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iXceed Solutions

iXceed Solutions

Yogita Tulsiani, Connecting Talent with Global Opportunities through her Unparalleled Leadership and Tech Innovations at iXceed Solutions

A passionate, compassionate, confident, and dynamic leader, and inspiring woman entrepreneur, Yogita Tulsiani,  Director & CoFounder of iXceed Solutions, crafted a distinct stance for herself as an Expert Strategy and Business Development leader. She initiated her entrepreneurial journey in the recruitment industry after observing the industry gaps and took the foundation of iXceed Solutions in 2018 with a vision to create value for the Human Ecosystem through Talent Solutions and to help clients get the best out of their brand.

Today, iXceed Solutions has become a well-established end–to–end Talent Solutions, Enterprise Services, and Digital solutions provider to fortune 500 companies globally, where they truly believe in providing a service to the customers and candidates which exceeds their expectations every time. It is one of the few organisations that leverage latest technical advancements to offer recruitment solutions at the fraction of cost.

Words of Wisdom by the Leading Lady

The keys to success are grit and dedication. While hard work is expected, smart work is crucial. Don’t be afraid of challenges. Failure is a part of success. I would like to close with a famous quote by an ancient poet –”Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your myth .”

Unique Attributes of iXceed Solutions in the Hiring

iXceed employs AI and ML-powered talent solutions, which are revolutionising the way the industry views talent solutions, to set itself apart from competitors. The business makes use of offshore advantages while fully abiding by local legislation.

iXceed focuses on staff augmentation for highly specialised segments like digital skills (creative & UX, social media & PR, and many more), SAP skills (SAP Implementation, SAP Blueprinting skills), Full Stack Development, Infrastructural Engineering (DevOps), and Cloud Technologies like AWS, Azure, and many more by scaling back on the old hiring norms.

The foundation of its success is its extensive local expertise. Additionally, the RPO solution employs strict procedures that give its clients crucial benefits. In addition, IXCEED uses a reliable and effective process to create solutions for the recruitment industry. This guarantees that the business is in the vanguard of the innovation curve.

Unstoppable Journey of Yogita Tulsiani

Yogita has been a passionate individual from the beginning and has always aspired to excel, whether it was in school, extracurricular activities, or her jobs. Throughout her academic and professional careers, she received a great deal of recognition and accolades. She attended Holy Child School for her elementary education and the esteemed Delhi Institute of Technology, for her engineering studies.

Following that, she completed her MBA at the renowned Indian School of Business (ISB, Hyderabad). Yogita has accumulated extensive expertise in business development and consulting across a variety of sectors in the UK, USA, Europe, and APAC. She also played a significant role in creating a new line of business. She has worked with companies like Genpact Headstrong and HP, as well as those in the financial services, telecom, retail, information technology, and learning sectors.

She has held a variety of positions throughout her career in different industry verticals. She started her journey in the HR segment because of the gaps and issues she observed. She realized that technology is reshaping the economy since major players in every industry bank heavily on technology for not only automation but also to introduce process efficiencies and create innovations.

There was a massive gap in the technology skill market. People were not getting the right jobs as per their skill set and ability. As a result of what she saw, she made the decision to launch iXceed Solutions to provide effective talent solutions for companies and applicants. Yogita Tulsiani is a strong individual in a leadership role leading from the front and driving the renowned HR tech corporation iXceed Solutions towards exponential growth.

“Throughout my journey, I draw a lot of inspiration from Indira Nooyi as she is my role model. Additionally, my mother has been my biggest motivation. Due to the circumstances we were in, she had to endure many challenges while raising us. She constantly inspired us to be resilient, have faith in our abilities, and trust God with the rest. She taught me to pursue my ambitions with tenacity”, apprised Yogita when asked about her inspiration

Key Challenges and the Ways Yogita Overcame Them!

Being the first female to venture on an entrepreneurial journey in her family after spending more than a decade working in stable jobs was not an easy move for Yogita. She has been judged and criticised for her choices. Another challenge she encountered was the fact that I did not really have a background in the recruitment industry, nor did she know the business dynamics. However, she still chose this path as she wanted to make a difference in society.

Obstacles on the Path of Women Entrepreneurs

The startup environment has proliferated, but only the ones who can innovate and have sustainable competitive advantage survive, and the rest are wiped out. But women entrepreneurs have to go through numerous other challenges.

