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Lincode Labs Inc.

Lincode Labs Inc.

Transforming Manufacturing with Next-Generation Al Technology

Rajesh has been working in the technology industry for more than 20 years. His background focuses on AI, machine learning , and robotics solutions. He worked as Chief Technology Officer for Si3D Systems Pvt. Ltd. and PurpleData.

Currently, aside from managing Lincode, he is also an Advisor for Rover Robotics and Lavorro. With his immense expertise in AI and IoT, he successfully exited 3 startups in the Silicon Valley, USA. Aside from that, Rajesh also won the Indian Achieverʼs Award for CEO of the Year last 2021 for his vision for automation and digitalization.


He affirms, “I believe a visionary leader communicates his/her vision for the future of the industry and it involves the combining experience of know-how and the ability to see the trends that are disruptive before any reality hits. And to make it more effective, I believe it is a must to interact with other visionary leaders to know where the frequency can be matched and how it will be helpful in creating strategic communications as well.

I personally focus on these four points to be a step ahead of the curve and these are:
• Embracing disruption and harnessing the disruptive nature of advanced technologies to push the boundaries of conventional thinking
• The whole process must be a complete circle and interconnected with each other
• The focus must be on how to improve people’s lives and make technology adoption easier
• As a visionary leader, it must onboard people on the path of fulfilling the one vision.

In 2017, I went to more than 300 manufacturing companies to ask about their top 10 challenges. 86% of senior executives agreed that quality inspection is their number one challenge. From there, we started this company working on those specific problem statements which are how to scale the deployment and achieve higher accuracy.

Lincode Labs is an AI and Industrial IoT products organization that provides an affordable inspection platform. The company helps the manufacturing industry achieve 99.9% efficiency and 100% repeatability by drastically eliminating false calls in parts per million and improving its cycle time.

The main goal is to help manufacturers automate visual inspection and improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by identifying product defects using artificial intelligence and deep learning. We work with some of the worldʼs leading companies in the Automotive, Aerospace, and Electronics industry. In total, it has been used for over 75 Million inspections and more than 250 workstations deployed to over 14 countries worldwide.

Lincodeʼs mission and vision statements demonstrate that the business is mindful of and versed in corporate dynamics. The company drives with the goal of becoming the world’s largest Visual Inspection AI solution and catering to customer needs and resolving their manufacturing challenges is the goal that we look for in the long term.

LIVIS is our proprietary NO-CODE deep tech platform that can be utilized to solve complex visual inspection problems with a simple user interface. This enables manufacturers to create their own visual inspection with ease. Our objective is to create a platform that will be very easy to use. This gives the manufacturers the liberty to train the AI and deploy the solution by themselves.

The team strongly believes that in the digital era, technology adoption is vital to offer convenience to the customer. AI technologies such as Machine Learning and Computer Vision have been part and parcel of every organization. And Lincode is also aspiring to be a leader in the same by targeting these technologies only to resolve customer challenges.

From data handling and accessing to creating effective communication all across the manufacturing operations, technologies are part of every business process, But to make the best use of it for all, the team is creating human-bit assistance like employees are not feeling out of place, in case of uncertainty and where bots canʼt make a decision, it is routed to human for the resolution.

Mr. Rajesh talks about his MAJOR distinguishing aspect of the business, which is Quality. During his entrepreneurial journey, he has never compromised on quality in any circumstance. Explaining this, he asserts, “After 5 years in the business, Lincode has been very successful in achieving 0-4 false calls parts per million.

With Lincodeʼs solution, factories were able to reduce the penalties, production downtime, and material wastage. This gives the factories an average savings of $2 Million per year. Aside from that, Lincode has been continuously improving in terms of R&D.

Ritika Nigam (Chief Technology Officer)

“The development of our no code deep tech platform, LIVIS, was driven by our desire to assist manufacturers with a reliable end-to-end quality system. Through LIVIS, we want to ensure that manufacturers get inspections done with the least cycle time and negligible false calls.”

Prashant Shah (Chief Operating Officer)

“Lincode Labs with its flagship product LIVIS has established its presence across the Americas, APAC and Europe. The LIVIS platform, enables manufactures with improved quality and faster time to market for its customers.”

Shyam Gupta (Vice President for Product Development)

“Lincode Labs has been leveraging AI and Deep Technology to solve and assist manufacturers with their quality challenges. We are solving visual inspection problems with a holistic approach which is focussed at reducing the cycle time, the total cost of ownership and false call rate thereby increasing the overall productivity.”

Josh Kurian (Vice President of Sales, Europe Region)

“As a part of Lincode from its initial days, I can confidently say that our company is a leader in the field of AI-powered visual inspection solutions. Our cutting-edge technology has helped numerous companies across the globe improve their quality control and achieve greater efficiency. With a history of success and steady growth, Lincode is the clear choice for companies looking to move towards the fourth industrial revolution.”

Vikas Anwekar (Vice President for Key Accounts)

“At Lincode we are passionate about Visual Quality Inspection. We develop ‘Industry Firstʼ innovative solutions using the latest AI and computer vision technologies. Our proprietary No-Code deep tech platform LIVIS is a benchmark for the industry which not only gives the user accurate inspections, but also provides insights of the visual inspection process via dashboards. We help manufacturers achieve their targets of reduced false calls and greater efficiency through continuous improvement in our product and services”.

Before signing off, the visionary shared a few words of wisdom for our young leaders and the budding entrepreneurs out there by quoting,

“In Lincode, we promote collective insights and innovation. Everyone plays a very important role in the company and their ideas should be heard. This gives an opportunity for growth as an individual and organization. To date, Lincode has made its presence in 14 countries. Our plan for the next few years is to expand in Asia, Europe, South America, and Canada. This is just one step in achieving to be the number one leading visual inspection company in the world.”

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