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is a certification delivered in hybrid mode to upskill students and professionals to become industry ready focused on core-sector. McPRoV© is launched by Purahsara Strategist LLP.

Today we are joined by the team Purahsara: Partners Mr. Shambhu Prasad Adak and Mr. Rajesh Das, Their Mentor Mr. Sarojkant Singh & their Digital Marketing Lead Mr. Pallab Adak. Mr. Shambhu Prasad Adak along with being a partner is also a Ph.D. Scholar at Calcutta University.

Q. Mr. Shambhu how did this idea come to you and how is McPRoV different from the plethora of courses available in the market?
Shambhu: I was approached by Mr. Singh who is our mentor and has extensive experience in the core sector and proposed the idea. I’m a linguistic student and had some thoughts on the present state of education system, which I feel is broken. I call it broken as first we read in school and then we seek a job.

We really don’t read what we need in a job! It is very strange. The present world has a lot to learn from Pali and the ancient way of learning. When Mr. Singh proposed that we blend a way to bridge the gap I was eager to come forward and help.

McPRoV is a course which doesnt just give you recorded videos but an interactive exchange between industry professionals and young graduates and professionals. The challenge is industry professionals are not teachers and trained in teaching, hence we have a two fold approach, identify the learning needs of the students which experts like me and Mr. Singh can do and structure the sessions to impart the knowledge to the students by training the trainer.

Its an unique interactive method of knowledge transfer which we have started and evolving everyday. Each class is learning experience for us. We say this in Bengali “ িশখেত েশখাই ” we “Teach to Learn”. Mr. Singh can elaborate on this.

Saroj: McPRoV was born from a thought provided by Mr. Diptiman Chattopadhyay who is now working in a highway projects. He and Mr. Sinha who had worked with me at L&T approached me one day and proposed to start an industry academia bridge course. In fact I and many professionals in the core sector do witness this gap. There are retired experts and then maybe a guy in the 40’s in organization.

We also see few graduate wanting to enter the core sector. It’s a big skill issue. In this course we give 3 months weekend online training and 2 weeks of real-time experience at an industry site. I work for McNally Bharat and at there we have seen that we train  candidates for an year and then they become productive. With McPRoV we have taken 2 candidates and their performance is much faster. Over the next year we can access the savings from training.

Another issue was attrition. Once you spend in training the candidate and once he is productive he is picked by some other company and we have to hire another new candidate. This is a double jeopardy. In the scheme with McPRoV this risk is reduced substantially. Further, the start-up also mentors them to stick around longer. Rajesh can explain the various course offerings.



  • Training from Industry Professionals
  • Training Fresh Graduates in Project Management and making them Industry Ready
  • A batch consists of 5 students max for Personalized attention 3 Month online weekend course. AI Proctor Aspecto falcon for efficiency, LMS on Thinkific, and classes on Zoom. 2 Weeks real-time site and factory
  • No Upfront Cost, Tie up with Gyandhan for the ISA model. Also, Pay in 0% EMI after Training and Placement or in Installments
  • Partnership with Kaziranga University Assam, McNally Bharat incubated, Faculty from L&T, Tata, Reliance. International faculty from France & Dubai
  • Successfully trained 6 candidates and placed 3candidates. Ongoing batch 9 candidates with 3
    international students

Rajesh: We teach how to approach an unknown subject which is common to the new grads when the enter the industry. We help them with their resumes and interview preparation. However, our aim is not just to get them a job. Our main focus is to spot the right candidates for which we are a screening mechanism.

We speak to companies and know. their needs and try to fit in the right candidate by training him. This saves the training cost for companies. That being said out goal in long term, not just saving costs. We want to create future leaders. We try to teach sublime skills through: Project Management Basics, Risk Management, Commercials in Projects, Contracts, The Bidding Process, Design Thinking, System Thinking, Team work. Its an unique experience we impart through an industry expert interaction, coaching & mentoring and thinking skills. Shambhu may elaborate on the methodology.

Q. How much does the training cost?
Rajesh: The course is priced at Rs. 36000 for 3 months, which excludes the placement cost for student after interview which any placement agency takes, 2 weeks hotel, travel and real time experience in the field. Students can pay a registration fee of Rs. 1000/- and then in installments. We also have a ISA model, where students can do the training free and then pay in EMI after placement. We are tied up with Gyandhan for this. We also have an entire package for Rs. 1.2 lakhs all inclusive. With a one-time payment this can be availed at Rs. 75000.

Q. what is the batch size?
Rajesh: We are very particular on this. We take a max of 5 students in 1 batch. We are also talking with Kaziranga University Assam, BCET, and Ideal Engineering College to run a 20 – 30 student batch for McPRoV Lite. This will be only online lecturers by industry experts at a cost of Rs. 299 /- per student. However, we are still to give it a shape. McPRoV Pro is the course which we are giving now. We want to focus on the students & don’t want a big batch.

Q. How do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Shambhu: We are looking at a 15 years horizon to be frank. We are boot strapping. Along with McPRoV we are also working on our Pali Language offerings. We have a foundation called Pali Parivena. I teach WBCS and Pali language enthusists. At McPRoV we have so far 11 students 2 of whom are international students and in Pali I have trained already. Presently 17 are enrolled and 2 are international students. It will take time, we are not in a hurry to scale up. We want the teaching to create thought leaders. We are not looking at company turnover but Human Capital Value we create.

Q. What kind of faculty do you have?
Saroj: Shambhu is a Ph.D. Scholar, I am also pursuing my Ph.D. in Project management. I also have degrees in Engg, Finance, and Economics. Most faculties are industry professionals. Me and Shambhu train these trainers to look at cues in students to infuse the practical skill.

We don’t want them to memorize stuff or jargons but know how to handle real time situations. The industry experience share their experiences through case studies and their industry experience. We watch these sessions and when we take the sessions improvise on this. Before we take a candidate we spend 2 – 3 days evaluating his personality type, technical knowledge and mental abilities.

We have our study material on a learning management system from Thinkific. We teach on Zoom the online classes and engage through Slack & Whatsapp groups. We are also tied up with GIIM (USA) their courses are recorded lecturers or live lectures based on the student’s needs.

McPRoV©They have separate packages. These courses can be taken and converted to a masters degree from an University in USA. McPRoV can be blended with GIIM courses for those who aspire for a higher degree from USA. Again as Shambhu said, the idea is to fill the need of the student not sell courses to them.

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