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There is a famous saying, “Good food is the foundation of hygiene and happiness.” However, in today’s world, food quality is determined by its impact on health, sustainability, tech-enabled transparency, packaging, natural flavours, and environmental impact. The transgressions of COVID-19 have altered our eating habits, but not the importance of good food. In this vein, frozen meals, in particular, have a powerful influence on the food business, particularly in India. A notable stimulator of this presence has been GOELD, a new frozen food brand. With its distinctive motto, “Swad Ka Sunehra Rang,” the brand is contributing to the frozen food market’s explosive growth while also establishing a global presence.

GOELD was founded under Shri. Bajrang Alliance Ltd., an illustrious venture of the GOEL Group – a globally recognized conglomerate in mining, iron & steel, power, education, and media. Just like its other ventures, GOELD contributes to the group’s ideals, particularly in terms of quality and customer satisfaction. Its stronghold stands on pillars of technology leadership, infrastructure superiority, customer trust & goodwill and qualified human capital.

GOELD manufactures its products in a 100% vegetarian kitchen equipped with advanced refrigeration technology to preserve all nutrients, tastes, and texture. It sources raw ingredients from company-owned farms and innovative cold chains & storage facilities. Its food preparation experts combine ingredients and assure each product excels in quality, taste and variety.

In addition to GOELD, Shri. Bajrang Alliance is a prominent advisor to multiple brands growing under its banner. Needless to say, the amalgamation of the 4 pillars are evident across the businesses it harbors. Its products and solutions are testimony to these 4 business mantras of the group.

GOELD’S vision to establish a stellular presence in the Indian economy is supervised by Mr. Archit Goel (Director), a leader who steps into the big stage and comes to grips front on. He is a growth specialist and defines leadership as a paradigm of responsibility as an individual and professional. He has been with Shri Balaji Alliance for nearly a decade and has been functioning as the director since last year.

So, what motivates him to lead? The chance to contribute majorly to a game-changing industry that will alter global eating habits and choices. The pandemic has pushed the tipping point forward by a few years. And food manufacture is an arduous task, as the quality and nature of food determine the health of future generations.

Challenges frighten him less, and he bets on collective wisdom to overcome them. “A strong team gives you the confidence to surpass issues that hurdles a business,” he states. For him, businesses without challenges are non-existent. He and his team are constantly battling to ensure that consumers and clients receive only the best. He wants to emphasise the benefits of frozen foods, which are quick and easy to prepare.

Instilled with this ambitious endeavour, GOELD is on track to become a preferred choice in every Indian household’s refrigerator for any meal occasion. Archit also puts his heart and soul into building his team. He encourages brainstorming, followed by result-oriented action plans that overpower roadblocks. The team is kept motivated at all times, and their opinions are taken into account, resulting in a stronger team. “We are a team without superstars. Hence the team wins and not individuals,” adds Archit.

GOELD stands strong against all the industry’s hurdles and intricacies with a team of R&D specialists. The team consists of Doctorates and M. Tech (Food Technology) specialists geared to scientifically developing products. This is vital to sustaining rigorous quality, safety, and cleanliness during these trying pandemic times. It has an in-house R&D lab equipped with the latest equipment, like GCMS (Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry), HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography), Water Activity Meter, Moisture Analyzer, etc. “Quality is a top priority for us, and it is monitored from the time raw materials are received until the product is delivered to our channel partners,” explains Archit.

Multiple levels and checkpoints are used to evaluate the product’s quality, safety, and hygiene. They recently introduced the GOELD Lachha Paratha, a mouthful for customers. The R&D team is working on a number of intriguing products that will no doubt excite customers once they are released.

Having an innovative spirit, GOELD infuses creativity into all of its endeavours. Having taken cautious steps during COVID-19, it made sure that employees’ salaries and safety were not jeopardized. Even now, GOELD compensates its employees for taking COVID tests and vaccination. Also, it values compassion and cooperation, and knowing how trying these times can be, everyone is looking out for one another. “Our employees even contributed to a COVID Relief Fund that was donated to the government by our parent firm,” adds Archit proudly.

On the other hand, while investing in R&D to build customer satisfaction, it built a ‘Health Bubble’ within the factory and marketing offices. This quadrupled its production twice as fast as the competition. As the markets opened, it calibrated its operations and now is one first to reach retail shelves and popular online retail platforms.

While resources and processes aid in setting benchmarks, a company’s ethos and beliefs form an appealing culture. GOELD has a favourable atmosphere centred on the team and is transparent about responsibilities and resolving conflicts–This ensures their long-term orientation. Everyone challenges existing ways to foray into robust business opportunities. This requires both cerebral and physical rigour; and GOELD has an abundance of both in its team. The team lives to fructify its collective dream of being a leading brand on the subcontinent; and, subsequently, be a formidable force in global food retail.

“Sustainability is the key to understanding the future.” GOELD, as an organization, adheres to this to the letter. It focuses on community development and improvement, ensuring a healthier lifestyle for future generations. It engages in CSR initiatives focused on health and wellness, along with education and skill development. “We focus on need-based CSR activities in surrounding areas, primarily to prevent duplication of government-sponsored initiatives,” asserts Archit. GOELD’s social efforts have earned it a special place in the community, and village panchayats are constantly encouraging it to do more.

While GOELD has grown amid chaos, its groundwork for frozen foods and allied food business started almost half a decade back. Leaving no stone unturned, GOELD has successfully established Shri Bajrang Alliance in FMCG, foods & allied businesses. In only its first year, GOELD has received multiple awards for its consistency in driving change and pursuing leadership roles:

  • India’s Most Admirable Brand by “The Brand Story”
  • Best Frozen Food Brand of the Year by the Food Connoisseurs India Convention
  • Fastest Growing Brand at the Asia One Awards
  • Best Veg Frozen Food Brand by the Right Choice Awards
  • Certified with Highest Rating by BRC, FSSC, and ISO within the first year of Operations.

These milestones speak for the team’s motivation and operational abilities. Nevertheless, they are committed to surpassing these milestones, and earning new and powerful ones. By 2026, GOELD wants to ensure that every Indian household has at least one of its products. By that time, it hopes to have established its ‘Service-driven’ business model, including standalone storefronts for its fantastic range and entire meal alternatives such as supper and takeout.


“Select a path you love. Be it a business or a product. Dream big, but stay grounded. Also, don’t forget to have fun in your entrepreneurial quest, and surround yourself with like-minded people. Because it’s always more fun to celebrate your success with people you enjoy being around.”- Archit Goel


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