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Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd.

Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd., A 1999 Endeavour Embracing Success in Digital Transformation

Managing operations via the traditional chain of processes is equivalent to holding the brand behind in today’s digitally advanced world. As a result, immediate digital transformation has become an urgent necessity. But making tech-related decisions is not always simple, especially if your background is not in IT. Going through all the possible answers and committing to a time-consuming, expensive endeavour is not the best course of action in this situation. Acknowledging the same, the foundation of Locuz Enterprise Solutions Ltd. was laid in 1999 by Uttam Majumdar, Founder & President, as a Security led digital transformation partner.

With the legacy of building some of the largest and most complex systems across the globe, which were not just  technology projects but touched people, Locuz is at the forefront of delivering exceptional value to its customers by continuously innovating, automating, and modernizing their environments. The organisation has worked with business issues of diverse sizes, from putting up the entire infrastructure for the Moon Mission to developing a tsunami warning system or moving the 800+ workloads of one of the leading axle manufacturers to the cloud.

Cybersecurity has played a significant role in resolving these issues, making it essential to all of Locuz’s solutions and becoming part of the company’s DNA. With its Innovative & Engineering Headquarter in Hyderabad, Locuz offers a comprehensive range of services, including Cloud Migration, CloudOps, Security Advisory, SecOps, AIOps, HPC, Insights as a Service, and HybridOps.

There is a team of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of knowledge from many industries and actively support the company’s expansion. The board’s combined experience exceeds 150 years, and it includes working for conglomerates and starting my own business.

Further talking about the inception story of Locuz, Uttam Majumdar stated – “When we first started our business, there was a significant unmet need for partners that can deploy and manage deep tech services. We carefully chose our relationships and the industry sectors that required such a partner, which led to Locuz becoming a pioneer in HPC and AI powered by HPC. All these capabilities today not only solve accelerating results with large computational problems but are part of everything that is integral to Digital Transformation.”

The significant distinction of Locuz is its Lineage, where the team has spent millions of hours researching technological and commercial issues and working to develop products and services that address those issues. The company is focused on filling in the unmet needs of customers where they require deep tech offerings and a partner who can understand and resolve their problems where others have not been able to. Their knowledge and years of experience set them apart from the other system integrators who lack deep technological expertise and cross-vertical skills.

Locuz follows a customer-first approach! Customers have been in awe of the company. They have remained faithful because of the culture that has been established to ensure that not only do they give their all to solve a customer problem but that it is also their responsibility to use technology to educate and empower the consumer. They do more than simply align a resource to address a client’s issue. The clients feel cared for because the senior and intermediate leadership like becoming involved in resolving customer problems.

To assure best-in-class tools/platforms, best practices, and process maturity, they bring in their experience. The team takes every client interaction as an opportunity to grow and learn from it, using the lessons learned at every turn. The Locuz team is very agile, they are able to quickly adapt and change in order to address a variety of consumer concerns effectively. They neither get bogged down in procedures like a big company nor do they seem too small.

From the Founder’s Desk
Businesses are investing in Digital Acceleration and Innovation, seeking opportunities for Hyper Automation across business services. Technology consumption now revolves around agility and security, which is why our customers and traditional businesses are moving to the cloud or updating their programmes so that they can run natively on the cloud.

We make every effort to ensure that businesses are secure as they advance in their digital transformation while keeping this in the back of our minds. We ensure that we remove any obstacles customers confront by giving them access to the agility of the cloud and guaranteeing that their decisions are supported by data, thanks to our years of experience and pace of innovation.

Very significant indeed, even being relevant to the customers requires us to innovate and re-engineer our products/offerings for modern platforms suiting the needs of a particular industry. For instance, our product Ganana, a crucial component of sophisticated HPC clusters, has been renamed to deliver hybrid services and will soon be available on the market alongside hyperscalers like AWS.

Learning Path, Sponsoring Training & Certifications at various levels, a platform to make mistakes by doing innovative things, incentivisation for achievements, Rewards & Recognition, identifying talent, and mentoring and grooming them are some of the key tactics, Locuz follows to maintain employee motivation and productivity. Besides, it organises yearly events and celebrations like Annual Planning & Celebration time, Festivals, Milestones, wins, Personal Achievements & Milestones to keep the team cherished and motivated.

While moving on this development path, Locuz has been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. Last year, it was the “Rising Star” partner of AWS; likewise, with all its key partners, the company has been recognised as either “partner of the year” or “growth partner”, e.g. Cisco, NetApp, and Snowflake.

For future growth, the team is planning to align their offerings to select industry solutions and will further deepen its capability for improved outcomes. Locuz is among a few companies specialising in deploying and managing tech infra for a gene-todrug lifecycle or accelerated results with HPC-led AI. They will overarch all the capabilities with deeper Security capabilities that are critical to the industry offering and mature Ops.

A Piece of Advice by the Leader
There was never an opportunity, such as how to develop and deliver offerings that have a chance of being an outlier. Staying close to customers and genuinely focusing on their success as they circumvent the tech and modernisation upheaval will pay.

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