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Mining 360 Services

Mining 360 Services

Revamping the mining industry with unique solutions…

Mining consulting has become a new hype for the successful execution of mining projects. This complex industry needs the guidance of expert mining consultants now when environmental regulations, political interference, corporate responsibility, and a lot more have come into the picture.

Acknowledging the increasing popularity of mining consultants at present, we have decided to feature one such reliable organization that is delivering outstanding mining consulting services to its diverse client bases across the industry.

Mining 360 Services is the name of the company under the spotlight and as we got a chance to interact with the Founder and Director of  the company- Deepak Gaur, we came across some interesting facts and food for thought. We firmly believe that our global aficionado will find this narrative equally informative.

The humble beginnings

The founder of the Mining 360 services pursued consultancy as his passion which led him to embark upon a spectacular entrepreneurial venture. He is so much into guiding and creating value for people at the ground level. The consultancy services offered by them range from small mine owners to large corporations.

Never do they ever let go of an opportunity to learn something new. As per the dynamo, the journey has been quite exciting as I got to know the real challenges of small and mid-size owners. Since the recent changes in Mining Laws by Central Govt, there have been several opportunities for the latest technologies in the Mining Business.

The implementation of strict laws and rising energy costs force the mining community to be more efficient and productive for better sustainability. When it comes to quality consulting services, bridging a major gap between the current situation as well as sustainable business practices became essential which inspired the founder to start this venture.

While working in India after graduating from Mining Engineering in 2005, I found that the conditions of Indian Mines are not at par. It was much more labororiented. After having worked in Australia, it gave me huge insight into delivering quality services.

I always wanted to help the Mining companies in India, so that’s why I chose to start this organization where I can build a team of technical consultants and massively help the Mining industry, explained as he made an opening remark. Deepak Gaur Founder and Director

The motto

Value to customer money is the most significant aspect of their service portfolio. The business world now acknowledges the prominence of ensuring a happy and satisfied customer base which is the need of the hour too. As they are focused on end-to-end mining companies, they offer comprehensive services from feasibility to preparing the mine closure plans.

Owing to the skill shortage across the mining industry, the company has commenced due diligence work for the small mine owners. Relying on the tech advancements utilizing drones, DGPS instruments for survey work, and International Planning Software to develop Sustainable Mine Designs. Except for coal, oil, and gas, the company operates and deals in all kinds of minerals.

The USPs at a glance

Mining 360 takes immense pride in its execution of the project that it also claims as its USP. When it comes to project handling, a well-defined process that could benefit the customers in the proper upgradation of their skills and competencies is their foremost priority. To prepare the best mine designs, they rely on the globally recognized 3D Mine Planning software- GEOVIA Surpac that caters to the client’s needs.

As the luminary claims to have been trained by the professionals of the Australian Institute of Management in Western Australia, his expertise plays a key role in providing bestin-class solutions to the clients which are yet another USP offered by them. All of these factors allow the company to understand the fine skills of training and effectively share knowledge. “We believe that every mining project is quite different and unique in some or another way.

Every year we prepare more than 25 Mining Plan reports and drawings which get approved by Govt agencies. We use the 3D Mine Planning software to understand the mineral deposit and further use pit design tools to create the conceptual pit design to yield maximum recovery of ore (mineral). We use drone technology & DGPS to gather the topographical data of the mining project. Our team members are constantly being upgraded to learn advanced software to improve their efficiency,” claims the founder.

R&D and tech orientation

Mining 360 is very much aligned with the R&D procedures to improve the overall business operations. To improve the efficiency of their project completion process, their main aim is to find the best possible way of optimization by performing constant R&D. The team at the company is highly adaptable to the happening changes that could contribute to the enhanced efficiency.

Addressing the prominence of technology in terms of making a huge difference to their consulting business, the founder asserts the significance of technology which has become the core part of their consulting business. Utilizing the project management platform of Zoho, they are aptly handling the projects here and there. Regularly, they are investing in newage technologies and software to lessen the time in project delivery to stimulate better functioning.

The cultural principles

An optimistic approach to establishing a work culture that is a well-balanced place of values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes is what they stand for. It is a popular opinion that a positive and exuberant work culture attracts talent, better engagement, happiness, satisfaction, and improved performance. A business’s growth is directly linked to the kind of cultural principles it nurtures in its ambiance.

At Mining 360, the work culture is open-ended. Here, everyone is well-aware of their respective work. Micromanagement was never a part of the culture since the inception of the company. The room for improvement is always open for every person in the organization. The management at the company asserts that mistakes are important too as this help evolve a person to become a more valuable service provider.

“I strongly believe that when you provide value to the customer through your service or product and he feels satisfied then it is a real success. I know that we need to do the hardwork and smart work to achieve that state and our culture is adding value to this mission for sure,” claims the dynamo. Words of wisdom

“Nothing is impossible. Always work for your future. Be a better version of yourself. The present moment is to work on a bigger goal.”

The road ahead

For its journey so far, the company takes immense pride in receiving good responses from the Indian Mining Industry that are quite encouraging to their spirits. Soon, they would be scaling up and expanding their wings across PAN India in the next five years.

They are in constant stride to help more and more mining companies by providing quality services to their respective customers. And above all, their core mission for the upcoming years is to convert every Mining Engineer into a Mine Planner in India.

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