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Musings of a Lazy Author

Musings of a Lazy Author

Sabarna Roy is Senior Vice President [Business Development] at Electrosteel Castings Limited, an author of nine Literary and three Technical bestselling books, TEDx Speaker, Champions of Change Award 2020 Winner, Times Excellence Award 2021 Winner in Indian Literature, and Golden Glory Award Winner for Critically Acclaimed Bestselling Author of the Year 2021. The luminary has been awarded the Right Choice Award for Author of Eminence of 2022. Also, he has been selected among the India Today Group: Icons of India. He has completed his ninth literary work: an epistolary novel, which will be published in the winter of 2022. Presently, he is working on his tenth literary work loosely titled: Thirty Summer Poems and Conversations about a Murder.

Sabarna Roy has received the Best Author to Watch 2022 Award from Indo-Global Entrepreneurship Conclave Delhi organized by Business Connect, and Best Author in Indian English Literature of 2022 at the Ninth Asia Education Summit 2022. Azteca University, Mexico has conferred Honorary Doctor of Arts to Sabarna Roy for his contribution to Post-modern Indian Literature.

Sabarna has received the Most Iconic Author of the Year, 2022 from Government of Punjab. Since the age of fourteen, Sabarna Roy has been maintaining a daily journal containing the minutest details of his life.

Some of the journal entries are reproduced in this column for the benefit of the readers.

  1. Today in the late afternoon I flew from the west to the east. As the late afternoon rolled into a mysterious dusk I could view a ring of deep darkness settling on the western horizon and a ring of bright orange-ish light glowing out of the eastern horizon and a wonderfully overcast grey sky with scattered fountains of light. For a few moments I was perplexed by the dialectical landscape of light – ceasing every second – and darkness – creeping in like a black hood. Slowly another night progressed inside our lives surrounding my airplane cutting across the hanging curtains of hazy clouds below. Repetition of the diurnal matrix never stops arousing my curiosity every dusk and dawn. There have been instances in my life when I have confused a happy dusk with a happy dawn and a pensive dawn with a pensive dusk. Time flows like a silent river of unknown melancholia. Life goes on … will the mountains break … will the glaciers break … will the nations break … will the mausoleums break … will the cemeteries break … will my chest break … from the relentless repetitions of life!
  2. One of the most enduring dialogues of Hindi cinema is: Jo dargayawoh mar gaya! Meaning – One who gives in to fear is dead! It was mouthed by a jungle baddie, wild-eyed heartless bandit, Gabbar Singh. Gabbar, as a word always reminds me of another Hindi word: gubbara, meaning – balloon! How many balloons of ruthless toxins can make one Gabbar – is anybody’s guess. Gabbar was in direct conflict with an upper-class landlord, also perceived by his villagers as their sole protector against the merciless ploys of Gabbar taxing them perpetually on their farm yields (thus confronting the landlord economically because the ownership of the farmlands must be with the Thakur – the landlord). Ironically, this landlord is also a senior policeman of an emerging Republic constitutionally mandated to do away with the zamindari system and more significantly this Thakur having lost both his hands to Gabbar’s gut-wrenching violence employs two urban, fearless, extremely good-looking, sexy criminals in his personal war against Gabbar Singh. Well, we all know the story for we have seen this over-hyped film many, many times over. What I like to ponder is Gabbar’s unique identification of fear as a thin dividing line between what we experience as life (as in existing) and our mental speculation of what death is or can be (which among the ravines where Gabbar lived with his gang facing the ravages of nature first-hand can be almost equivalent to actual dying).
  3. Modernity is approximately 250 years old. It has thrived on the burgeoning industrial societies all across the globe. Industry is all about producing more and more at the least cost possible and selling all that has been produced irrespective of the real requirement and in the process making and accumulating enormous private wealth. To legitimize these actions there have to be supportive nation-state structures and those have happened under our very nose irrespective of the extent to which industry has destroyed the nature. We are constantly talking of shifting climatic and weather patterns, irreversible impacts of global warming and signing various energy and environmental protocols without following any of their provisions or doing anything about the root causes. To top these, one has to add the impact of the stockpile of nuclear arsenal that we have compiled already including the underground tests that are being carried out regularly by the powerful group of nation-states. Industrial society has accelerated greed, competition, consumption, war and reckless and hedonistic lifestyles like never before. Above all, it has concentrated wealth, access to privileges and power to live in style among a few who are actually running the corporations as well as the nation-states – directly and indirectly. Industrial society has not made us happy. Smokestacks and factories have not made us happy. Banks have not made us happy. Departmental stores and shopping malls have not made us happy. Gizmos and gadgets have not made us happy. Investments and insurance policies have not made us happy. Huge apartments have not made us happy. What will make us happy? We know intrinsically what will make us happy, don’t we? Yet, we will not be allowed to choose them as that might bring down the edifice of corporations and nation-states, which sell us false dreams. The fact is: we have to make a return. That will require tremendous energy and resolve. We have to start with collaboration and not competition.
  4. You demystify one cloud. Another appears. You demystify this cloud, that cloud appears. Between this cloud and that cloud there are other clouds. And, then there are many other clouds. The series is relentless and unending.

Human beings are secret islands. Their actions are not completely comprehensible. Why they act in a specific way, is a secret that lies deeply embedded in their own souls! Yet we trust human beings – islands of secrets – in due course of time. Specifically and generally. The science of trust is by and large a very mysterious science.

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