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Gold has always been more than just a precious metal in our lives. From buying during childbirth, weddings, a graduation gift, or even wealth transfer between generations, its prominence in Indian households is widespread. Beyond its enduring appeal, gold has great value as a commodity in banking and investment. Over the years, the financial system of our economy has transformed, making banks and NBFCs come up with new products.

This helps them create more business for themselves and opportunities for investors. The best option among these is a gold loan. Unlike NBFCs, where it is the principal product, banks provide it as one of many loan products. With the increase in NBFCs, gold loans have emerged as a crucial financing tool, especially for the public. In fact, the number of NBFCs offering gold loans has increased, making this type of personal loan the quickest and easiest to obtain.

Business Connect wants to see the gold loan market flourish and reach new heights. As a result, we looked for NBFCS that are democratizing this market by making it simple to access short- and long-term loans with fair terms. Our search led us to the doors of KLM Axiva Finvest in Cochin. The ensuing article discusses its ascent to fame and how it has fueled the expansion of the gold loan market in India.


In 1999, two entrepreneurs aspired to enter the untapped NBFC business. With little funding and people, the pair formed KLM Axiva by strategizing around this concept. While it was a modest beginning, their desire to make great strides eventually took them on an epic journey to become a leading NBFC in India. KLM Axiva is a systematically important new-age gold loan NBFC with a strong presence in South India and plans to expand across India.

In addition, it is involved in non-convertible debt (NCD), microfinance, money transfer, forex services, and healthcare insurance. KLM has built a solid customer base of over 2 lac customers by focusing on innovation, excellence, and outperforming peers. Thriving sustainably over 23 years, KLM has established a network with over 500 branches across Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and recently, Mumbai.

As one of the pioneering NBFCs, KLM Axiva also shoulders extensive social responsibilities. It’s working on multiple aspects of development with a focus on empowering a society of brilliant individuals to work on their dreams through innovative investments. The company is continuously expanding its services and exploring untapped areas of society that benefit the needy and retain its glorious legacy.


NBFCs have spurred a radical shift in the booming Indian gold financing market, traditionally a stronghold of banks. Over the past decade, gold assets have swelled from an estimated ₹1.6 trillion in fiscal 2012 to an estimated ₹4.5 trillion in fiscal 2021 and ₹5.1 trillion in fiscal 2022. The surge is attributed to the increased prices of “shiny metal,” growing demand, technological advances, and a wider network of lenders.

Furthermore, banks and new-age fintechs are creating fierce competition, not to mention changing the dynamics. This is prompting NBFCs to constantly innovate. For KLM Axiva, the market hasn’t been merciful in any sense. But still, the firm is determined to help fulfill the rising demand that traditional banks are often failing to serve. A few factors they take into account are the commitment to quick disbursal, minimum documentation, maximum value to assets, and timely delivery.

KLM Axiva is bringing customized offerings for discerning clients across states while keeping the customer at the center of communication. One of its innovative products is the “Quick Gold Loan” program, which offers loans for gold at a monthly interest rate of 50 paise. This aims to open up gold investing to a wider range of people. On the other hand, it suggests NCDs with the best ROI for medium- or long-term investments. The latest offering to the public from KLM Axiva is “Insta Money a Gold Overdraft Scheme” which is operated fully through fintech platforms.

This innovative product is highly useful for those people who have got gold assets in bank lockers which is ideal and has no chance of being monetized. With tailor-made offerings, KLM Axiva is catering to the needs of every customer from all walks of life. It has also launched doorstep experiences and branch presence in rural and semi-urban settings to improve customer experience. It has well-versed, determined, and trustworthy employees working to provide ethical services to clients with prompt delivery and timely follow-up.


With a gamut of differentiated services, KLM Axiva has carved a niche in a cutthroat market. But retaining the top position isn’t the job of a single resource. It has to be a unity of technology, innovation, and people. While KLM
Axiva is well-equipped, nothing can replace the value it has for people. All levels, from management to associates, are filled with vivacious, devoted, and active people.

Everyone is an expert in their particular field and adds to the firm’s expansion with their knowledge. Values and ethics are fundamental guiding principles, and the team keeps the practices in line and moves steadily toward the goals. What makes the KLM Axiva a more productive ecosystem is its well-founded leadership. Over the past two decades, the firm has welcomed and been guided by many industry mavens.

A recent addition to this pantheon is Mr. Manoj Ravi, CEO. Prior to this, he held successful executive roles in top financial companies, where he oversaw operations, administration, and compliance managed human resources, and implemented strategic planning and sales and marketing activities for both core products and third-party goods, such as fee-based income products. Using his experience, he is shouldering the firm’s growth with a vision to travel many miles and place notable landmarks along the way.


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Since its inception, KLM Axiva has been driven by a focus on helping Indians achieve financial freedom. Simultaneously, it has preserved an open heart for the good of its community. The KLM Foundation, the firm’s social arm, was created to give back to society in appreciation for all the feats and the faith that its devoted customers have placed in it.

With a focus on inspiring education, healthcare, employment, training, and community development, it is working on five projects: ‘Karunyasparsham,” “Nerinte Nervazhi,” “Thanal,” “Mahiladarshan,” “Vidyan,” and “Paristhithi.” All the programs are widely recognized across sectors. Concurrently, the foundation operates a fleet of palliative care ambulances that are available around the clock. In conclusion, KLM Axiva is a shining example of an NBFC, making waves in the financial sector and aiding the poor in their elevation.


Given the notable strides in all quarters, it’s safe to say KLM Axiva is growing gloriously. It has attained many landmarks, but the last decade has seen it make significant strides. KLM Axiva is constantly moving forward like a freight train. It’s catering to the needs of common people in deep rural markets, who are directly participating in nationbuilding activities like supporting MSMEs, agriculture, and small-scale industries.

It’s shouldering the employment of a large mass of educated youth, with a focus on increasing its workforce to 3,500 by the next fiscal year, with 80% weightage given to women. That said, KLM Axiva will keep breaking ground in the NBFC market and become a more trusted partner for every Indian.

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