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Nijji Healthcare- Where innovation and strategy speak the volume

Nijji Healthcare– Where innovation and strategy speak the volume

With this exclusive inside story, we aspire to highlight the noteworthy contributions made by Nijji Healthcare to the fight against the unfavourable circumstances posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its matchless consulting, as well as implementation strategies, have made it claim a leading edge in its targeted market and make a difference to the ‘crisis like no other in the history of mankind’.

Several aspects need to be addressed to recognize this organisation’s instrumental role in soothing the difficult times induced by the pandemic for the commonalities as well as the businesses. So, let’s take a short tour of its business portfolio, vision, and much more, based on a virtual conversation with its Managing Director – Saikat Mukhopadhyay.

An outline of business portfolio
As a swiftly growing convergence point for marketing, sales, staffing, distribution and advertising solutions, Nijji Healthcare is catering its exclusive services to — Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, OTC and FMCG industry. Celebrating the success of 21 top-notch healthcare projects in just 8 years since its inception, the organisation has been under the spotlight that allowed it to bag prestigious awards with international repute.

An army of 1000 + people, managed by few passionate leaders who are adept in marketing and sales services makes them set high-service standards by delivering quality offerings, to many of the major brands across the industry.

When it comes to core competencies, innovative strategy and methodical implementations, unique brand management, efficient sales force management and sales force automation are their prime fortes. Most of the services offered by Nijji Healthcare are well recognized by their esteemed clientele and the list includes Contractual Sales solutions, contractual Brand Management, Market Development Strategies like unique services. Service capabilities include e-detailing, digital media, ETMS like evolving services and capabilities. A true PAN India presence, strong connection with people and market resources and uncompromised value system are the USPs that differentiate Nijji Healthcare.

The company’s vision is fixated on establishing lucrative partnerships with its client companies. Here, they strive to ensure absolute alignment with the project objective keeping values, transparency and ethics at the forefront. And the intense mission for the organisation stands firm on 6 cornerstones – Strategic Excellence, Innovative Approach, Methodical Execution, People Development, Legitimacy, and Excellence – that is summed up in the word- SIMPLE.

What makes it stand apart?
Nijji Healthcare happens to be a human-centric organisation that has penned down its continuous saga of growth. Its efficient business management has allowed it to ensure > 300% CAGR. Given this, Saikat asserted, “If we cannot run our business properly, how do we expect to claim better workflow for our client’s business? “ Moreover, being tech-savvy is yet another factor that provides them with a competitive edge in the industry. Each department in the organisation is well-equipped with the latest technology and related tools, whereas, from an academic perspective, they are conducting considerable research through Project Orbital Next on tech trends like IoT, ML, AI, and their beneficial implementation in the healthcare segment.

Project Orbital Next has few international publications to its credit and is headed by Aryan – a 17 years old student. No doubt, it has become a preferred partner for many megacorps as well as SMEs in the pharma industry for reliable and relevant go-to-market strategy solutions alongside proper implementations, following the parameters mentioned in the above premise. “For every stage of the product lifecycle, we have some outstanding solutions to offer. Sometimes, it could be a customised niche market research or marketing plan via innovative and ethical models. Indeed, legitimacy and ethics are the key parameters on which we never compromise with” claims Saikat.

Vigilance keeping them ahead
The foresightedness of the administration at Nijji Healthcare made it ensure a quick turnaround as a defence against the major setbacks stimulated by this global crisis. They ensured a ‘voluntary remote working’ for their workstations and field force even before the Govt of India announced the nationwide lockdown.  Being a healthcare player, they well-apprehended the seriousness of the circumstances; thereby, shifted to an innovative work-from-home model, with an attempt to safeguard every associated individual against the deadly infection.

Moreover, the organisation kept a keen watch over the whole pandemic scenario, where they kept track of the complications and other factors related to this novel virus, which is their fundamental duty too as a healthcare company. Even amid the challenging times in terms of finances, the company offered full paychecks as well as appraisals and even promotions to the outperformers, states Saikat.

Furthermore, be it distributing the high-quality mask or disinfectant solutions to the healthcare workers or even commonalities at a rock-bottom price, Nijji Healthcare’s intuitive approach was applauded across the respective market.

The organisation always ensure to comply with the government’s guidelines and its team of adept professionals is straining every nerve to make a difference to the unprecedented times induced by the pandemic.

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