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Healthcare is adapting to a variety of latest trends, from rising technology to patient behaviour changes. Among health care’s changes are innovative approaches to patient care that incorporate emerging research, offer options for remote care, and address new types of healthcare competition. Marteck Solutions Pvt Ltd has been part of this landscape and played a pivotal role in helping organisations; specifically, healthcare providers, adapt to the ever-changing market and stay ahead of the curve through cutting-edge solutions.

Anindita’s vision of providing the most accessible, affordable, and accurate healthcare and technology solutions to everyone, everywhere, and at any time, made its way to Marteck. They are a leading applied technology service company working on annotating/curating medical data for the purpose of developing cutting-edge AI-driven healthcare solutions. There is a highly trained workforce and network of 100+ medical doctors working on advanced AI solutions, which enables doctors to diagnose patients more efficiently and precisely and give better treatment.

The Ideation and Origination of Marteck

Marteck was established with the mission of empowering Healthcare AI companies to achieve their business objectives and offering the most remarkable calibre of services to their clientele. This is made possible by cutting edge technology solutions, a group of highly qualified experts, and round-the-clock customer support. Since its inception, Marteck has been transparent in terms of its capabilities and deliverables.

Since they operate in a B2B business model, it is crucial to get the trust of clients, and that is showing results in the longer run. In terms of domain-specific requirements, they are extremely sensitive to local regulations, data privacy, and mutual respect for the medical fraternity working with them.

Differentiating Factors

• The primary area of competence for Marteck is imaging technology, which they have honed by implementing
cutting-edge innovations and educating their top-tier medical staff on how to use them.
• Marteck, an ISO-certified firm, is distinguished for tailoring each solution to the unique needs of its clients in order to produce the greatest outcomes.
• They have made significant strides toward standing out in this specialised field with clients thanks to their
professional approach, domain expertise, and highly qualified team.
• They have predicted that AI-driven healthcare solutions will be necessary in the future. Their products not only
assist doctors in making decisions more quickly but also enable them to provide care remotely.

Overcoming Obstacles Like a Pro

Initial challenges were the adaption and acceptance of futuristic technologies by the medical workforce. The team was aware of these difficulties, so they were patient with the potential consumers and provided them with simple solutions that were simple to use and gradually introduced them to modern technologies. Another challenge was cashflow management and covid time.

However, their management teams’ decades of experience in running other startups and experience working in MNCs have helped them sail through turbulent times. “Struggle and challenges never last for a predetermined time or just at the beginning. Therefore, we must constantly be prepared and creative to deal with them patiently. The visionary leader added, “A positive attitude, faith in the team, and our goal were just a few factors that always helped us sail through and keep progressing.

Corporate Ethos for Clients

Quality, timely delivery, and transparent communication are the key values at Marteck. Here, the clientele includes a mix of global and local clients who are early adopters of technology. To serve such a set of clients, it becomes essential to provide solutions quickly with the highest quality. They actively serve a few of the top Fortune 100 companies.

Ensuring Consistent Growth through R&D

40% of their time and effort in any new project is spent on R&D and the remaining on implementation etc. Their future growth depends completely on how innovative they can be with every passing day and what enhancements and innovations they can implement in our solution for better care delivery.

Marteck’s Secret Formula of Motivated Team

The team is our top priority, and in order to keep them motivated, the majority of team members receive a share of the project profits. We make sure they follow in our footsteps and stick around for the long haul. The visionary leader revealed, “We have also embraced a hybrid form of working after covid, and many of the members work from home.

Technical Evolution, The Spine of Marteck

Marteck is constantly looking for the newest technologies being used in the market and always keeps experimenting with their implementation. 15% of their technology budget was kept for projects promoting the adoption of innovations. This is crucial for the team to keep on top of the competition and remain relevant in the marketplace.

They work on AI, and their timing to enter this area was most apt. Therefore, they do not just provide these solutions for their clients; they also implement these innovations to increase their productivity and provide staff with a simple method to work.

Marteck – Accomplishments & Road Ahead

Within three years of starting this journey in 2019, Marteck has successfully produced 11 solutions for the worldwide markets across seven nations. They now anticipate expanding their services company four times over the next two years. Additionally, they hope to introduce their own product in India by 2024.

Dynamic Leadership

Anindita Adhikary Paith – Director and Founder
Rahul Paith – Co-Founder and Director
Dr Sonali Chaturvedi – Head Medical Affairs
Sapna Tamta– HR lead
Aarthi Agarwal – Sales Lead

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