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Revolutionizing the supply chain and logistics with a tech-intensive standardised approach

Written By- Mehak Malhotra


Supply chain and logistics are considered to be one of the largest employment-generating sectors of the country. Over the last few decades, the industry has outgrown itself to be consistent and elevating. It has shown tremendous growth and demand in the past few years. However, the havoc that the Covid crises have brought to the world is undeniable.

While it has impacted various industries, the logistics realm has also observed its share of repercussions. In this exclusive article, we are going to introduce you to Edgistify, a progressing startup courageously withstanding the pandemic with efficacy and novelty.

Edgistify is one of the most credible on-demand supply chain solution companies in India. It proffers a tech-enabled one-stop platform for multiple logistics requirements. It is a vast warehousing network supporting D2C brands, SMEs, Legacy businesses and E-commerce sellers to provide 1-day, 2-day, fulfillment solutions. They can book short & long-term requirements and operations support across India on their platform.

The organization provides an entirety of liberty to the clients in favour of scaling their requirements and persistently ensures cost-efficiency. This is also one of Edgistify’s exclusive differentiating factors, giving it a prominent edge over others in the industry.

The Director and Founders of Edgistify, Umang Shukla, Kamal Kishore Kumawat and Antim Suman were the insightful brains behind the company’s remarkable establishment. They are well-informed with exceeding experience in the domain. They observed the areas of improvement in the supply chain and logistics industry and embarked on the astounding journey of this venture. The leaders comprehended the lack of a holistic approach in the industry. And as fast as India was emerging towards digitization since the year 2015, facilitating the supply chain industry with a robust tech-based platform was the need of the hour.

For every organization, to sustain its brand value, it is imperative to keep up with technological advancements. Launching new tech models that are contemporary and futuristic is essentially important in today’s day and age. At Edgistify, the team works vigorously in finding out the most suitable solutions for the overall growth of the organization and clients. A well-timed and methodical SWOT analysis is conducted to obtain the finest outputs. They ensure to make rational decisions during hardships and the deliberate efforts by the employees make a huge contribution in mitigating.

The company is looking forward to disrupting the entire segment by building a plug & play (on-demand) model of warehousing in India through the means of its tech-based platform. They are attempting to build a flexible model for clients where 10-15% of the logistics cost structure can be reduced. The firm has also inculcated blockchain and AI to obtain optimum results.

Edgistify has been fortunate enough to have some of the most profound mentors under their roof. The company has been associated with extremely knowledgeable people like Sanjay Gupta, hailing from the supply chain and logistics industry, who brings rich expertise of 35 years. He has formerly worked with a multitude of illustrious organizations. Coming towards another adept, Jitendra Mahajan has experience of more than 25 years with an aptitude for international markets.

Also, their mentor, Rajesh Ranavat has years-earned proficiency of over 30 years in the supply chain and logistics domain. The man is enlightened with the industry by working across global markets of the US, Asia and Europe. These worldly-wise brilliant minds have been guiding the company with the right visionary and skills. And a business will always perpetuate to strive the ladder of success when provided a thoughtful mentorship.

The leaders at Edgistify believe in nourishing a pleasant and congenial work environment for their employees. They empower the teammates with utmost motivation and the zeal to accomplish more. Let us shed light on a few approaches led by them.

  • Eagerness to learn every day – As a leader, if one exhibits this quality then the team members are motivated to follow the same.
  • The urge of exploring unexplored paths – Helps the team members to discover new areas and potential.
  • Trusting the team members and giving them a free hand so they learn through practical experience. One of the biggest perks of being a startup is that it provides a platform for the employees where they can explore more.

The company is a big family of diligent and performance-driven employees. They address all the shortcomings by taking every perspective into equal consideration. The firm shows faith in the potential of its employees and lets them work at the forefront. It is believed that emboldening the teammates brings a new form of encouragement and enthusiasm to them.

The leaders at the organization also procure an engaging HR department that ceaselessly works to refine the work-energy of employees. From acknowledging their success to celebrating all festivals, the HR team is always around to lift the vibrancy in the company. They also organise timely training sessions for employees to revamp their competency. It is needless to say that Edgistify leaves no stone unturned to foster a promising leadership for the furtherance of the business.

With steadfast work and optimum quality deliverables, the company has been able to secure a notable position in the industry. It has been accoladed with some of the most prestigious awards and mentions. A precise catalogue of the company’s accomplishments is enlisted below :

  • Edgistify was selected as ‘One of the 25 Startups’ by NASSCOM to represent India in Japan.
  • In Ingram micro comet competition 2019, it marked a spot as ‘One of the Top 16 Startups in India’.
  • MSSIDC selected Edgistify to present their product at Magnetic Maharashtra.
  • Edgistify had affiliated with Lumis Partners Supply Chain Lab’s Cohort 2020 along with 10 other effervescent start-ups.
  • It also emerged as ‘TECH30 Start-ups in India’ at TechSpark’19 by YourStory.

And considerably many more to illuminate.

In the near future, the company thrives to become the leading choice of all the eminent business organizations and aspiring start-ups for their logistics requirements. Edgistify will continue to expedite the D2C and Ecommerce brands in managing their supply chain and logistics.

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