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Harry Sachdeva

Harry Sachdeva

A passionate hands-on leader changing the realm of beverage industry

India has witnessed a gigantic surge in the number of successful businesses entering the entrepreneurial ecosystem despite the chaos caused by the pandemic. With emphatic strides, the leaders of such businesses have stimulated significant waves of change in their respective spaces.

In its search for such remarkable chieftains, Business Connect Magazine came across the amazing success story of Harry Sachdeva who is the Group CMD of Jes & Ben Group. He is known to be a visionary with strong business acumen and insightful tactics to handle a business. Being an entrepreneur, hotelier, writer, social worker, movie producer, and eminent F&B Importer and Marketer in India, Harry has become the epitome of an ideal business leader.

The leader in his search to improve the current state of the Indian beverage industry went on to brainstorm an effective solution. Soon, he began his entrepreneurial journey by establishing Jes & Ben- a journey of achievements led by the visionary to cater to the food and beverage requirements in India. Hell Energy was the pioneering energy drink introduced by Jes & Ben in India. Beast Energy drink has become their flagship product that is well-acclaimed for its top-class quality as well as taste. Needless to mention, the company rose to prominence within a shorter period owing to its out-of-the-box approach to reaching the targeted customers.

Incorporated in 2017 in Delhi, Jes & Ben Groupo was envisioned to bring exotic tastes from across the world to the Indian markets while being a market leader in imports and distribution. Specialized in the import, marketing,
and distribution of beverages, Jes & Ben is now expanding into specialty foods, alongside marketing and distributing its brands with a mission to reach the milestone of a 500-crore company and create a range of unique products for Indian customers.

Jes & Ben forms a part of a group of sister companies owned and managed by Harry Sachdeva. As a group of companies, they have dealt with over 20 global brands in their import, and distribution. The firm currently enjoys a strong presence in 14 states of India, commanded by a high-spirited team of professionals.

Owning a reputation as a respected and accomplished professional, Harry started with a small team of people to a highly-skilled team with a greater headcount so far. His exemplary entrepreneurial leadership driven by his visionary approach poses a radiant future for the venture.

Harry’s in-depth experience in the corporate world allowed him to climb the success ladder. A graduate in Chemistry from Delhi University and a Master’s in Business Administration, he began his entrepreneurial journey back in 2005 with Arian Breweries & Distillers. Under his leadership, the globally acclaimed brand- San Miguel of Spain was able to enter India with a JV.

Acknowledged for penetrating over 20 Globally renowned brands into India, Harry wished to deliver to the Indian market extraordinary quality and taste of European beverages at affordable prices. Leading Jes & Ben as CMD, he has been successfully spearheading the strategic goals of the organization and is actively promoting the advantages of nutritious health drinks among people. Talking about his leadership at Jes & Bes, Harry said that he is majorly focused on keeping the brand ahead of the curve in terms of product uniqueness, affordable pricing and strong positioning. According to him, “Leadership comes with wisdom, cooperation, and most importantly hard work!”

Jes & Ben is not just a company but an endeavor to scale greater heights in leaps and bounds to make a difference in the current industry. Harry’s outstanding leadership has been the reason behind the company’s magnificent growth. What is noteworthy is the fact that the years of profound experience in the import and distribution sector make Jes & Ben the most credible gateway for brands seeking entry into the Indian market.

There is an expert team of professionals with a greater understanding of the market scenario, competitive pricing,
client demand, and target end-users in each state, thereby achieving its business goals in terms of growth by fulfilling the individual objectives of producers and consumers.

Most importantly, Jes & Ben had been the very first company to introduce energy drinks worth 45 INR in the market and later, it became the industry leader to open this segment that currently has several brands serving energy drinks worth 50 INR.

The beverage industry is highly competitive where new products get launched every week, some become huge successes while others get washed away. At Jes & Ben, to keep up with the market trends, an adept team has been involved in the R & D process. Owing to the team’s dedicated efforts, the company has ensured to cater exclusive, good quality, and of course delicious taste every time. Also, the team does a market dipstick and in-depth research along with the marketing team to finalize the design, function, and purpose of any new product before the operation team begins executing it for production.

The workforce at Jes & Ben is its backbone on which the company stands firm. Harry is an avid believer in taking collective decisions where teammates are equally involved and this is how he defines his leadership. As per him, discipline is a key factor to success in business as well as in life.

He sees it as a crucial factor that defines the overall fulfillment of different kinds of endeavors. The cultural principles of the company only speak- respect and dignity- where everyone is treated equally. This nurturing culture has been the motive force behind the humongous success of the company.

After crossing several product milestones, the dynamic leader plans to launch a range of health benefits induced products like ‘Harvy’. It is a comprehensive range of dry fruits, nuts and seeds, targeting all age groups. Along with this, Jes & Ben is about to unveil its variety of healthy gummies with the name–Nutrigummy. The product is an outcome of thoughtful formulations of high-quality raw materials backed by intense research and testing. Soon, the company is planning to diversify into various healthy food categories to cater to different demands of the commonalities.

With his extensive years of experience in the business world, Harry shared his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, “Keep a keen eye open in search of an innovative brand. Always stay updated on the market trends to navigate through the competitive scenario. Stay in touch with the market trends and be updated of those. Remember, hard work always pays off.”

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