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“Branding is the art of aligning what you want people to think about your company. “ And vice-versa.” –Jay Baer.

Branding is an essential element in the campus of every business out there which is aspiring to grow and improve itself in the respective realm. Business Connect has a great history of featuring multiple top-notch and excelling companies in its portfolio. And here again, our team has put their utmost effort into bringing this fascinating tale to the table. This time, we have come across one of the leading business ventures in the realm of branding and IT solutions, Ourea Pvt. Ltd.

The exceptional success and growth story of the company inspired us and made us share the same in our exclusive edition-“Company in Focus 2022.” Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with the leadership panel of the venture, who shared some unknown facts about the industry. Moreover, the leaders of the company shared some valuable nuggets and a few words of wisdom for our global readership. We truly hope and desire that particular read will not only act as a motivation booster for all the upcoming entrepreneurs out there but will also inspire the existing ones.

Ourea is mainly a business venture engaged in providing branding and web development solutions to businesses with a detailed plan and an excellent execution. The company is well-established across the city of Kochi and Kerala and leading the realm by assisting all the B2B and B2C companies with its innovative and exceptional solutions rich in excellence.

Explaining the journey of the venture and its unmatched growth Anooja Bashir, CEO of the company, asserts, “Mainly, we at Ourea is a team of talented heads which has built and created the venture a one-stop-shop for all needs and wants of the business of every niche. The team of Ourea assists the business ventures at every stage of the growth, be it logo creation, creation of brand collateral, website development, social media or digital marketing.

” She further adds that the team of Ourea strives for perfection by aiming towards providing the clientele a luxurious experience and giving them beyond expectations. The company acts as a corporate booster platform for emerging and well-established businesses and gives them a helping hand to build their brands. In addition, the company is relentlessly working for the right things with a complete check on quality and accuracy.

“You can’t always be the most talented in the room but you can be the most competitive.” Standing still in the cutthroat competitive market is a lot difficult for any business venture. But the dedication and passion towards the business and customer satisfaction are two major elements that hold the ship in the ocean. The Ourea team has an exclusive and exceptional approach to handling the competition in their respective realm.

Intending to provide optimal and customized services to the clientele, the company poses a team of excellent talent that helps the organization scale the success ladder. They perform a detailed SWOT analysis along with a competitive analysis that helps the members understand the needs of transformation and also guides them to create solutions accordingly.

Explaining the competitive advantages of the company, Anooja asserts, “We truly support and encourage the entire business venture with our latest approach of branding, designing, social media marketing, digital marketing, web development, and many more. We feel proud while saying that we are a one-stop-shop for all your business needs and wants irrespective of the domain you work in.

We put our utmost efforts into analyzing and observing the business prospects of the clients and acting accordingly and that is our major USP in the industry. Also, the business model of Ourea is being created and built in such a way that each vertical of the industry gives a back to another for the purpose as well as for great revenue generation.”

“Our future success is directly proportionate to our ability to understand, adapt and integrate new technology into our work.” Technology is undoubtedly an inseparable part of every business organization working out there in the current commercial market. Hence, it has become a necessity for all the business ventures of the present time to accelerate their pace and synch with the latest and emerging technology.

Ourea is running at a brisk pace in this marathon by identifying and adopting every latest technology in its realm with a great enthusiast. The company has created an exclusive team of experts, who not only utilize their ocean of knowledge to keep the company updated with tech upgrades and align the venture with them. As the company gets very much influenced by the tech realm, it always assures to keep all its IT sections up-to-date and ready to go.

Align with technology, research and development hold the exact importance in the arena when it comes to growth and success. In this context, Anooja asserts, “R&D plays a crucial role in structuring the entire system of our organization. All the startups and business ecosystems are influenced and affected by us in a detailed manner of analysis. Moreover, the Ourea team has landed with the latest product, which is a networking platform for business ventures that works to provide the right and accurate resources to organizations in skilling. It also gives a helping hand by handing over an opportunity to empower entrepreneurs and emerging startups in getting a mentor support from subject domain experts.”

Although, the company has bagged multiple recognitions from a wide range of giant platforms. Though it is next to impossible for us to dive into all of them, we tried to spill some of them here for our readers.

  • Best branding & IT company, Kerala by India 500 startups.
  • Educational excellence award by Fit India, education enclave & Ministry of Ayush for the innovative employability curriculum.
  • International award for the business innovative curriculum by Mentors.
  • Nominated as the best branding & designing agency by Global excellence award 2021 by Brand Empower.
  • Best Technological Consultants by ADgully -Business awards.
  • Euphoria award for best business consultancy in branding & designing Category.
  • EDC Earth literacy award for the employability program.

Also, the founder & CEO has been recognized as Woman entrepreneur 2021, woman excellence award,40 under 40 awards, Woman CEO of the year 2021, etc. so far for her excellent leadership.

Before signing off, Anooja shared a few words of sagacity for all the upcoming business leaders, “Nothing is built in a day. We need a lot of perseverance, endurance, and commitment to reach our goals. Never give up on your dreams. Like Paulo Coehlo’s saying “when you want something, the whole universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” So keep trying, stay focused, increase your knowledge, strengthen your network, build a great team, and above all believe in you and your dreams.”

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