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Open the door to new opportunities with Ken Institute of Executive Learning

Open the door to new opportunities with Ken Institute of Executive Learning

EHS administrations and guidelines are crucial because they allow companies to do business in an ecologically friendly manner. Many businesses, such as heavy manufacturing, provide important goods while also affecting the quality of the air, water, and land near industrial sites. It is vital for companies and institutions to assess and comply with the many environmental, health, and safety regulations. Awareness of occupational safety, environmental protection, and health protection are required to complete these duties. Qualified personnel are required for this.

Ken Institute of Executive Learning is an emerging Health, Safety, and Environment education provider in the Global Market with Well established IT & Knowledge Infrastructure. Ken Institute of Executive Learning currently provides education and training in more than 43 countries with a 98% service satisfaction index which is one of the highest on a global scale. The team works with a vision to provide advanced careers, improve skills and learning opportunities to working professionals through interactive online programs.

Ken Institute offers more than 1000+ tailor-made courses and training programs in Health, Safety, and Environmental domain. The team offers a particularly tailored education program that covers complete Safety Management for companies that deal with toxic substances that might affect the environment and the health of personnel. This customized training curriculum targets employees, environmental safety, and occupational health. Ms. Priyanka Gupta, Founder & CEO of KEN Institute of Executive Learning steers,“ We are committed to making the workplace a safer place to work by providing world-class health and safety education and training. We are striving for a “Zero” accident/incident rate in industries.”

Ms. Priyanka Gupta, Founder & CEO of KEN Institute of Executive Learning is from Amravati which is a small town in Maharashtra. She happily grew up in a joint family of 19 members living under one roof. She believes that a joint family teaches you some of the most precious life lessons. She asserts that while growing up, one of the things she mastered was “management”. As she grew up, she combined her management skills with her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur.“ I cannot think of a better social cause than “Educating a Society and working for accidents/incidents free world”, says Priyanka. This led me towards the foundation of “Ken Institute” she shares.

Ken Institute of Executive Learning offers courses that dig into the most recent developments and know-how in the fields of environmental engineering and potentially dangerous waste disposal systems. The employees taking these courses have a thorough awareness of general safety standards and procedures, as well as the most recent information on health and safety problems related to work settings.

The program’s key strengths include engaging material, world-class trainers, 24/7 learner assistance, industrial alliances, a digital platform, and joint certification opportunities.” Cooperative group learning and problem-solving routines, case studies, mentor-mentee concepts, open discussion forum, and knowledge sharing forum are the parts of our weekly learning cycle.” adds the founder.

Every week, Ken Institute hosts interactive webinars in which students from many countries and cultures gather in one virtual classroom to communicate and learn about predetermined themes under the leadership of teachers. The major aspects that interest learners include pictorial presentations, demonstrative films, PPT’s, and quizzes. Post live webinars to gain access to weekly learning gamification, closed-ended quizzes, digital projects, and discussion forums are some of the virtual tools that keep students active and interested throughout the week. Learners may self-regulate their learning with the support of a 24/7 accessible LMS (Learning Management System).

Ken Institute’s efforts in the environment, health, and safety have generated international attention. The following accolades show that Ken Institute’s quality has been recognized by the outside world. The most significant success of Ken Institute is that in less than two years, they have certified participants from more than 36 nationals coming from 43 different countries, with a service satisfaction score of 98 percent, demonstrating the worldwide worth of Indian education.

In such a short period, the team has acquired institutional membership from the British Safety Council (BSC), the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents – UK (RoSPA), the Institute of Engineers India (IEI), and the National Safety Council of India (NSCI).

Ken Institute has won the Indian Achievers Forum award for “Best Health & Safety Education Institute” for the past two years (2020 and 2021). Ken Institute has also been named by CEO Insight as a “Top E-Learning Startup in India.” Ken Institute is the first private institute that has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Safety Council of India (NSCI) to serve as an international branding and marketing partner for the course “Certified Safety Champions.” The National Safety Commission of India (NSCI) was established on March 4, 1966, by the Ministry of Labour of the Government of India (GOI). With IOSH-MCS, they have also opened their first International Admission Center in Liberia in August 2021.

EHS is more vital than ever. There is a global awareness of the need to decrease corporate environmental footprints, sensitivity to workers’ rights, and an emphasis on healthy work conditions. With so many regulatory changes each year, working professionals must keep up to date on changes that influence their job requirements and the EHS performance of their firm.

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