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With A Vision To Deliver Comprehensive Care To Patients, Gowelnext Is Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry With Innovative Solutions

There is a rising number of health tech companies performing exciting work and revolutionising the way we approach digital health. Creating a paradigm shift throughout the healthcare ecosystem – Gowelnext Solutions is one of the emerging names in this segment, introducing the smartest way, to sum up, all the medical facilities that you need under one roof.

Gowelnext, a health tech startup founded in 2017, ushered in the dawn of healthcare solutions with transparent pricing to empower people in making informed decisions about how to get and stay healthy. Over the past five years, Bangalore-based Gowelnext has carved out a niche for itself by providing pre-policy medical check-ups, which are a series of medical examinations that life insurance firms require before accepting and granting coverage to a potential policyholder.

The range of services offered goes above and beyond pre-policy checks. Gowelnext also performs annual health checks, online doctor medical evaluations, report reviews, and various other services meant for life and health insurers. Gowelnext is positioned to become a one-stop solution for all health-related services with a wide range of custom services within the areas of pre-policy issue health checkups, specialised professional services, risk management efforts, and group client assistance.

Gowelnext currently provides customers with best-in-class services that are the result of in-depth research and experience in the healthcare industry. The company is working towards its goal of offering a seamless customer experience by utilising cutting-edge technology and assembling the best healthcare providers in the industry. Serving a diverse range of clientele, including health insurance companies, life insurance companies, and corporations, Gowelnext is supported by a giant network of healthcare and wellness service providers spread across the length and breadth of the country, as per client needs and requirements.

Its strong team of over 300 excellent people, 4500 partnered medical centres, and over 250 medical practitioners on board have all contributed to its rapid growth. In the coming days, Gowelnext aims to offer hygienic, standardised, and continuously developing medical services using technologically enhanced systems that boost automation, enhance output quality, and improve client satisfaction

Integration of Conventional and Digital Medical Services

Gowelnext is an all-in-one, cutting-edge, next-generation, artificial intelligence (AI)-based healthcare solution platform that combines traditional and digital medical services to offer the convenience of best-in-class healthcare solutions and services. It fulfills the critical customer requirements during their hour of need in all areas of care offered by reputed and highly qualified healthcare providers across India through this exclusive platform. Let’s examine the qualities they provide and the advantages the industry enjoys:

• Single platform for all healthcare options
• Comprehensive understanding of insurance procedures
• Efficient, economical, and improved customer delivery
• Best-in-class TAT and quality measurements, as well as cutting-edge technologies
• Extreme focus on fraud control and measures to curb fraud
• Online repository of reports with on-call doctor consultations

Their unique strategy has always been to discover the spots of pain in the crucial patient journey, assess the need, and provide solutions that aid in the patient’s recovery process and, as a result, enable them to enjoy healthier lives.

Employee Motivation: A Core Focus

By offering numerous products in the delivery of healthcare services and creating new prospects in the field of technology, Gowelnext is credited with seeing the quickest growth in its sector. The management at Gowelnext believes that the team is a significant contributor to their business success. In this bilateral relationship, the organisation genuinely cares about the employees and people through thick and thin.

Even during the difficult times introduced by COVID-19, when layoffs were a common sight in large and small organisations, Gowelnext was an exception. For employee recognition, the company hosts a variety of team-building activities, monthly celebrations, festival celebrations, and a Wall of Fame.

Savouring Milestones … Yet Miles to Go

“A leader is someone who understands the way, walks the way, and shows the way.” Without a doubt, Jatin Doultani’s exceptional leadership and the entire team’s dedication have contributed to Gowelnext’s rise to the top, which has brought the company countless honours, including:

• The most promising brand in health care in 2021 by Asian Leadership Awards
• Top Placer Insurance Award in 2021 by Go Global Awards
• The Company Spotlight Award 2019 by SiliconIndia

Such incredible accomplishments tell a lot about a company’s ambition! The self-funded startup, Gowelnext has been growing from strength to strength over the past 5 years. With some products already launched and some in the pipeline, Gowelnext is well-positioned to become a one-stop shop for all health-related services. The firm has launched Welleazy, a prominent health tech company offering tailor-made solutions to its corporate customers to make their healthcare needs accessible and affordable.

The firm’s four-fold benchmark has set it up to become one of the finest and largest virtual hospitals in the world with services across primary care, secondary care, and chronic care management. At its core, the goal is to deliver a seamless client experience by combining the best healthcare providers and cutting-edge technologies.

The Significance of R&D behind Gowelnext’s Victorious Journey Being one of the leaders across the industry, persistent R&D is their utmost priority. Gowelnext is able to see the big picture and create a vision of where it wants to be as an organisation globally because of its ongoing research and development efforts. “Since the pandemic, there have been substantial changes in the economic climate as well as in how people live and work.

Because of the rapid pace of change that everyone is facing, digital transformation is now more important than ever. As an AI-driven company, we will automate procedures and provide top-notch products and services. By providing exceptional healthcare solutions and services at scale, the company will continue to invest in exploring technological advancements to satisfy the needs of our clients and work towards solving real-life difficulties encountered by patients”, quoted Mr. Jatin while sharing about the R&D at Gowelnext.

Dynamic Leadership

The remarkable journey of Gowelnext is being carried out by an experienced management team with years of expertise in running successful start-ups, under the guidance of Jatin Doultani, Founder & CEO at Gowelnext. They have come together to pursue their shared goal of providing everyone with access to high-quality healthcare, which is how the concept for Gowelnext was conceived. Mr. Doultani has been the core proponent of Gowelnext’s basking success. With approximately 20 years of work experience, he has been in charge of renewals, telesales, and customer service projects.

With his decisive leadership, he has earned the firm a coveted name for handling client issues and is his team’s idol for countless successes. Gowelnext is credited with the fastest growth in its segment by introducing multiple products in the delivery of healthcare services and developing new opportunities in the area of technology, working on its mission to transform the healthcare ecosystem for better health outcomes – Anytime, Anywhere!

Parting Words

Before signing off, the visionary shared a few words of wisdom by quoting, “Entrepreneurship is not about having a unique idea; it’s about turning the idea into reality and consistently improvising.” As an entrepreneur, the most important job is to never get comfortable with status quo or what is available. Make sure to connect with as many people as you can because there is lot to learn and to continuously improve yourself.

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