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Enggenious- Learning Solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering for simplifying complex technologies


Enggenious– Learning Solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering for simplifying complex technologies

World’s leading Remote Learning Solutions for Manufacturing and Engineering Students.

“Enggenious develops truly engaging and enduring learning experiences that go beyond books and theories by bringing together a wide pool of subject matter experts (SMEs) with strong industry and bright academic backgrounds, skilled instructional designers (IDs), and creative visualizers.”

In today’s fast-paced environment, eLearning enables companies to offer high-quality employee training at a reduced cost, motivating their staff to continue to improve and be truly passionate about learning. As a result, they are more engaged and pleased with their employment, and they contribute significantly to increased revenue and ROI. The emergence of microlearning, followed by social learning, adaptive learning, virtual and augmented reality, and SaaS LMSs, has necessitated the need for flexible learning to be feasible in an online context.

This advancement of eLearning is essentially what has enabled companies to fully embrace the potential of online learning and take a significant step toward building a robust workforce of high-performance and cooperative workers who genuinely contribute to the development and advancement of their business.

Enggenious specializes in engineering and manufacturing learning solutions. The team creates and provides technology-enabled learning solutions for the aforementioned domains.

The Inside Story
Enggenious is a strategic business unit at SAN Techno Mentors Pvt Ltd (STMPL). STMPL was founded in 2006. It specializes in traditional classroom training and mentoring for engineering and manufacturing firms. STMPL is well-versed in creating learning solutions for manufacturing professionals, whether they are freshers, graduate engineering trainees, seniors, or mid level  managers, and leaders, having worked with big Indian and global corporations in this sector.

STMPL was formed and is managed by a group of IIT and COEP alumni with extensive expertise in a variety of business verticals. 60+ ex-IITs, ex-COEP, Phds subject matter experts with an average of 30+ years in industry & academia, digital media specialists, experienced instructional designers & developers make up the team.

STMPL is a part of the SAN Group. SAN Group was established in 1990 and has 6 companies in product design, electronic manufacturing, industrial automation, data connectivity solutions, instrumentation and value engineering domains. SAN Group has offices in India and the Middle East and serves a global customer.

The team of Enggenious is looking to create an unseen value proposition for engineering & manufacturing domains.

“For industrial firms, individual professionals, and even students preparing for careers in engineering areas, more than simply a learning solutions partner; we are a learning culture partner.” quotes Mangesh Wagh, the CEO of Enggenious.   

With a well-researched and well-built learning product, Enggenious has a positive influence on businesses. There is constant innovation in instructional design, delivery, evaluations, and other elements of learning.

“ We’ve set our sights on fostering and enhancing the love of learning.” adds the CEO

The Joy of Learning
The company works on the belief of creating a joyful experience of learning. The thrill of learning is contagious and transformative, and it alters the perspective of the world.

“ Learning is a joy, ” says Mangesh. “ You learn something new, you are happy. If you have someone who helps you learn well, makes it interesting, is not preachy but a buddy; you will have a great time learning. This is what our clients have experienced over the years. It has reflected in the top and bottom lines of clients as well. ”

The courses are valued by the customers including Larsen & Toubro, Reliance Industries, Mahindra, Bajaj Auto, Bharat Forge, KEC International, Toshiba Mitsubishi Electric Industrial Systems Corporation, including other top corporations and educational firms globally.

Innovative Education of the Future
There is a common belief that educational institutions should provide students with the skills and competencies they need to deal with an ever-changing environment. What is debatable is how best to achieve the development of such skills, specifically which teaching and learning techniques are ideal for supporting or enabling the development of complex skills. The founder quotes

“ We’ve been zealously working to improve andragogy, which is at the heart of the learning process. It has aided us in developing some engaging courses on complex technical areas.”

Education innovation is particularly important since the young brains shaped by the educational system today will be the ones leading the push for innovation tomorrow. And, if the fast changing demands of today’s workforce are any indication of what’s ahead for future generations, this investment will be required to maintain the current rate and quality of advancement.

“ We have done a good job of adapting to global technology developments. We’ve mastered Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0, for example, and developed full learning solutions. Large manufacturing businesses have been collaborating with us to ensure their readiness for Industry 4.0. We’ve designed learning solutions ranging from half-day to three-month championship programs based on the target audience and learning objectives. eLearning, live lectures, recorded lectures, hands-on, intriguing online gamified exams, case solutions, hackathons, and other synchronous and asynchronous modes are included in these programs.”

Bringing Education to Life
The manufacturing process is difficult at best to describe in a 2D manner. Many logistical issues also prevent the availability of in-person plant tours and even in those cases much of what is viewed is not easily explained. With the use of Enggenious animations, videos, and interactives, the learner can gain a better understanding of the process than they would do standing in front of a machine.

Leading through the Crisis- A message to young entrepreneurs
The founder has an insightful thought in store for all young entrepreneurs looking ahead to build a business. He says

“If you are sure that your start-up idea is about creating value, pursue that. Don’t get distracted for small revenue gains by defocusing your large value creation goals. Keep asking yourself, are you creating value for your end users, for your clients, for yourself. If you are getting a yes every time, you are doing well.”

eLearning is the need of the hour, a cliché, absolute truth however. Generic benefits of eLearning like significantly low logistical overheads and hence the lower costs, better speed of training initiatives, ease of tracking etc and the world knows about it. The founder quotes

“ One of our major turn-ons in eLearning has been the creative visualization aspect. The core eLearning quality comes from there, we think. For the learner to gain complete clarity on technological/ technical concepts or aspects, content needs to be built with excellent creative visualization. After going through our courses when the learner says, “never thought it was that easy”…that’s the kick we live for.”

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