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What does it take to be a technopreneur? These days, the phrase is used very loosely. It is so significant that it has sparked a worldwide stir. It’s even hailed as the startup ecosystem’s next big thing. Putting it simply, the term is a combination of technology and entrepreneur, but from an introspective view, this new breed is more than what meets the eye. They are promising individuals who are creative, driven, persuasive, and tech-savvy. Their efforts primarily focus on product and process re-engineering and innovation, which leads to business and economic growth through value addition, wealth generation, and job creation.

The Indian startup ecosystem is filled with technopreneurs whose efforts and passion inspire. Since this merits acknowledgment, our editors didn’t waste time locating a compelling example. Eventually, we got in touch with Mr. Mohammed Ziya, the founder and CEO of Techzarinfo Software Solutions. In the subsequent dialogue exchange, Mr. Ziya recounted his entrepreneurial journey and how he seeks to redefine business dreams with technology. We hope you enjoy the story.

Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to do what you love.” Mr. Ziya’s love and passion for technology were born in his childhood. During his schooling, he was introduced to computers and got fascinated when he once heard his teachers discussing how the software industry will shape the future of the world. This sparked his interest in becoming a software professional, and the seed was sown at that point. Before venturing into his dream he made a trial run of his business aspiration.

An MLM business along with his studies provided that opportunity and helped him nurture his communication skill and create a thriving network. But his passion for computers and software was ever-growing. During his graduation, he took BE Computer Science and honed his software skills, taking a step towards becoming a technopreneur. He started his professional tenure as a business development executive to understand the market and how the industry operate. After an eventful professional tenure and accumulating knowledge, he founded Techzarinfo, finally donning the hat of a technopreneur.

With hard work and determination, he thrived in his creative endeavor, creating a comprehensive set of on-demand software development services. This includes Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Enterprise Software Development, Mobile Application Development, e-Governance Application, Cloud Computing, Industrial Automation, Software Prototyping, but isn’t limited to these. In fact, the company ensures a promising future for every business aspiring to a digital tomorrow through software development, IT enablement, and digital transformation.

Today, Techzarinfo is an ecosystem of dedicated developers with vast industry-specific expertise in delivering high-end solutions with an agile approach. They offer customized tech support that can help any business unleash its business potential in today’s disruptive market.

Management, Money, Marketing, and Momentum – are the 4 guiding pillars shouldering Mr. Ziya’s growth over the past 10 years. They have helped in carving out his ability to generate revenue and have a market edge through innovative, market-driven IT products and services. They make him a proactive and objective-driven leader with proven results in every assignment, be it product strategy, marketing/channel programs, operating efficiency, or teamwork. He has recorded success in building teams, businesses, and IT solutions for Fortune 100s, mid-sized companies, and small startups.

His leadership defines Techzarinfo as a project-focused, solution-oriented business with a young, dynamic team that exhibits flexibility at all levels. “Customer satisfaction is our main strength,” says Mr. Ziya, and adds, “Our team can work with any tech stack in an agile manner.” The team is meticulously nurtured through training programs, followed by knowledge-sharing sessions to keep them up to speed. Also, subscribing to scholarly journals and using social media for business purposes contributes towards staying current with trends. The progressive learning framework keeps them ready for customization at any point and when demand arises.

These measures ultimately aim to keep the company strategic and prepared for setbacks. They have been in the business for over ten years and have weathered various storms without diminishing their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. They have accomplished several projects that have fueled their growth and enabled them to make a big impact.

Learning is one of the core growth drivers of Techzarinfo, and R&D is a critical element of it. Through continuous learning, the team constantly explores opportunities that come their way and be the best version of themselves. Even though their schedules are packed, a disciplined approach keeps them dynamic. R&D also fuels their technological prowess. It keeps them updated with disruptive innovations like Machine Learning, AI, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), and Blockchain, among others.

A great example of their technical aptitude and intellect is their proprietary platform. It’s a SaaS software for the construction field that enables a business to be more strategic, productive, paperless, and deliver real-time updates of actions on projects. “I am glad to state that we were the ‘PIONEERS’ to introduce such a cloud-based product in India and Asia in 2016 – A first of its kind in industry,” Mr. Ziya says. The constant learning mechanism also contributes to having a refined approach towards projects. Each project is FOCUSSED on clients and involves their ideologies and vision from the start. This crucial element enables them to succeed while continuously setting innovative and technological goals.

While technology and innovation are at the center stage of technopreneurship, it requires a dedicated team. After all, the next step after having an idea is to find the right people that can lead the startup to victory. Based on the same notion, Techzarinfo has an ideal teamwork culture. They have minimal hierarchy and a friendly environment, which ensures internal flexibility and uncompromising quality in every deliverable. On top of that, they adhere to diversity and have strict regulations against discrimination (religion, caste, creed, color, gender, or orientation).

Unique in diversity but united by a vision, Techzarinfo enjoys a multi-cultural environment and celebrates all national and religious festivals together. “We share sweets, organize programs, we take a day off—all with one motive—we are the same and equal,” adds Mr. Ziya. To him, the team is brethren, and, as its leader, he ensures every individual is equally treated. His adheres to a strategic “Give and Get” policy, which always keeps him at the forefront of offering and leading in a socio-economic front.

There is a popular saying, “A leader knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.” It accurately represents what Mr. Ziya as a leader, stands for. He galvanizes technology and business teams through clear communication and alignment with enterprise goals. His understanding of leadership has helped him design product management, data processing, quality assurance, and DevOps departments from the ground up. With the collaboration of his team, he has constantly created happy clients with positive testimonials. Above all, he has helped over 200 software aspirants get work and shaped their careers, something he is proud of.

The team is tunnel-focused on growth and remaining at the cutting edge of technology in the future. Its actively collaborating and partnering with businesses to advance technological adoption. Additionally, it plans to expand its footprint in the US, the Middle East, and India, which will undoubtedly provide new opportunities.

Be Consistent in whatever you do. Growth will happen in its own pace. Never give up. Survive and be Successful. Lastly, don’t be a path follower be a Path Finder” – ZIYA.

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