultation with the top USA specialists starting November 1st, 2021.

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