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Revamping The Automotive Arena With Tech-Driven Legacy

Business Connect once again welcomes the global readership with a marvelous and top-notch tale of a leading brand in the business arena of the Sultanate of Oman and the Gulf region – Mohsin Haider Darwish (MHD) LLC.

Our editorial panel had an inspiring conversation with Mr. Mohsin Hani Al-Bahrani, the CEO of Mohsin Haider Darwish’s Automotive, Construction Equipment and Renewable Energy vertical, popularly known as MHD ACERE. A young entrepreneur, Mr. Mohsin has worked extremely hard and achieved remarkable success for himself and the company in a very short span of time. So, without further ado, let’s take you with us to the inspirational entrepreneurial journey of Mr. Mohsin Hani Al-Bahrani.

In 1987, the family business of Darwish family led by late visionary Mr. Mohsin Haider Darwish was transformed into a corporate entity as MHD LLC. Keeping automotive services as a focal point, the company has relentlessly grown at a brisk pace and witnessed numerous growth tides using a strategic management system throughout the organization. Mr. Mohsin Hani Al-Bahrani is leading the organization with his tremendous motto/ firm belief, ‘If the tide of the time is against you keep marching on’. The young and ambitious leader is motivating the whole team and has made MHD ACERE one of the most successful business organizations within MHD Group.

Mr. Mohsin became the CEO of MHD ACERE in 2020 when the whole world and especially the business market was adversely impacted by the COVID-19. The pandemic had thrown numerous challenges on the business and economic health of Oman, but MHD ACERE was successful overcoming them under the stewardship of its CEO. The Business Management graduate has brought the company to great heights of success by implementing his business acumen and resilient leadership throughout the organization. He has been successful in bringing the top automotive brands of the world, including McLaren Automotive, ABB EV Charges, Varta Batteries, XCMG and Weir Trio to Oman.

Mr. Mohsin Hani Al-Bahrani is the eldest grandson of late Mr. Darwish and leader of one of the major automotive conglomerates of Oman. He has completed his graduation from Brunel University, London, and his Master’s in Middle Eastern Studies from Kings College, London. After he joined the company, the sales and overall operations witnessed a steep rise in terms of turnover as his innovative and up-to-the-mark techniques assisted in providing the best-qualified products to the clients.

The pandemic didn’t deter his spirit and in the wake of repeated lockdowns, he launched e-Commerce platforms for the automotive divisions. This helped the company to stay connected with the buyers and its clientele who now had easy access to the products and services offered by the organization. Mr. Mohsin set up the Renewable energy division in Oman, as he believes the specific sector has a market gap and also the potential to be the future of the automotive industry. Within this division, he also initiated the sale of solar panels in Oman, a country abundant in solar energy.

The young visionary explains his efforts and the importance of maintaining the brand value of the company, “I aim to keep MHD Automotive among the top automotive distributors in the country our vision is to contribute to the Sultanate’s efforts in overcoming challenges by keeping pace with regional and global changes. Our way forward is to build sustainable solutions, and I intend to fully utilize the resources in hand to help in making clients’ access to our vehicles even easier and more convenient”.

One thing that inspired our team the most is the humanitarian nature of Mr. Mohsin as he acted as a ray of hope for the people of Oman in the most difficult times. . He didn’t think twice before converting Ashok Leyland buses (another integral brand with MHD ACERE) into mobile Covid Testing Units, so that people in the interior regions of Oman could get tested and the spread of the pandemic could be curbed. He emerged as a role model for especially the youth as and inspired them to strive and attain their goals with zeal, courage and ethics.

In addition to being an outstanding business leader, Mr. Mohsin is undoubtedly a perfect citizen of the country as well. Following the initiatives of the Government of Oman, he has kept his prime focus on the process of Omanization by introducing a great number of citizens as employees in his organization and proved himself a committed citizen and a champion of the initiative. To accelerate his efforts, he ensured that the Omanization ratio as set by the Labor Ministry of the country is successfully adhered to in MHD ACERE. He has also created a streamlined and transparent hiring process within the management panel to recruit more Omani employees year after year.

Moreover, Mr. Mohsin, is an active member of the Oman-Turkey Friendship Association to improve and enhance the relationship between the two countries.

Mr. Mohsin has also been instrumental in bringing forward a brand like MG Motor in the Sultanate. The brand has risen to 3rd place as per MEAC Report in terms of local sales volume that is a massive jump from the 15thposition for passenger cars in 2019. He was awarded a certificate of appreciation for ‘Outstanding Achievement’ by SAIC Motor Middle East for outstanding sales performance.

Mr. Mohsin has also diversified the business operations into new verticals by setting up MHD Leasing LLC as he has a robust perception that economic diversification with tourism promotion is extremely crucial to the growth of the nation.

Other than being a top-notch business leader, Mr. Mohsin has a clear goal towards improving the environmental condition as well. As the situation of global warming is worsening day by day, he has established numerous sustainable business practices throughout the company to overcome the risk. He has planned to install high-power EVC’s across the country and has collaborated with ABB, the business leaders in the respective realm.

John Quincy Adams said, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader”. One can say this quote aptly defines Mr. Mohsin as he is relentlessly inspiring and cheering up the young and future generations with his marvelous ingeniousness. He has handled the situation of a worse pandemic crisis with his smart implementation techniques and solid determination. In addition, he has deployed numerous innovative ideas through which MHD ACERE has overcome the obstacles and emerged victorious.

Due to his exceptional career growth and unmatched skill set, he has achieved numerous accolades and appreciation throughout his journey. Although we can’t go through the list of his awards and recognitions, we tried to highlight a few of them here:

  • He was listed among the 100 Most Influential CEOs in Oman by the prestigious magazine-Oman Economic Review
  • Emerging Business Leader of the Year at AIWA
  • Leaders of Tomorrow by CHRO Asia and the World HRD Congress
  • GCC Young Achievers of 2020 by the Arabian Business.

He is also the recipient of the TAS Icon of Oman and has been recognized as one of the top 50 prominent personalities in Oman. Indeed, the list of his achievements at his young age is commendable. As we enter 2022, Mr. Mohsin is optimistic and all set to scale the success ladder even higher. The inspiring visionary is marching on with dignity and ideas, carrying forward the rich legacy of the MHD and his ancestors to contribute  the growth of Oman and the prosperity of its people.

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