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A New-Age Digital Partner by Amit Khanduja, Breaking New Grounds in Digital Marketing

Markivis, a brand poised with solutions that equip brands for the future, boasts its position as the best place to work in 2022, apart from spearheading the digital marketing landscape with its comprehensive solutions. Markivis was created and led by Amit Khanduja, who is fittingly described as a driven businessperson and a seasoned marketer with extensive knowledge and proficiency in services, solutions, and product marketing operations across international markets. In his 20 years of professional experience in B2B Marketing, Amit has held several senior-level positions in IT and ITeS organisations, including EXL, Innodata, Genpact, and HCL Technologies.

Truly inspired by the Marvel universe and JARVIS’ genius, Amit united an intent to become a Marketing JARVIS for his clients and incepted MARKIVIS in 2018. The concept in his mind while starting Markivis was unique, and over the years, it brought along remarkable success stories to strengthen their belief in what they do best: Crafting Marketing Genius.

Markivis is skilled at defining and building go-to-market strategies, planning, and executing marketing campaigns, and utilising multiple marketing channels for brand visibility and lead generation to meet pipeline targets. Markivis has practical experience in services, solutions, and product marketing across global markets. With such a wonderful experience at hand, Markvis set foot to transform the digital marketing space.

While Markivis specialises in providing end-to-end Digital Marketing Services to IT & ITes, products, and service organisations globally, it also provides the following exclusive services that help the firm to be a differentiator among the competitors:

  •  Employer Branding Services Markivis is a leading supplier of Employer Branding solutions, and it manages the clients’ brands throughout the entire digital spectrum using a 360-degree strategy. Its carefully planned system covers every point of contact a candidate might have with a company, from developing the careers page and managing employee feedback to the client’s leading branding and internal communication. In 2019, Silicon India named Markivis the “Employer Branding Company of the Year.”
  • Corporate Video Production Services Markivis specialises in producing eye-catching videos that effectively convey the correct message to the right audience in the shortest amount of time. Markivis has expertise in creating 30+ corporate videos for B2B brands, product firms, and services companies. The group concentrates on comprehending the purpose and tries to build a narrative through a creative lens. They offer a wide range of services for video creation, from simple 2D/3D animation and Whiteboard animation to product demos and polished brand movies.

Markivis serves as an extension of its clients’ primary marketing teams in its capacity as a marketing consultancy and execution company. They provide solutions in Marketing Automation, Marketing Communications, Account-Based Marketing, and Employer Branding with an unwavering focus on their requirements.

Markivis’s clientele includes some top IT companies and promising startups based in the USA and Canada. They follow a simple mantra to win the clients’ faith – First, be effective, then be efficient; everything undeniably falls into place. Over the years, this quality never disappoints them.

Building the Markivis team has taken a lot of work, and Amit has hand-picked every member. Each team member is a perfect fit for the marketing philosophy that Markivis represents and compliments it. The team of over 25 specialists, trained and taught by Amit, is well-equipped to confront and strategise marketing moving forward.

“Every industry, large and small, experienced difficulty during the first Covid-19 period, but we managed to keep our team together and make sure that we kept our promises to our customers. We were able to succeed and change course because of our never-say-die mentality. We had the opportunity to review our pitch decks during the Covid-19 phase, develop several budget-friendly packages for potential clients who were scaling back their marketing efforts, and work on team upskilling to provide our clients with more comprehensive solutions”, shared Amit Khanduja.

There is a five-layer structure crafted to ensure quality in service at Markivis. Understanding the demands and industries of the customers comes first and foremost. They must do this at the outset since, without a clear understanding of the client and their objectives, no one can attempt to provide high-quality service.

  • Consistent Customer Service
  • Employee Happiness
  • Communication Channels
  • Quick Response Team
  • Work on Feedback

“I have seen leveraging R&D can help us improve processes, create new and better services, and even help us amplify profit and competitiveness if you ask us how we are looking at integrating Machine learning and AI for our Employer Branding activities. We are also looking into investing methods to develop a Metaverse team.”

The essential characteristic that continues to set Markivis apart from its rivals is its capacity to provide value to customers, particularly in the B2B IT & ITeS industry. They have the edge over other marketing consulting companies thanks to their knowledge in the IT sector.

What started as an idea of building a JARVIS for the marketing world is now a four-year-old organisation. The journey has been incredible, starting as a solopreneur working out of a small home office and growing to a team of over 20 young professionals who now work out of the headquarters. While the initial days were tough, there has been no looking back from the day they bagged their first retainer deal with one of the top 10 global software companies, which sets it apart from the competition. Markivis has established itself as a leading marketing consulting firm trusted by 5 of India’s top 10 IT companies.

One of Markivis’s most significant achievements is not only the efficient administration of the workforce during the new coronavirus and the company’s choice to give back by founding Monday Joining. This platform links job seekers and recruiters for urgent hiring needs. Within the first few months, the venue had more than 30K registrations and was highlighted by reputable media outlets like The Hindu, BW Businessworld, and Money Control.

Given the quantum of work that Markivis has on its plate, its marketing takes a back seat. However, they take a more information-based approach, producing valuable and intriguing content for their potential clients.

Markivis is growing at a tremendous scale with a significant growth rate over the next couple of years. It is now looking at new product lines. It aims to build products specific to the marketing domain and leverage them to resolve critical business challenges that remain unresolved in the industry in the next few years.

“It is not only the services you offer that distinguish you; it is the value you add. The value you bring to the table ought to be your USP. Customers will never contact you if they perceive you as only an agency.” – Amit Khanduja.

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