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India’s electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM) sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy, seeing rapid growth throughout the nation and is anticipated to double to INR 1.48 lakh cr by 2025. Thanks to profitable and innovative companies like Uttam Bharat Electricals Pvt. Ltd, established in 1983 to design and manufacture top-notch Power and Distribution Transformers from 100 KVA to 20 MVA, India stands as one of the largest in terms of consumption.

Nestled in the pink city of Jaipur, Uttam Bharat came into existence as a partnership firm under the dynamic leadership of the Late Shri Purshottam Agrawal. Because of Mr Agrawal’s unwavering commitment and ambition to make “UTTAM” a product known for excellence and reach open skies, the company, which began as a partnership firm for servicing transformers, bloomed into one of the top corporations in India’s transformer industry.

His dedication and determination led this modest factory to blossom into one of the top corporations, operating from three manufacturing units which have an annual capacity of more than 1500 MVA per annum. Despite fluctuations in business, they kept expanding. Eventually, they reached a group turnover of over Rs. 150 Cr. annually, with a population of over 2,30,000 transformers and a total manufacturing area of over 100,000 square feet, apprised the visionary leader Tanmay Agrawal, Vice President of Uttam Bharat.

The Solutions Offered and the Area of Expertise

Uttam Bharat is actively involved in the manufacturing transformers ranging from 100KVA to 20 MVA up to 33KV class, which includes –

1. Power Transformers
2. Energy Efficient Transformers as per BEE Star Rating / BIS specifications
3. Inverter/ Converter Duty Step-up transformers having multiple winding for Solar/ Wind and Hydro generation application
4. Transformers for Compact Substations / Packaged Substations
5. Hermetically Sealed type transformers with Corrugated Radiator Panels
6. Furnace Duty Transformers up to 24 Pulse
7. Three Phase Distribution Transformers
8. Single Phase PAD Mount Distribution Transformers
9. Other Special Purpose Transformers

They are regular suppliers to various nations, including Saudi Arabia, Bennin, Gabon, Togo, Nigeria, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Cameroon, South Africa, Kenya, Jordan, Ethiopia, Senegal, and Mexico, among others.

The Key Differentiating Features of the Uttam Bharat’s Transformers

Today, UTTAM Bharat is among the most trusted brands in the transformer sector, and the clients frequently express their gratitude for the confidence and satisfaction the team have earned over the years. With their 39 years of expertise, they provide a variety of transformers, from 100 KVA to 20 MVA, up to 33 KV Class, which adhere to the highest international standards and are backed by several quality certifications.

Currently, Uttam supplied more than 2,30,000 transformers worldwide which includes variety of industries such as beverage, packaging, manufacturing of industrial machinery, pharmaceuticals, automobiles, iron and steel, real estate, warehousing, infrastructure development, railways, textile, print media, cement, mining, Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Among others.

Changing Dynamics of Power Distribution in India

India’s power and distribution transformer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 4.56% between 2022 and 2027. The transformer market had been significantly damaged by the COVID-19 outbreak. The financial stability of electricity distribution firms has been impacted by the strict measures implemented during the pandemic.  Small and medium-sized manufacturers, who are having trouble managing their operational and financial bases, make up most of this industry.

Several operations were stopped as a result. The Indian distribution transformer market, however, is anticipated to be driven by elements including rising industrial energy demands, growth in the renewable energy sector, and the construction of transmission and distribution networks. Initiatives like the Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS), Saubhagya, AG schemes, RDSS, etc., contributed to raising the operational effectiveness of the discom in the country and improving the electrification rate in both the urban and rural sectors.

Hence, it can be said that India’s T&D industry will experience rapid expansion due to the rise in demand for reliable, reasonably priced power that is available around the clock and the development of India’s transmission network.

Technology Landmarks that Give Uttam Bharat an Edge

Transformers are the static machine that plays a significant role in the country’s power infrastructure. The future growth potential for the power and distribution sector is positive. Digitalisation will make it easier and more effective to access real-time information systems and remote management. Additionally, digitisation will increase industry openness and reduce theft.  Managers can discover ill transformers thanks to real-time monitoring, which also aids in crisis control and prevention.

The government’s increased emphasis on digitalising the lines would foster the improvement of the infrastructure, which is urgently required for this sector. With the advent of new technology, the progression of new energy efficiency levels and strict quality checks, they are expecting a good turnaround for the company and the industry as a whole.

Corporate Ethos

At Uttam, they believe ‘Quality is never by accident; it is always the result of high intention and sincere efforts.’ They have always focused on quality, customer centricity, product reliability, and sales support: One of the main reasons for their success has been a focus on acceptance of new technology and adaptability to changing environments.

“We give emphasis greatly to the value system and culture. We put our customers and our employees at the forefront. One of the core competencies of our company is customer-centricity and continuous improvement. We deliver customer delight and trust through innovative, hassle-free and high-quality experiences so that our customers may focus on their business,” shared Mr. Tanmay Agrawal.

The Plan and the Roadmap for the Days Ahead

The company aims to strengthen its position in the international market and establish itself as a major player by taking into account China plus 1 and Europe plus 1. In India, along with retail projects, they are strongly trying to target large corporates in varied sectors, including data centres, telecom, food processing, and various other manufacturing sectors.

Positioning itself among major conglomerates has been made possible by their superior products and after-sales support. The overall supply base of more than 22,000 commercial households attests to the Uttam Bharat steadfast position on the domestic and international markets.

Environment Welfare Initiatives by Uttam Bharat

As part of their commitment to giving back to the environment, the management team at Uttam Bharat decided to plant 1 tree for every transformer supplied in 2022 (#Your Purchase Plants, #One forOne). To kickstart this initiative, they have already planted more than 1000 trees at Central Park in Jaipur. They will be issuing a certificate to every customer as gratitude for supporting the initiative.

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