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Neetu Singh

Neetu Singh

The lady with the indomitable spirits, redefining the fashion annotation

Pioneering the change in the society, breaking every societal stereotypes, Neetu Singh, Founder &MD of Sini Group of Companies has made the world stand up and take note of her. In an exclusive coffee-table conversation with our team, Neetu Singh revealed various facets of her extraordinary journey as an entrepreneur. A Post Graduate in Physics from Delhi University, Neetu had no prior professional experience before embarking upon this tumultuous journey in 2005. Her perseverance so far has been nothing but phenomenal, on her way to excellence, redefining and transforming the lives of thousands of women while scaling new heights. Beginning with training the underprivileged artisans, especially women, she has dedicated her services to enhance their respective skills.

She commenced designing fashion accessories and garments while establishing a platform for facilitating the women artisans toward better growth across domestic and international markets.As her endeavour, showcasing and selling magnificent handicraft jewellery, fashion accessories and garments started getting appreciated, her entrepreneurial venture was ready for the take off.. Eventually, the popularity of her products- fashion accessories and garments- led to the official launch of her personalized brand- SINI in Birmingham, UK, in 2011.

Her aspirations to be fixated on meeting the global, traditional and contemporary fashion trends in India and worldwide and to keep pace with the constantly changing global trends, she pursued graduation in Fashion Designing. Her focus has always been on making a positive impact on the lives of underprivileged women in society. Empowering them financially while providing them immense exposure in their respective fields, Mrs Neetu has been scaling greater heights and these major happenings turned her life into something that many people only dream of. Later, to cater the specialized segments, Sini got diversified into SINI JEWELS, SINI DESIGNS, SINI LIFESTYLE and SINI FOUNDATION.

Today, SINI has placed itself among a few well-established names offering superior products that come at competitive pricing, timely delivery & value additions as per the need of the hour. “We are always in ‘the know’ of the customer pulse where we convert their mental images into the living reality at SINI. For us, USP has been the emotion that it unveils with every product line,” conversed Neetu.

When we view her entrepreneurial streak since her early career, the terms that we find most relatable are resilience, endurance, perseverance and commitment. Even as a wife and mother of two, she managed to make a perfect work-life balance in her work where she redefined the definition of a businesswoman. Her journey is self-driven, enlightening and rewarding in innumerable ways. What is the biggest amazement is the fact that with no professional degree in fashion, no prior work experience and no business background, she accomplished resounding success while being experimental at every step she took.

I firmly believe that my journey is my biggest GURU that taught me a valuable lesson of never giving up on our endeavours at any cost. Needless to mention, it is my success mantra of course! My big ambitions and craving for global eminence helped me stand where I am today- creating a brand name. My brand’s identity is all about- ‘Inspired from India, Crafted for the World’. With time, I have become steadfast in upholding my mission of women empowerment and extraordinary job opportunities for female folks,” enunciated the leading lady.

The leadership has driven her to rise above her personal gains, redefining and transforming the lives of thousands of women while carving a reputation as a pioneer of change across society. In order to bring substantial change in her targeted industry, Neetu has broken different societal stereotypes. She leads her team of female folks with a fortitude that heavily empowers women via her different ventures under the SINI Group. Undeniably, her dedication and passion have taken her to greater heights while enabling her to dispense employment opportunities to over 5000 artisans across Indian cities.

Neetu acknowledged that India’s economy was utterly disrupted when covid-19 hit the whole world. She took up these challenges head-on and as per the market demand manufactured three layered cotton masks in the factory and ensured a free cost mark drive across the country. Her noble intent to contribute to protecting the frontline Corona Warriors has been appreciated by various luminaries. In line with this intent, she also launched Personal Protective Equipment adhering to stringent quality control and certification. Hospitals were offered PPE kits and upcycled cotton masks at quite nominal prices.

Neetu is seen as a precursor of connecting the creativity of talented Indian artisans to the International markets. At every turn of her business, she never fails to gear herself up to make a difference. Owing to this determination only, she exports the garments and fashion accessories manufactured by her team of artisans and weavers to the countries such as USA, Canada, Europe, Australia etc. Her ventures and efforts have been able to generate a considerable source of income for the artisans. Undoubtedly, her work has been ensuring foreign revenue and thus contributing in the Indian economy.

Neetu Singh is a proud recipient of many awards at both national and international level. The insurmountable success witnessed by her has been the result of her ideology that says- ‘Belief in self’ and her steadfast commitment to her goals. “To achieve something truly transformational is to be different in what you offer while being your own role model,” enunciated the entrepreneur. Her prowess and phenomenality have been well recognized and she has been awarded with, ‘Times Power Women Award, 2020’, Asia’s Greatest Emerging Leaders 2018 by Indo- Singapore Business and Social Forum.

Asia One Magazine and URS Media, Top Women Entrepreneurs in Art, Craft & Design by Women Entrepreneur India, Most Valuable Jewellery Designer and Entrepreneur 2017 by Network 7 Media Group, State Award for Master Craftsperson by Govt. Of National Capital Territory of Delhi, featured in EMERGENCE OF NEW ENTREPRENEURS OF INDIA – a book on gender studies. And in the upcoming years, many more achievements are on her way that speak in of her inspiring journey.

Neetu cocludes her conversation by saying that there is no job below dignity if one person possesses a positive thought process. Driven by this philosophy, Neetu, the leading lady sets high targets for herself as well as for her team. And what sets her apart from the rest and propels her to achieve more feats is her desire, energy and commitment to do something meaningful for the poor and underprivileged section of society, especially the women. While addressing the commonalities, she maintains “Education and specialized degrees are important, but your skills are innate, and no one can stop you from utilizing them and turning them into your livelihood”.

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