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enxcl Business Solutions

enxcl Business Solutions

A Preferred Partner of Choice For Business and Management Consulting

Giving back to the society was the prime motive behind the establishment of enxcl Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. by its Founder-CEO— Santhosh Udayanan. He brought his extensive knowledge and experience from the corporate world to define a roadmap to enrich start-ups, scale-ups and budding professionals. His insightful outlook and vast experience helped establish a consulting and training organization, for which the seed was sown seven years ago.

He brought adept professionals with similar outlook on-board to build an ardent team with a considerable amount of industry experience. With this business venture, he aspires to design, drive and accelerate the growth of emerging enterprises as well as professionals. As we sat down for a freewheeling discussion with the Founder, our team came across several noteworthy business insights that resulted in this inspirational read.

enxcl Business Solutions has become a well-reckoned business and management consulting enterprise that is on an exclusive mission to enhance the excellence of IT-organizations, professionals, and aspirants via its matchless consulting as well as mentoring.

“We wish to become a catalyst for business as well as professional growth of our clientele,” states The Founder.

Driven by a forward looking thought leadership, enxcl has been delivering Quality IT solutions, leveraging over two hundred years of leadership experience. All of the senior executives at the company have served many MNCs at leadership positions across airline, telecom, manufacturing and BFSI domains.

Santhosh Udayanan has been an avid believer of the two-way flow of communication which is the most effortless manner to keep the spirits of the employees high and keep them motivated to deliver enxcl’s vision. Moreover, for ameliorating their services as well as strategies, he always pays immense focus on feedback and opinions of the clients.

“I make sure that the intra-group communications within a business line remains vibrant , along with ensuring that the strategic and common corporate communication remains a regular part of my agenda,” affirms The Founder

According to Santhosh, they have attained a stature of being the master of consulting, leveraging their subject-master expertise. They are primarily fixated on delivering value and results. Putting a sheer emphasize on action over planning, they keep delivering excellent solutions with effectiveness as well as transparency to sync with their client’s expectations. Indeed, best-in-class solutions and enhanced business growth is the foremost mantra for their client’s success.

Furthermore, enxcl has ensured an assemblage of first-rate talent heads who are enriched with technical, process and management expertise, across major industry segments globally. This talent pool can effortlessly accelerate a business’s journey alongside bringing affirmative transformation within professionals. Here, each consultant possesses decades of industry experience and proven at prominent MNCs across the globe.

No doubt, their unequalled services add significant value to client’s business in the most sophisticated manner. On that note, their value additive proposition is based on —e-A S T O, the proprietary consulting and transformation framework, expanded as “enxcl’s Assess – Strategize – Transform – Optimize”. With e-ASTO, team enxcl has been delivering optimal and efficient processes to the clients in need. This approach includes the industry best practices from— Lean, Agile, Six Sigma, Disciplined Agile and organization change management that bestows them with a leading edge in the market.

The company ensures a holistic investment in R&D while being in harmony with the industry best practices. With their thorough research in the relevant space, they have been able to develop apposite tools and technique to bring relevance and substance to their clientele. Santhosh gives credence to their R&D for the exponential growth thus far.

A firm believer of participative leadership, Santhosh empowers each of his vertical heads by stimulating the drive of ownership while encouraging them for seamless decision making. He has percolated this thought down his leadership hierarchy. Under his leadership, there is no rigid organizational hierarchy and the workforce is granted with a cordial work environment to make effortless discussions over innovative ideas.

Addressing his leadership style, Santhosh claims, “Empowerment and delegation is what I strive for that fosters leadership at every level in my company. The empowered teams work together better to evolve their way of working relevant to the context.

The company has always nurtured a culture of growth and development. Via their internal skill assessment framework, they collaboratively carve an exemplary career growth for each resource.. Webinars, seminars, virtual training sessions, workshops, mentoring sessions, etc, are their crucial upskilling initiatives in favour of their workforce. At the workstation, every teammate relishes an ample amount of freedom to chart his growth, and bring out enhanced growth plans.

The entire enxcl is a big family and every enxclian takes immense pride in representing their brand. Transparency and collaborative structures are the cornerstones of their culture that played pivotal part in their success. Additionally, the management never hesitates to ensure celebrations, rewards and recognitions quarterly as well as annually.

Scaling the heights of exemplary success, enxcl has only grown in leaps and bounds in its journey thus far. Its entrepreneurial journey has witnessed marvellous growth while crossing some major milestones. On that note, a few of the considerable mentions have been enlisted below by our team-

  • enxcl has got over 25 partners and clients in the last 18 months.
  • The company has been recognized as well as rewarded as Top 10 Agile consultants by CIOReview India for the year 2021.
  • So far, the company has offered around 30,000 hours of consulting and coaching programs.
  • Successfully conducted multiple daylong technical workshops with hundreds of participants from over 100 IT companies.
  • Organized Management masterclasses, each one benefitting over 250 IT professionals.
  • enxcl has also commenced a program- “en-We” for the unemployed women from the rural areas of Kerala, empowering them to become entrepreneurs.

Santhosh conveyed that apart from being focussed on empowering the start-ups, they are also converged on providing a sustainable eco system, that will be rich in services ranging from consulting in Business strategy and leadership, to auxiliary services like QA as a Service, Implementation as a Service, Operations as a Services, Product Information Development (PID) as a Service and so on. He fervently added that they are focused on recognizing the gap between academy and industry that propelled them to design programs for colleges and freshers.

Utilizing their years of industry experience, they are focussed on empowering the students and be equally dedicated to the academics as well as industrial space. And lastly, he concluded the conversation by stating that they also aspire to become the preferred upskilling partner for corporates, IT aspirants and students.

In the end, Santhosh signed off by providing some valuable tips for the budding entrepreneurs-

  • Look far and wide as there are plenty of opportunities
  • Understand the needs of the industry and strategize accordingly
  • Be resilient and drive with passion
  • Always believe in delivering value and this value will drive the growth of the organization.

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