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A Leader in Tech-Driven IaaS Hiring Solutions

Putting the right team together in a company has always been the key to its growth and success. Today, this has become doubly true because of the way most businesses run –  through people. For this reason, companies  – from the smallest start-up to the largest corporation, strive hard to hire the most suitable candidates to streamline their efficiency. But hiring the top talent for a company has proven to be a significant hurdle, especially if it means the company has to spend in-house resources on a task that can be done – and done better – by experts.

InCruiter is the hiring solution all businesses have been searching for. They work closely with companies looking to find employees who can be the best fit for their roles. They do this via a technologically driven system that promotes IaaS, or Interview as a Service. Through this automated interview method, InCruiter boosts the recruitment process and helps its clients hire exactly the right talent without any loss of their own time, money, and energy.

InCruiter been setting the benchmark for others in the IaaS niche with its exclusive offerings in bringing ease to the recruitment process. With SimpliExcel, a 3-Step interview process, they manage, assess, and conduct interviews with the best candidates in the market.

A brief overview of the company
is a well-acclaimed IaaS based B2B platform, where technical screening services are offered to the clientele to bring ease to their hiring procedures. InCruiter is an enterprise that has strived to make the process as simple and swift as possible, where quality and efficient recruitment processes are the foremost priority.

Their team of trained hiring professionals has made the screening and crowd recruiting process effortless. InCruiter’s unique service portfolio integrates over a thousand interviewers on a single platform. With a steadfast vision to become the top IaaS as a service platform in India, the enterprise has been working on different tech-oriented products. An example of this is a video interview platform with a feedback system that provides unbiased technical interviews of candidates.

Making a difference
We sat down with the founder and CEO of InCruiter, Anil Agarwal. A freewheeling, insightful conversation followed, where Mr. Agarwal highlighted various aspects of the company’s business model, and revealed what makes the company work – and why.

Outsourcing interviews have seen a shift in the recruitment scenario in India and across the world.  With the help of third-party recruiters, companies have reaped both short and long-term benefits. With InCruiter’s expertise, companies within technical and non-technical domains can hire candidates with subject-specific skills and knowledge, who would not just fit seamlessly into the company, but also improve the workings of business operations.

For Anil, his company serves a dual purpose: one is helping firms hire talented individuals, and the other, is helping skilled job seekers get hired by firms with similar goals.

There are many people with skills and degrees who slip through the traditional interview processes. Sometimes, it is due to their lack of experience with big companies; sometimes it’s because of interview mess-ups. Sometimes, companies themselves are biased against a set of job-seekers. For example, many organizations across the business community think that hiring freshers could be a risky avenue. The process is cumbersome and needs attention as freshers are not that productive during the initial months.

InCruiter has always been an avid believer in ensuring a fair growth opportunity for graduates and postgraduates. The leadership team of the company says that freshers have a creative and innovative mindset that could be proved to be a great asset with proper training and guidance. Explaining the scenario in their own organization, Anil revealed that the freshers hired a few months ago have successfully led different teams at InCruiter.

Facilitating conversant decision-making
Anil explains how InCruiter allows hiring managers to make better decisions while testing candidates’ skills accurately and fairly. Though hiring supervisors are quite picky when it comes to recruitment, a collaborative process, transparency in the overall functioning can make a huge difference. “Especially in very technical fields, some hiring managers tend to have the opinion that it isn’t worth their time to share information or feedback with recruiters […] because they won’t understand,” comments Anil.

This is where Incruiter stands out. With a real-time feedback system, InCruiter’s interviewers are empowered to rate interviewees according to each of their mandatory and optional skillsets. This will help candidates understand why they weren’t taken on, and what they can do to improve themselves.

Expert panel of interviewers capable of technical, objective analysis
Recruiters sometimes lack the technical knowledge needed to answer candidates’ questions using data-driven recruitment. “The recruiting process can be improved and upgraded using recruitment data and metrics, which help in making more informed decisions,” asserts the CEO, concerning their insights into allowing better recruitment processes.

Additionally, it is not easy to always stay updated with the change in interview procedures and methods. Companies might find that their interview questions are quite dated, and this might lead them to miss out on perfect employees. This is especially true when hiring in the IT field, as most hiring managers do not possess the experience to evaluate such candidates. Most businesses fail to understand that they need specialized interviewers if they are hiring for a specialized position. An interviewer from their HR team might not cut it.

InCruiter, with its team of interviewing professionals, has the expertise to verify the candidates’ skillsets and analyze whether their problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking will suit the company they are applying to.