• Low Acceptance of women entrepreneurs
• Female leaders are perceived to be less competent than their male peers.
• Concerns have been raised about perceived prejudice in the venture capital community.
• Women typically have higher risk awareness than men and are more cautious about starting or scaling a business,
• Women are generally more cautious when establishing or growing a business than males are, and society thinks they have weaker entrepreneurial skills.
• Women have additional responsibilities for the home and children, and young children require a great deal of care during their formative years.
• Juggling a career with family is like a tightrope walk

The Secret Formula behind iXceed’s Team Motivation strategies

At iXceed, there is a friendly environment where employees can share their opinions and ideas. To ensure that every employee, regardless of designation, can approach the leadership without hesitation at any time, an open-door policy has been put in place. Additionally, the business places a strong emphasis on its employees’ skill development and offers a variety of training possibilities. The environment is intensely competitive and emphasises healthy competition, which promotes everyone’s development and advancement.

iXceed always focuses on creating a better ecosystem for employees to boost their growth and add value to themselves. They further plan to become the employer of choice across Europe and the Asia Pacific, intending to grow their global customer base. Here are several other strategies the company follows to keep employees motivated and fulfilled and accomplish this goal: —

• The leadership is approachable and connected to the grass-root level
• They leverage the latest technology tools to bring in efficiency and increase productivity
• They provide rewards and appreciation on the basis of output/achievements of targets rather than a place in the hierarchy
• There is a robust process.
• They strictly adhere to policies and fairness.
• They encourage hard work, integrity, respect for every thought or idea,
• They believe that employee experience is as important as customer centricity.

Yogita’s Take on the Women Participation in Entrepreneurial World

Undoubtedly, women entrepreneurship has become a key part of today’s modern world. It is believed that more the women step into the shoes of businesses, the more value influence is created in the community. In this scenario, it is essential to encourage women more often to enter male-dominated sectors like businesses. This will not only change the mindset of the financial lenders but also add to the economic value of the world Female business owners have a significant economic impact.

Women who start their own enterprises create new jobs for themselves and others, as well as  provide society with various answers to organisational, management, and business problems. A new value is contrived. More women in the business space also led to better throughput.

Females have a tendency to build and maintain longterm relations. They possess more effective networking, communication, and organising abilities. Core Values Of iXceed. The core values of iXceed Solution are – Excellence, Integrity, Growth, and giving back to the community. The founders of iXceed truly believe in doing their bit to make this world a better place.

Future Plans and Growth Strategies Of iXceed

The leading HR service firm, iXceed offers a wide range of Talent and Digital Solutions with massive international expansion. It is always coming up with new ways to strengthen its position in the worldwide market. In order to generate customer-centricity, it makes use of a robust framework and cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It has also acquired new large-scale clients in these locations leading to the requirement for increased hiring. In order to accelerate the growth of two new service lines, Digital Marketing and Enterprise services, the company plans to establish solid footholds in the US, UAE, and South Asian markets over the next two years. Additionally, iXceed Solutions intends to boost its revenue growth by 40% YOY, and strengthen its footprint worldwide.

Achievements And Appreciations Earned

iXceed is a ‘local company with a global reach’ catering to the European market. Having served clients akin to, Oracle, Tech Mahindra, Viatris, Larsen & Toubro, ITC etc. iXceed has been growing its revenue at 40% YOY. Following are a few noteworthy recognitions achieved by iXceed and the leading team:–

• HR Tech Startup of the year- Europe – UK Enterprise Awards 2022
• UK IT Awards 2022- Leading Talent & Digital Solutions of the Year 2022
• Business Connect Most renowned talent solutions of the year 2022
• Yogita was felicitated in UK House of Lords as – The World’s best emerging Leader in Nov 2022
• She was honoured as – The Most Admired Global Indian – 2022 – by Passion Vista
• Yogita was awarded as – Entrepreneur of the year– UK2022 – by Titan Awards
• She was honoured with the Black Swan award for women empowerment in Dec 2020 by Asia One , in partnership with CNBC
• iXceed was recognized as – The Greatest Brands & Leaders Asia & GCC -2020 -2021 by AsiaOne and many more

CSR Activities by iXceed

At iXceed, giving back to the community is seen as an integral part of doing business! We have got so much from the nation and the environment. So, we should give back and ensure social upliftment. Take steps and build solutions for a sustainable environment. As founder of iXceed, I truly believe in doing my bit to make this world a better place”, the leading lady apprised. Here are some of iXceed’s major social welfare initiatives:

• Undertaking initiatives to sponsor education for underprivileged kids in India
• Contributing to organisations dedicated to the cause of safeguarding children from domestic abuse
• Funding a charity for deaf children
• Donating to several nonprofit organisations to deal with the COVID Crisis.

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