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“Leaders become great not because of their power but, because of their ability to empower others.”  – John Maxwell

It is more than a fact that leaders are an essential element in an organization that not only provides the workforce with immense zeal but a roadmap towards crazy success. Business Connect has been a pro witness to the success journey of multiple such excellent business leaders. Also, we have a great history of featuring numerous top-notch leaders in our portfolio and here again, our team came across one such leader, P.M. Dsouza, who is setting new standards in the business world.

Our editorial team had an interesting and joyful session with him and he shared multiple unknown facts about his journey so far. The leader also shared numerous valuable nuggets for the budding entrepreneurs out there that we are keen to share in this fascinating read. We truly hope and desire that this particular read will not inspire our global readership panel but will also add extra value to everyone’s life.

P.M. Dsouza is revamping the business world with his brainchild Isotech Technology Pvt. Ltd., which is relentlessly creating new records in the realm of test chambers. Being the director of the company, Mr. Dsouza is an ideal example of strong will and dedication. His endeavor to Isotech from a barrage of challenges and the heights of glory is a story worth telling. His efforts have tethered diverse business challenges, and now a global leader for holistic test chamber solutions.

The director has a robust perception that honesty, confidence, and a positive attitude are the main ingredients of an ideal leader. He says, “My main motive for becoming an entrepreneur was to be my boss and to help society, create employment for youths. I chose to be an entrepreneur because of the independence, happiness, and flexibility it provides.”

Mr. Dsouza has seen start-ups and business organizations very closely and has worked with well-established teams- that’s the reason he has tremendous experience along with a bank of unmatched knowledge. One thing he has observed about the start-ups is the lack of patience- as they start stepping out of the market when don’t get a market response. Because of the large investments in the businesses, it’s difficult for them to sustain in the arena without getting desired results- but they need to understand that it takes time to be established in the domain.

The leader conveys this message to all upcoming entrepreneurs that the best thing you can do as a founder is to never give up. No two days will be the same as you’ll face a variety of challenges, but you need to rise over these. You are the captain, and you have to keep your ship steady, no matter how many icebergs come across your path.

Explaining to us the portfolio of the company, Mr. Dsouza asserts, “Isotech Technology Pvt Ltd is a handful of independent companies in Bangalore, India. Currently, we provide Environmental test chambers. Humidity Test Chamber, Climatic Test Chamber, Hot & Cold Test Chamber, Salt Corrosion Test Chamber, Walk-in Environmental chamber, Growth Chamber. The compact nature of our company enables us to maintain a high degree of flexibility in our manufacturing processes.

Our standard range of test chambers includes benchtop and floor standing models, across temperatures ranging between -75o C and +180o C -75o C to +200o C for specific applications/models), and humidity’s between 10% and 97% RH.” He further adds, “Our mission is to develop and build environmental chambers of the greatest quality and design along with the vision to provide products that are both economical and of the highest quality.”

  • Isotech Value
  • Innovative committed to technology & Service innovation.
  • Promising to offer our employees career opportunities.
  • Reliable to provide secure & quality test solutions.
  • Responsive to responding to changing market requirements.
  • Cultivate a loyal & team-spirited team.
  • Win to create values for our customers and society.
  • Isotech Brand values
  • To contribute test technology development and environmental friendliness.
  • To be a reliable and valuable partner of Customers.
  • To grow with and benefit our employee

Entrepreneurship is not a destination but a journey; not only measured by revenue but, also the number of satisfied clients across the globe. Over the last two decades, India has seen the growth of many notable innovators, whose inventions generated a great impact in society and also elevated the country’s name on the globe.

Discussing entrepreneurship, we just cannot ignore one of the most crucial skills of entrepreneurs-leadership. When our team asked Mr. Dsouza about his perception of the same, he explained by saying, “Having good leadership is very important for the business, and at Isotech Technology, we understand this phenomenon very well.

For this, we have installed a proper series of systems and policies that act as guidelines to the down chain helping them perform their jobs most efficiently and effectively. Also, having one-track mind helps us in making business the sole priority of our life. We’re completely focused towards our organization, and for us, other things come after that only.”

We all have heard the statement that leaders are born, not made-but being only a leader doesn’t help in overcoming various challenges and obstacles that come across the way of a successful leader. And for that, vision is a vital ingredient. Mr. Dsouza affirms that a visionary leader knows how to manage various events that are about to come in the upcoming business environment.

Before signing off, the visionary asserts some words of wisdom for the upcoming leaders and young minds out there by saying, “Success, in my opinion, is not the route to happiness. The key to success is happiness. You will be successful if you enjoy what you are doing.”

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