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Here is the inspiring journey of Himanshu Patel, the CEO of Triton Electric Vehicle India. Having acquired an extensive experience in the electronics industry, he laid the foundation stone of Triton EV which poses to be a groundbreaking new subsidiary of Triton Electric Vehicle LLC, New Jersey, USA. With this venture, he intends to define a new class of electric vehicle while syncing with Triton motto- ‘making energy more reliable, more affordable and more applicable’. But before incepting Triton EV, Himanshu happened to establish two successful ventures across the electronics sector- Triton Solar & Triton Infosys.

Today, Triton has emerged as one of the leading players in solar panel and battery cell & Battery Pack engineering, setting exemplary standards of services. His ardent mission to bring the waves of revolutionary change in the new global energy structure has been acknowledged by its peers as well as some prominent institutions. In order to make justice to his vision, Triton Group has been in close contact with partner nations to reach their established goals.

“When asked to explain the set forth ideology, Himanshu claims, “We are EV enthusiasts who design and build our products for other EV enthusiasts. This combination of technical skills and industry passion has allowed us to develop the best vehicle in the long-range electric vehicle segment, with world-class functionalities & safety features.”

Triton sticks to the Triple Bottom Line Theory of helping consumers maintain a more sustainable high profile lifestyle, giving back to the planet in which they live, all while driving reasonable profits. “I want to help deplete the carbon footprint. Other electric vehicle companies have made this claim, but failed to deliver. This was the inspiration with which we created our patented power home link concept and product,” states Himanshu.

Tech acuity backed with profound experiential knowledge and a robust entrepreneurial mindset is in Himanshu’s DNA. All these and much more competencies made him establish his dream venture in 2018. Being an avid EV enthusiast, his passion and vision led him to research and develop the elusive Electric Vehicle. Within two years of time only, Himanshu launched his exclusive range of electric vehicles ahead of the booming EV market. Even he launched a prototype of Triton’s Model H Luxury SUV in 2020. Triton Electric Vehicle created an electric semi truck – one of its kind. And plans are afoot , the model N4 Sedan would be launched in India with plans to expor worldwide.

Many industry experts speculate that Triton EV will end up being a pioneer in its targeted segment due to its sheer focus on sustainability and reduction in carbon footprint. And one cannot just ignore Triton’s home power link that is nothing short of revolutionary concept as it allows consumers to power their homes leveraging their car batteries during high-cost peak – hours. Himanshu says, this intuitive technology will cut down the flooding of peak-hour demand on the power supply grid. And the net off metering will facilitate the end-consumers (who generated their own electricity) to give back the unused electricity (sending it back to the grid).

During the peak hours of the electricity use hours, Triton EV owners would be bestowed with the ability to draw down from the grid and also contribute considerable amounts of power to deal with the power crisis. This innovative and insightful model proposed by Triton EV has been envisioned to be reducing the carbon footprint per se at local level and also at global level. “Staying ahead of the curve in this fast-paced industry is not a cakewalk. But acknowledging and catering to the needs of your target audience is a “must” and this is our secret to this resounding success story,” asserts Himanshu.

Further, breaking the chains of false conceptions across the industry, he adds, “A majority of the electric vehicle makers claim that their respective vehicles can be stretched to the longdistances just on one charge only. But, this claim is not reliable at all. At present, EVs present across the market are meant for short-range driving only.

“ That has not happened and will not happen until our vehicle enters the market. EVs, right now— no matter how companies market them — are for the short-range. You can’t call the current EVs long-distance if you have to stop and charge the battery for two hours during your journey,” he says.

Himanshu’s cutting-edge technologies have made him a leader with a difference. With his multiplying reputation across the space, the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences conferred him with the Six Star Diamond Awards 2019 & 2020 as well as the Five Star Diamond Award 2017 & 2018.

Being an EV enthusiast with a passion for sustainability – there is no doubt that EV is one of Himanshu’s most prized ventures. “This rapidly growing startup has much to offer in the foreseeable future. Triton EV is the only EV company that is leading in reducing the carbon footprint with the help of our power home link.

One can anticipate the release of our Model H luxury SUV, our Model N4 Luxury Sedan, our e-Rickshaw, but it is our Semi Truck (the commercial EV) that is going to roll out first. Triton Electric is advancing in becoming a global brand that accommodates each specified region. There is great innovation we are putting out, and we look forward to staying ahead in the EV market,” he sums up.

