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Manas Microsystems

Manas Microsystems

Pioneering in Flow Meter Manufacturing with Innovative & Dynamic Solutions

Manas Microsystems Pvt. Ltd., the first Indian company to develop electromagnetic flowmeters fully made in India, has been at the forefront of changing market dynamics and technological developments to maintain its leadership position in the industry. For more than 25 years, Manas Microsystems has dug out every possible innovation and development to ensure that you have a product with high accuracy, reliability, and durability.

Founded by Shrikant Sahasrabudhe and Madhura Sahasrabudhe, the company has, for more than two decades, designed and manufactured electronic flow measurement and process instruments for various industries. This Pune-based company has values rooted in excellence, trust, and empathy. They have built their brand across diverse fields, from flow meters, totalizers, and batch controllers to a wide range of industries including water and wastewater, chemical, pulp and paper, textile, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, automobiles, sugar and many others.

The company’s initial goal was to create domestic alternatives to goods that were imported into the country in order to preserve the country’s foreign exchange. The mission goes on. Manas is an organisation that strives to provide creative solutions while being accountable and excellent. It is home to a group of skilled engineers that aim to continuously enhance and innovate their goods. Overall, the firm is a market leader in the flow measurement and monitoring industry in India, and their products are highly regarded for their quality and performance.

The Beginning of a Victorious Journey

‘With the passion to develop reliable and accurate flowmeters made in India’, Manas came into existence in the year 1998. At that time, most flowmeters were imported because no Indian company possessed the necessary technology. The ‘Make in India’ programme was established at Manas at that time and is still in operation today.

The company successfully developed many products such as electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic flow meters, BTU meters, heat meters, thermal mass flow meters, differential pressure-based gas and steam flow meters with inbuilt pressure and temperature compensation, among others. They continue to introduce new technology from India even today, with products like oxygen flow meters, CNG flow meters, and compressed air flow meters, to name a few.

Insights on the Significance of R&D

R&D have been the key driving force behind Manas’s victorious journey. “We have always believed in innovation, and all our products are a result of this attitude. I personally am a research- and development-minded person. I firmly believe that if you provide high-quality, unique goods, buyers will come to you and stick around forever. It is especially beneficial for our country to develop things that are not created here, because it conserves valuable foreign currency and it is also a feather in the cap of our country”, stated Shrikant.

Key Branding Strategies

Manas has been focused on producing high-quality, cuttingedge goods all these years. They are now spending a lot more money on marketing, though, as they have come to realise that the world has a craving for high-quality Indian products, and effective marketing may be the only strategy to reach them. Manas is now putting lot of emphasis on digital platforms.

Insights on the Leadership Approch

“Some people naturally possess the ability to lead. However, I think you can create good leaders by giving them the right training and the freedom to make their own decisions. It is always worthwhile to select and train good leaders. I reject what is referred to as “aggressive leadership.” Today, ‘Accommodative and inclusive” leadership is what is needed. It is crucial to create leaders who put the country first and work towards it”, quoted Madhura.

Industry Evolution Over the Years

The start-up culture has gained momentum in recent years, and many young people, particularly IIT graduates and engineers, are taking it seriously. Manas founders had the same mindset when they first launched the company 25 years ago, but there was no such thing as a “start-up” theme back then. Fortunately, today the GOI is acting wisely and is committed to “start-ups.” The start-ups may have the same goal as Manas, which created goods that were previously only imported and reduced the country’s expenditure on foreign exchange and increased country’s honour.

Corporate Ethos for Employees

Manas believes that success is a collective effort. Everyone is a part of the family and contributes to its success. They encourage questions from the members. Individuals make decisions and are responsible for them. Sometimes they disagree with management, and the management team respects their views with rationality.

Milestones and Achievements Along the Way

Manas Microsystems is perhaps the first Indian company to develop electromagnetic flowmeters fully made in India. These flowmeters can work with fluids with conductivities as low as 2 microsiemens/cm. They created a steam flow meter that can work even with superheated steam. Recently, the company successfully launched an electromagnetic flowmeter with a very small bore size of 2mm. As a result, they joined the select group of international firms that can make such small meters.

Additionally, Manas is the only company in India that manufactures thermal mass flowmeters that are entirely created and developed in India and have a centralised manufacturing, testing, and calibration facility. CNG, PNG, LPG, Bio-gas, industrial oxygen, compressed air, and numerous other gas applications employ these flow meters. In other nations, all these products are well received. In short, they have evolved from being a corporation that saves foreign currency to one that also generates it.

Envisaging Future Goals

Manas is actively working on exports to several countries. They have found that their flow meters are liked not only by customers in the developing world but by customers in developed countries as well. Manas has recently purchased a plant close to their existing plant. This has allowed them to increase their capacity. In the following three years, the company’s growth will be fueled by the new goods it will be developing. Some of the goods that are now driving the business include their BTU meters, thermal mass flowmeters, steam flowmeters, and electromagnetic flowmeters.

“Innovation is the soul of Manas. We are ready with several new products and are working on a couple of innovative ideas. Import substitution is something that is part of our strategy and mission. Now that exports are increasing, we are switching from saving to creating foreign currency! Over time, we will be introducing a good number of new products. Customers across the world enjoy our products because we consistently go above and beyond our commitments, the visionary leader revealed.

Words of Wisdom to the Budding Entrepreneurs

Believe in yourself. There will always be challenges in your path. There will be moments where you will feel like shutting down the business, but if you overcome this barrier once, you will grow to any heights. If innovation is the culture of the organisation, no one can beat you in your game. The world is waiting for India to deliver. It is up to us now to live up to that expectation.

Parting Words for Readers

Just pull up your socks. It is India’s time now. The world is looking towards all of us with hopes. The situation was never conducive in the past, like it is today. You only need to work hard and grab the opportunity. Remember, opportunities do not wait for too long. Our mission should be to make India a net exporting country instead of a net importing country.

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