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Around the world, the digital marketing industry is expanding rapidly, pegging at an astonishing rate of forty percent annually. With mainstream campaigns such as Digital India enabled by an unprecedented boom in internet usage, the Indian digital marketing environment is set to expand at an astounding rate and go through a rapid wave of development.

Eminent Digitals, a rapidly growing ROI-Driven, 360° Digital, Marketing and IOT agency founded and led by the far-sighted leader Teddy Mathew in his imperative roles of Founder and CEO, has emerged as one the leading entities in this fiercely competitive industry.

As his entrepreneurial brainchild, Eminent Digitals is expanding its operations nationwide with its delivery centre in Pune, India; the visionary strives to make the world a better place for their clients by promoting them digitally and socially.

Eminent Digitals is climbing the corporate ladder with the unbridled enthusiasm of seasoned professionals, serving customers from various industry verticals, including E-commerce, Finance, Insurance, Automotive, Real Estate, Education, Health Care, Politics, and SMEs, and achieving an ROI of 150%. The team ensures their clients’ sales, reach, and profits keep increasing with time, and their marketing approaches with foresight get consistent output for years.

The Tale of Eminent Digitals’ Success
It all began with the idea of ensuring that everyone has equal access to every area of digital marketing to promote their business idea. Making sure every raw business idea is considered a Million Dollar Idea considering the market and the location of Interest always motivated the leading man. When Eminent Digitals was founded, the goal was to ensure everyone had equal access to every area of digital marketing so they may promote their business idea and vision. The co-relationship between the mission and vision got the business to where it is today.

“Our Company Values are an inseparable part of us; our values are one of the key elements we bring to every project. With them at our core, there is no task that seems impossible to us,” asserted Mr. Mathew.

Craving Out as a Differentiator
Eminent Digitals’ mission is to offer exceptional marketing and IOT services to every client while building strong business relationships in order to understand their precise demands better. We are eschewing “Traditional Marketing” techniques and establishing a “Smart Work” atmosphere in order to boost revenue and improve marketing tactics.

Action speaks louder than words. As accurate as it is, Eminent’s extensive clientele and varied demands have enabled the firm to deliver the best quality work. There is a brilliant team comprising digital strategists, creative
managers, designers, and engineers, who are experts in providing real-time solutions to even the most complicated business scenarios. The 24/7 customer executives are determined to help and guide clients in the right direction for any issue they might face regarding the projects.

Teddy Mathew, An Inspiring Leader Who Runs on Passion
With the wealth of experience and knowledge of his 10+ years of professional journey, which transitioned through various imminent roles in the digital marketing space, Teddy Mathew has spearheaded the Eminent Digitals on a progressive path. He began his entrepreneurial journey in 2018 with Eminent Digitals, focused on delivering unique content and marketing them in the most strategic way possible.

“I feel that any leader should not have a fixed style of working, but a Leader should be Open to all that comes his/her way,”

the visionary leader said when asked about his distinctive leadership style. I am a leader who sets an example for others around me by consistently going above and beyond.

The Corporate Ethos for Employees
Eminent Digitals has an Open Door Policy where every employee is free to come up with New Ideas, Innovations, and Suggestions. All the Support staff has their ears open to their team members, which helps them build better employee relations. Employees are constantly encouraged to take the initiative in all they do. Regular team building exercises, RNR, and prompt and well-deserved acknowledgement aid the business in smoothly completing tasks.

Teddy Mathew’s Take on Innovation & Technical Advancements A well-known quote says, “recognised innovation is the zeal to create something better.” Our Company Mission of breaking the ‘Traditional Way of working to ensure a Smart workplace is a driving force to perceive innovation. Learning has always been a part of my everyday existence since I am constantly focused on developing myself in every element of life as a leader. I make sure to stay current with innovative technology and try to use it as soon as it is available.

In-house R&D departments play a significant role in the development of the business by keeping up with the current and some future innovations in a world where everything moves so quickly Future Outlook Eminent Digitals was started with just two employees; today, it has a workforce of 100+ excellent talents, still growing strong every day. It is one of the emerging players in India and is currently growing at 100% Y-O-Y. The company has eagerly combined long-term, high-impact infrastructures with effective customer service as part of its objectives to increase by 150%.

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