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IDBI Intech Ltd.

IDBI Intech Ltd.

A conglomerate proving its technological superiority in various sectors

IDBI Intech Ltd. Is a company incorporated in the year 2000 as a 100% subsidiary of IDBI Bank Ltd. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified company and are primarily into offering products and services for BFSI and other sectors. We have domain, technology and techno-functional experts having more than 20 years of experience.

Intech is headquartered in Mumbai, with development and knowledge centres in Navi Mumbai, and Pune and support centres located in New Delhi, Chennai and Hyderabad. We deliver products that stand out because of their excellent features. We have various products and services which cater to the needs of BFSI in three categories-

• Innovative Products
• Banking Products
• Digital Solutions

01. Innovative Products

We are coming into a generation wherein artificial assistants provide us with economic advice, cell apps immerse us in digital truth, and self-driving motors car park higher than humans. IDBI Intech has developed 12 innovative products which provide future-oriented digital banking services that are seamless, inspired and innovative.

• i-RISE Regulatory Intelligence Solution for Entities
• i-ERM Enterprise Risk Management
• i-Corporate Liquidity Management Solution
• i-Recon (Reconciliation & Settlement System)
• i-AML (Anti Money Laundering Solution)
• i-Mobot (Social Media Banking)
• i-FRMS (Fraud Risk Management System)
• i-TBML (Trade-Based Money Laundering)

02. Banking Products

Banks play a critical role in the economy by providing essential services to both consumers and businesses. Listed below are the products that are developed by IDBI Intech for the banking sector.

• i-RTMS (Real Time Monitoring System)
• i-NACH (National Automated Clearing House)
• Abhay – Card Limit Controller App
• i@Connect (Middleware for RTGS/NEFT/SFMS/SWIFT)
• i-IRAC (NPA Management Solution)
• i-AMS (Audit Management System)
• i-OMS (Off-site Monitoring System)
• i-CCM (Currency Chest Management)
• i-LMS (Locker Management System)
• i-Vault (Aadhaar Data Vault)

03. Digital Solution

Digital solutions are very powerful in enhancing enterprise productiveness as they dispose of different factors that have an effect on enterprise productiveness. Digital solutions automate some tasks that normally require humans, thus eliminating human error and business operations running smoothly and quickly. Some of the digital solutions by IDBI Intech are as follows-

• Banking-Compliance-as-a-Service
• Digital Technology Integration
• Connected Banking

Intech continuously explores the external environment to understand emerging technologies, regulatory and business requirements, etc. to upgrade products and meet the requirements of our clients. We believe in providing quality solutions at competitive prices.

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