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Brand recognition is not far away…

Who knows your brand better than you? Thereby, getting your insights into developing a branding solution is crucial right! Well, there is a brand consulting organization that is heavily operational in creating customer-centric solutions, asserting the significance of branding services in the growth of businesses. Thriving on an ideology that states- a solution to the problem is in the problem itself- SnapTics has become an eminent name in its niche market. It lends credence to the fact that similar to human beings every brand is unique in itself

“We have seen many businesses with innovative vision and great potential collapse, due to the dearth of effective marketing solutions. Hence, owing to our years of industry experience, we recognized the immediate need for marketing solutions that can add substance to the brand value of any organization. The thumping success of our venture is accredited to our stride to know your brand as closely as possible to develop some distinct and creative communication strategies while ensuring an emotional connection with the brand,” claims Haritha Chindam.

She is steering the business operations at SnapTics as the Managing Director and also who is the founding member of the organization. We conducted a free-wheeling interview session with Haritha Chindam via virtual meet to get a better idea of the overall business portfolio. In this exclusive conversation, our team came across some phenomenal business insights and ‘food for thought’ by the ‘leading figure’ that we believe our global readership will find quite amusing and fascinating

Incepted in 2013 and well-recognized as a brand consulting firm, SnapTics happens to be acknowledged for the prominence of brand consulting services. Establishing a deep connection with the brand strategies and planning allows them to fully collate an integrated range of digital marketing solutions. Harnessing the power of technology innovation is how they have accomplished such a great reputation today in this segment. Under the service umbrella of the company, digital marketing & branding strategies are created, designed and crafted to ensure the finest business values to the client organization while stimulating a better online presence of their business across various channels.

The organization is dedicated to its fervent mission to assist the clients in emerging as leaders in their respective industries by hitting their aspired targets while boosting their overall revenue annually. They take immense pride in having introduced some transformative digital tools and IT solutions that can help someone build an intuitive and interactive relationship with their targeted audience. The development of a two-way relationship strategy that can favour the client’s business to stimulate their brand recognition is how they have been standing apart from their peers.

Brand consulting, Marketing consulting, Brand management, Digital marketing, Online Advertising, Web development, Mobile campaigns, and BPO are some of the relentless offerings that come under their service umbrella.

Focused on carving the communication path, they churn out some creative tactics inculcating your brand essence and product USP for exponential reach amid the customer base. No doubt, SnapTics recognizes the significance of timely delivery that serves as the key to the client’s overall satisfaction and ensuring variety in the product portfolio is the path to client retention.

Enhanced business productivity in favour of its clientele is how SnapTics describes itself. Driven by its unwavering vision to leverage its in-depth industry expertise in accompanying its clients to create an ameliorated digital experience, they always intend to build improved brand visibility with diligent planning and implementation.

Their fortes lie in merging conventional advertising solutions with modern methodologies to enhance clients’ market reach. Impassioned to innovate, committed to higher profitability, and devoted to improved annual ROI of clients is how they define their differentiating factor. Moreover, the clients are offered customized solutions as per their specific business requirements to witness a state-of-the-art virtual experience.

“Our primary objective has always been focused on helping individual brands reach their target audience for which our teams never leave any stone unturned,” affirms the leader. Haritha Chindam happens to be a professional who has extreme business acumen and industry expertise and has showcased an extraordinary competence in space. And it has been the motive force behind the company’s surging success so far.

Additionally, robust teamwork has always allowed them to stay ahead of the game in the digital space. The well articulated and customer-oriented digital marketing strategy drives the lucrative results in clients’ favour that speaks volumes of their finesse. Now that the business world has hit a new high in marketing communications techniques, SnapTics helps businesses as a reliable brand management consultant that improves their brand’s influence most strategically.

Who doesn’t know that technology has shaped a better world for us and continues to improve our living standards daily? For the business community, it has proved to be an element of vital importance undeniably. When questioned on sharing his insights into proliferative technological upgradations, the tech-evangelist claims,

“Tech inclusions allow businesses to eradicate manual errors while catalyzing the overall growth of any organization. Tech advances could be utilized to scale up to greater heights and SnapTics has proved this in the most sophisticated manner.”

Moreover, R&D has allowed SnapTics to recognize the pain points that lead to the failure of the business venture. And owing to the in-depth industry research, the company has emerged to be a one-stop destination to all the complex requirements of the businesses that impede their growth. For all the major ideas and innovations they  have come up with, the leader acknowledges the significance of the incessant R&D processes only.

Soon, Haritha Chindam will be leading the formation and launch of two of SnapTics flagship pipeline products. One is an exclusive online digital marketing platform that will allow any corporation to choose from a variety of digital marketing services. Every product is claimed to be a value proposition offering to their targeted clientele, from where they can derive some considerable value.

Another avant-garde product is an application- cum-website that ensures a source of alternative income for any individual as the company believes everyone has the right to earn an alternative source of income without straining too hard. Via this exclusive offering, anyone can convert his ‘leads’ into business and then into financial profits effortlessly.”

Both of these flagship products will be launched at the beginning of 2022, revamping their targeted niche domains. Additionally, moving ahead in its adamant endeavour to position itself as one of the top three creative marketing agencies, the core team of SnapTics will be paving the way for a new product line to be relevant to its clientele in the best possible manner.

Before signing off, Haritha Chindam wanted to convey a few words to the businessmen across the community, “All the entrepreneurs out there, just take a moment to seek some peace of mind and let everything fall into place on its own. Keep a positive outlook for everything and see the miracle.”

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