With the EV market witnessing heavy growth, Triton has been carving its way to better prospects with the right innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Offering the most reliable engineering system, Triton Solar has been manufacturing solar batteries fuelled by its unique ideas and adept net metering system- Power Home Link. This is what allows Triton a leading edge in the market where their system actually allows them to provide power back to the grid. This proposition facilitates the end-consumers to save a considerable amount of money.

Grid overload becomes a major issue with the introduction of electric vehicles in the market. Here, acknowledging the pain point, TRITON EV is considered as a major opportunity to propose a tangible solution to combating such issues. POWER HOME LINK is the USP put forth by them. Adding to the economic benefits, they have been able to clear environment-related concerns where their offering reduced heavy dependency on fossil fuels (air, water and other pollutants) (expensive disposal of waste) sourced energy.

“We firmly believe that Triton will stand out among the rest of the EV market players owing to our exemplary innovation paired with the sleek and sporty design of our electric vehicles. Our line-up is a showstopper backed with adept engineering. A plethora of EV companies are new to electric battery cell technology and might not have spent much time and resources on R&D. In this reference, Triton has a leading-edge advantage amongst its competitors with its more than a decade-long research and testing of manufacturing the battery cell and solar equipment.

Soon, we will be coming up with luxury vehicles, military vehicles, mass transportation vehicles and economy small transport vehicles to reach out to larger markets. We have the zeal to give something to every Indian citizen in the country and we look forward to becoming one of the largest EV producers in the Indian market,” articulates Himanshu.

The core leadership team at Triton led by Himanshu envisions taking over a complete functional automative plant warehouse within a couple of months or so in India. This would be done to ensure that every single part is manufactured within India only. Himanshu’s insightful approach has propelled him to keep the Indian production and the US production exclusively to both local markets, which would drive better prospects for both markets. “What started as a R&D initiative small business / venture has witnessed exponential growth in a short span of time. This has inspired us to lend unwavering support to smaller businesses.

Being an Indian American, I take immense pride to make a difference in my motherland. No doubt, I’ve been living in the US for more than 34 years now, but my heart still belongs to India. As a matter of fact, I have not opted to become US citizen and still holding my Indian Passport only. Stimulating an efficient manufacturing process in India will not only benefit our logistics but will help the small and medium-sized businesses local to our manufacturing plants, stirring a comprehensive growth of our landscape,” enunciated the dynamo.

The company has made an estimation that over 10% of the load could be reduced from the battery by re-routing the power from the battery to the solar panel by leveraging the Power Distribution Unit. Undeniably, the thoughtful process behind solar panel sunroofs would drive more and more innovation into this space where sustainability will become the focal point for ventures in the foreseeable future ahead. Addressing this scenario, Himanshu concluded, “We would like to capture, harness, and convert the sun’s natural energy to aid in powering our electric vehicles and shaping a better tomorrow for our future generations.”

Recently, Himanshu Patel has been appointed as Chief Economic Development and Energy Infrastructure advisor at Pete Sessions for his considerable contribution in ameliorating US- India relationships in terms of introducing energy-saving innovations. His adamant efforts to ensure avid collaboration between the US and India in terms of accelerating energy infrastructure and transportation innovation is quite critical of Sessions’ efforts. The representatives of Pete Sessions have been quite impressed by his work in the direction of the improving energy infrastructure sector and have signed a letter of appreciation in favour of the dynamo’s work.

Himanshu’s zeal to introduce true innovative solutions to solve immediate and imperative issues for modernizing the sector where the electrification drive will prove pretty beneficial to Americans as well as Indians has been quite commendable so far.

The representatives of Pete Sessions acknowledged the fact that advancements stimulated by Himanshu will allow mutual economical development and add substantial value to their efforts at this time, when traditional supply chains and logistics are under great pressure. All of the members have shown great confidence in the collaboration of both nations, driving better energy and transportation innovations for the future.

The corporate learning
Himanshu shared a glance over his learning of the business space before signing off, in an attempt to motivate the aspiring entrepreneurs “If you want something, you have to work for it. It’s not going to be easy;, if it was easy, everyone would do it. If you truly believe that you can achieve something, you have to try and persist with, till it is achieved.”

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