Diversification and innovation
Any organization needs to develop an unwavering commitment to improve and diversify its product and service portfolio for growth and better prospects. InCruiter stands firm on this notion. Diversification is driven by the company’s core strengths, where expert solutions to the client’s problems are searched by incessant innovation.

While constantly evolving and improving the product design, the inclusion of new-age technologies to provide a seamless experience to their end clients is how they create excellence in their offerings. With proper training and investment in the employers’ aspirations, InCruiter innovates persistently while sticking to their core values by constantly ameliorating their products.

The USPs
Adding value to a client’s business is what InCruiter is fixated on, and it has a specific roadmap for doing exactly this. By bridging the existing gap in the recruitment industry, InCruiter will be accelerating the hiring process ten times faster. “We are an HR-Tech startup that uses the right technology to accomplish our goals. We are providing a solution to the lengthy procedures that companies have to go through to find the right resource,” affirms the luminary.

The company has introduced a tech-based comprehensive interview service and cuts the hassle of conducting the proper interviews as they take care of the entire process. As per the company’s claim, they have a swift and more efficient recruitment model that is exclusive in the market.

Moreover, they rely upon a crowd staffing platform that increases the hiring process ten times faster and provides next-gen staffing solutions that reduce the client’s dependency on the hiring process to 50%.

R&D, and technological insights
Acknowledging the significance of Research and Development, Anil says: “R&D is quite important for the growth of our company. InCruiter has always believed in innovation and improving our existing products to keep up with the competition. In this case, R&D is essential to function to remain at the top of our business and make profits.”

Anil and his partners have always been tech-enthusiasts and are constantly pursuing to find the best tech-based solutions for their clientele. He believes that to stay ahead of the competition, one needs to be in sync with the new-age changes. The eager-beaver attitude of the workforce allows it to adapt as per the new-age technology effortlessly.

To enforce new tech-inclusions in the workplace, they train the employees incessantly to provide them with a realistic deadline to become comfortable with the latest changes. Alongside this, they also encourage the client employers to keep up with the market trends and be open to the alterations thriving in the market.

It is due to this research mindset that InCruiter has become the leading hiring solution with the best assistance for IaaS, Exit Interview Services, and Crowdstaffing.

Leadership Style
Anil Agarwal is a fervent supporter of innovative ideas over anything else. He lends enough space and time to the employees to organize their respective thoughts and proposals. Communication is key to leadership and working in collaboration with his team is the best strategy for success. A pinch of encouragement always does wonders, too.

“I put my faith in the employees, and they have the freedom to exercise their strategies to yield positive results for the organization accordingly. Most importantly, I am open to feedback from my people, and that has always been an integral part of my leadership,” emphasizes Anil.

He believes in investing in his team members while recognizing their respective strengths and accomplishments, and avoids limiting his employees to their respective roles. Under his auspices, InCruiter fosters an optimistic work environment where everyone openly shares and accepts constructive feedback while taking credit for their contributions. From providing them with growth opportunities to ensuring appropriate rewards and recognition, the management strains every nerve to propel its employees towards a radiant future. And this, as Anil confirms, is also their wish for job-seekers looking for employment.

Laudable achievements
Within a short period, InCruiter has scaled the ladder of success. It has bagged considerable accomplishments across the recruitment arena, and has been the trusted partner for more than 200 companies. A few of the notable achievements marked by InCruiter are:

Incruiter has recently raised a concealed amount as a fund in the revenue-based funding(RBF)round that was led by GetVantage. The fundraising round has been aimed at allowing it to embark on an exponential growth trajectory. The acquired fund will be utilized in the product development drive where they are committed to automating the mundane recruitment processes.

  • Featured as Top 10 Best Recruitment Startups (2021) in Silicon India Startup City
  • Featured in People Matters TechHR India (2021)
  • Featured in Top SaaS Bootstrapped Startups in the world with a Ranking of 280th

To make some valuable additions to their existing product line, InCruiter will be launching multi-product in the recruitment space such as Video Interview Platform, Interview Feedback Extension, and a Campus Recruitment Portal. These additives will boost their pre-existing reputation in the market, which will open a gateway to the company’s resounding success.

To close off our engaging conversation, Mr. Agarwal leaves us with a resounding piece of advice: “India is a growing market with a lot of gaps and problems. We should work on creating innovative products, and also solve problems faced by industries, justifying our reputation as leaders.”

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