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GoldenAge by Dr Ramon Llamba

GoldenAge by Dr Ramon Llamba

Celebrating 25 years of transforming lives and inspiring souls

We sat down for a freewheeling conversation with a well-reckoned life and business coach- Dr Ramon Llamba. Her repute as an energy healer, mentor and motivator has spread across the business fraternity expeditiously, grabbing our attention. As a PhD in Quantum Physics, she harnesses the power of her in-depth knowledge of the laws of manifestation, facilitating people to live a fulfilled life where they can be driven towards the purpose of this precious life.

Today, she has emerged as one of the most influential leading figures in this space where her offerings have been instrumental in transforming many lives who were striving for a balance in life. And with her very first brainchild-GoldenAge Transformation, she happened to reach out to those in dire need of an effective solution when it comes to training senior management or sales team. Her practical and proven ways of emotion management have become key drivers of business success across her clientele. Owing to this, she has been ingrained in several cultural exchange programs that speak the volume of her phenomenality, stretching her reach globally.

This conversation with the ‘dynamo’ on a variety of topics gave us some valuable insights and ‘food for thought’ to ponder over and we sincerely believe that this exclusive narrative will prove to be an exhilarating read for our global readership.

Business Connect- Please walk us through your overall industry experience. What motivated you to start this journey of healing people while propelling them to greater heights?
Dr Ramon Llamba- My journey began 28 years back when I happened to realize the motive of my life. Since early childhood, I have been quite sensitive to human behaviour, emotions and lives. Whenever I witnessed people suffering due to the chaotic situations in their lives- family issues, wrecking relationships, or any other scenario, I always found myself in great emotional turmoil. But later, I recognized the fact that it was my ‘Dharma’ to make a difference in this direction as I was able to feel people’s energies and emotions.

Hence, I started with the first step- to be the change! Gradually, I began recognizing the emotional patterns of the human brain while educating myself to create an energy of peace and oneness across the globe. Since this realization touched me, I have been striving to transform lives around me. The source of my inspiration to begin this journey was my inner voice that drove me to bring some difference to the lives of others.

Business Connect- In your phenomenal journey of transition into a life and business coach, has any ‘Guru’ or ‘Mentor’ guided you in any manner?
Dr Ramon Llamba- Throughout my journey of transitioning, I have had the grateful opportunity to come across many inspiring personalities (gurus or coaches) in my life so far. I have been trained with some of the eminent life and business coaches across the world. But to a certain extent and perspective, life has been my best ‘Guru’ cause most of the life-changing learnings came from my life experiences only.

Business Connect- How would your clients describe Dr Ramon? Shine some light on your persona.
Dr Ramon Llamba- Concurrently, there are two layers to this aspect. As a professional, I am passionate and committed to my work. You could say that I am an uncompromised version of delivering results. My dedication propels me to any extent to ensure the desired results to people who seek my guidance. And when it comes to the personal level, I am a dedicated daughter, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, etc., straining every nerve to do justice to these roles. But these are only the outside layers of who I am.

As deep inside, I could define myself as the universal energy that has been connected to a soul embodying this body. In a nutshell, we all are part of ‘God’, possessing some portion of his energy within us. But again, one can not walk in a vibrantly charged energetic form all the time as we have to play different roles as per the situations. Hence, I fervently believe life is all about mastering these roles so that you are able to switch them effortlessly. In the end, I would not like to stick to a certain identity, as I shuffle the roles adeptly as per the need of the moment and devote my energy to each of them sophisticatedly.

Business Connect- Your expertise and influentiality has become quite popular across the respective space. How would you evaluate the impact scale of your venture?
Dr Ramon Llamba- With utmost gratitude, I proudly reveal that in the past 25 years a number of marriages have been saved by mentorship. I am quite sensitive to the subject of divorce as here the matter is related to children as well. Modern-day couples are now in dire need of getting a breakthrough where they could see life from a broader perspective. So, I had been in the constant process of rendering effective couple counselling where I would do anything it needed to not let them separate for the sake of the innocent children.

My forte has been relationship and emotion management where not only commonalities, but several business tycoons have also been benefited thus far. Additionally, being a therapist my focus has been on helping depressed and drug-addicted individuals, for whom, it is almost impossible to emanate out of the situation. I believe in addressing the root cause of such issues and letting them wean off from their medications. My ideology converges on not just addressing one issue but different aspects of a problem. Owing to it, my clientele has been expanding in leaps and bounds daily, allowing me to induce waves of change to more and more lives.

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