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Business Connect is renowned for its remarkable editions comprising success stories of leading business ventures across the globe. And here again, we are back with our latest edition, ‘Product of the Year 2022’ entirely dedicated to some outperforming products in the market delivering amazing results in making the business space a better place.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful virtual session with the leadership panel of Asti Infotech where the CEO of the company, Mr. Mahendra Pratap shared numerous lesserknown facts about the company and also explained their unique field force monitoring product in detail. We truly hope and desire that this fascinating read will add some extra value to the lives of our global readers and will encourage them to break the barriers and chase their dreams.


Narrating his company’s exclusive portfolio in his own words, Mahendra asserts, “Asti Infotech is one of the leading SaaS product companies. We offer customized business solutions around optimization and efficiency enhancement of business processes through automation. We employ state-of-the-art IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Image & Video Processing technologies to ensure the accuracy and reliability of all our solutions, thereby combining human acuity with machine intelligence.

Moreover, our mobility-based solutions allow flexibility of access, real time information to improve visibility, transparency and productivity of moving assets. An array of unique tracking solutions meets diverse customer needs ranging from the safety of school going children and smarter fleet management to enabling end-to-end workforce automation. Our video-based solutions allow our clients to replicate personalized interactions through digital collaborations, e-customer identification, collaborative troubleshooting, and live video shopping.”

IMPRINT: A Remarkable Tool

IMPRINT Field Force Management and Automation Solution for performance improvement uses the latest technologies like AI-ML to solve workforce management problems in today’s digitally driven business landscape. Team Asti has created a newage workforce automation solution that enhances productivity and enables 360 degree monitoring of field force. Some of the significant capabilities & features of IMPRINT include:

• IMPRINT goes far beyond simple tracing of coordinates and offers smart modules that simplify the life of business managers with attendance management, expense management, knowledge base, and lead management.

• It offers VOIP calling feature with a power dialer wherein a dedicated number can be used for inbound and outbound calls by the sales team, thereby capturing all leads and responding promptly to clients anywhere on the globe. Complete customersales agent communication is covered and available for audit as well as future use & planning.

• It enables internal (within the team) and external (with clients) communication via integrated video conferencing.

• The smart e-mail tracking and cross-platform communication features ensure that customer interaction over the entire range of platforms (website, social media, LinkedIn, etc) are captured and no leads are lost. It enhances visibility in all customer interaction to make it auditable and help in identifying training needs on various aspect of communication.

• Provides better resource planning & workforce optimization with the help of business intelligence generated using AI and deep learning technology. Sales reports, insights into the sales pipeline as well as forecast analysis are available on fingertips.

• Field workforce is empowered to quickly respond to clients, optimize routes and avail 24X7 help during client  visits. Automation results in huge time savings, higher sales, reduction in operation costs, and as much as 15-30% enhancement in the efficiency of the entire team.

Explaining his motive to work and proceed to the idea of Imprint, Mr. Mahendra asserts, “Field workforce monitoring & management is crucial as it delivers 70-80% of the revenue share. It works on the principle that lesser time spent on manual tasks translates to higher productivity and sales. Also, complete hold over all channels of communication (web, social, e-mail, LinkedIn, etc), ensures faster lead conversion, quick response to client issues, and thus enhanced revenues.

He further adds, “We picked this idea as we felt that the existing tools offered inconsistent and incomplete means for customercentric communication and day-to-day task management of the workforce. Thus, we decided to develop a smooth, seamless, and effortless solution to address these insufficiencies. Some of the challenges that we identified include:

• Absence of a single platform to manage all aspects of field force monitoring.
• Out of the multiple activities used by companies to boost sales, many important ones remained unseen and       couldn’t be analyzed. E.g. leads from a plethora of social media platforms were missed out.
• Sales teams lost track of conversation and follow-up timelines while juggling multiple platforms.
• Lack of complete data to smoothly manage sales pipeline and inventory.
• Many missing pieces and inputs to generate reliable predictive analytics and improve financial planning.


Imprint Improves Productivity & Workforce Efficiency As:

• Nearly 90% of the processes are automated: which translates to a 15-30% improvement in efficiency, a 25% increase in Revenue, 30% Lead Conversion, transparency, and scalability.
• Reduces fake billing by 90-92% and eliminates human errors by 80-85%.
• With a 98% reduction in paperwork, IMPRINT boosts the productivity of the workforce and results in huge time     & cost savings for the company. This also helps in reducing carbon footprint of businesses.
• More accurate analytics reports for better financial planning.
• Allows managers to track the status of every field visit from initiation to completion, thereby providing access to key insights through analytics.
• Real-time, digitized documentation ensures all important data is available at a centralized knowledge base.

What sets Imprint Apart ?

As compared to other half-baked solutions, Imprint covers all aspects of monitoring, reporting, analysis, and crossplatform communication associated with field workforce and their customers.

• It offers a user-friendly Interface that can be adopted quickly and integrated seamlessly with existing systems.
• Imprint gets linked to the back office or any third-party legacy system with the use of customized web services or client-side APIs.
• The inclusion of multi-faceted virtual collaboration and communication modules
• Capturing & analyzing data from all sources to get the complete picture by using predictive analytics FUTURE PLANS Imprint’s future roadmap includes a powerful 360-degree approach that not only manages the field workforce but also enables background verification and monitoring of inoffice employees using our advanced video-based verification and collaboration tools. IMPRINT aims to eventually allow virtual client visits from a centralized location to further reduce time & travel expenses, and enhance ROI manifold.

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