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Digital marketing is the “next big thing,” and the credit goes to the internet revolution and the advancing digital technologies. 60% of the global population has access to the internet, out of which 92.6% access through smart devices. Because of their growing popularity and use, creative branding professionals have a unique opportunity to push novel marketing solutions–strategies that can develop a strong and distinct position for a brand.

Furthermore, since COVID-19, digital and social media platforms have proven to be a viable means of expanding brand reach and connecting with the intended audience. The endless possibilities of digital marketing inspired Kushala Reddy, a young and vibrant architect from Bengaluru. She saw how social media platforms make it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers.

It gives branding agencies the freedom to try alternative marketing methods with the highest conversion rates. Kushala viewed this as an opportunity to capitalize on a shift in marketing strategy and demonstrate her love of design by creating brand stories for businesses on social media. She started Design Journal, a design and social media agency with a specific vision and emphasis on providing bespoke solutions that can give any brand an “off the shelf” look in a cutthroat market.

Kushala’s ambition for her company was simple: to blend her design sensibilities and meticulous attention to detail with her passion for creating memorable brands. She has always been passionate about creating a dynamic visual identity that can help businesses establish their roots, improve their stance, and scale quickly as leading players. The focus on carving a niche for brands is reflected in its exclusive portfolio.

Design Journal offers overall brand development, social media management, and digital marketing. The firm caters to a wide range of businesses, assisting them in tying up loose ends, such as mismatched messaging, unclear distinctions, and erratic branding, so that they may keep going forward with confidence.

Design Journal is noted for its striking but simple aesthetics, strategic marketing, and actionable responses. The offerings are backed by the founder’s and her team’s intense brainstorming. The firm aspires to be an enterprise’s go-to design and social media partner. In three years, it has hoisted the flags of many firms by creating a watertight brand identity that fits their products and business goals.

Their projects are a mix of new ideas and innovations that clients can readily embrace. They concentrate on influencing the audience’s perception through eliciting emotions in order to garner a consistent response. Through continual innovation, Design Journal aims to raise awareness of the benefits of social media for businesses of all sizes and help them scale to their full potential.

India has one of the most cutthroat markets in digital marketing. With new players spiraling in every day, it becomes difficult for businesses to find a trusted branding partner. Design Journal addresses the scenario with its value-added approach. The firm stands on values of simplicity, openness to change, quality, and transparency. These values also showcase Kushala as a leader. She recognizes that, besides customization, today’s businesses value clarity above all else. It is critical to pay close attention to every detail on the table. It helps serve as a client’s extended arm throughout a project, delivering a lasting impression.

Design Journal is also very active in R&D, which aids in monitoring changing client needs and refining the portfolio. “Driving continuous innovations in improving our services is our steppingstone to survive in today’s competitive market,” asserts the founder. In the end, the firm strives to offer adaptive and accessible solutions in the market. They keep an open mind about new technology in order to develop customized tactics for unique requirements.

This, in turn, demonstrates a basic strategy for developing business relationships, fostering trust, and driving the firm’s growth. Staying up to speed with contemporary trends has helped the firm-level up from traditional settings. They have sped up their operations and are uncovering new opportunities for individuals and businesses that couldn’t have been possible otherwise.

Whether it’s opportunities, innovation, or leadership, Kushala has always taken a bold but sensible approach. Kushala believes in democratic leadership, keeping everyone’s input in place to maintain a specific course. Instead of comparing herself with her male counterparts, she believes in taking a distinct approach. But behind her tenacity lies a critical ambition.

She explains, “I want to create a positive impression on my daughter as a mother through my actions, attitude, and behavior. I want her to believe that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.” But she knows it’s not that easy. While female entrepreneurs are emerging more than ever nowadays, taking up powerful roles in various ecosystems, it’s still a long way to equal opportunities.

While exploring the digital space, she seeks to set an example through her leadership and inspire other women to follow their passion. And it’s scientifically proven that having women in leadership positions fosters more productivity.

It also helps in closing the gender gap and creating a more inclusive workforce. Offering growth opportunities to women also helps them lead meaningful lives. As a working mother, Kushala understands the difficulties of balancing work and home. “Often, women who are equally competent as men are denied opportunities because they cannot reconcile work and life,” she laments. She hopes to see aspiring women rise with new prospects across the industrial landscape with boldness and compassion.

With all the technology and innovations around, one thing that Design Journal prioritizes above all else is its team. In other words, if technology is the heart of their business, the soul remains with their people. Even though the team is short, everyone plays an equivalent and adept role. And what keeps them together? A shared sense of creativity and collaboration that goes beyond the line of duty to drive an aesthetic sensibility.

Take web designing as an example. From brainstorming to coming up with a concept that works for the client, designing a creative that resonates with them, executing it with precision, and publishing it to scale, the entire process has multiple people and teams collaborating on every minute detail, leaving each person feeling that they are part of the process.

Collective brainstorming also aids in the decision-making process for each client’s strategy. The company seeks to keep a synergistic tie between technology and talent, which fosters agility in responding to the most complicated challenges. Employees feel valued when their inputs are valued in the workplace, which keeps them engaged.

“I strongly believe it’s not how huge the turnover of a venture is, but what value it adds to its clients,” states Kushala. In just three years, her firm has helped many dynamic brands establish their presence in the digital space. They have crafted designs for clients across verticals, helping to optimize their sales.

Recognizing the consistency, Kushala has been honored with the Indian Achievers Award 2020-21 for Excellence in Brand Design and Development. She is featured in business journals like India Saga, Outlook, and Mid-day. Her journey, however, is far from over. She will continue excavating the social media market to improve impact on clients and unroll the various prospects for AI to disrupt the digital marketing field and be prepared for future crises.

“Success comes to people who don’t give up. Be persistent, view your failures as learning opportunities. For aspiring women, gender bias shouldn’t stop you from achieving your goals. Know what stands before you, prepare for it and venture out.” – Kushala Reddy (Founder)

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