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PatientClick: Providing premium integrated Telemedicine solution in the Healthcare sector

If we look two decades back, who could have thought of rendering the patient care to anyone in need at the remote places? Owing to the advanced technologies and high-tech devices, doctors are effectively providing medical aid to the people in need, across the globe.

PatientClickInc, with its premium integrated Telemedicine solution, has leveraged reformative technology in the respective domain. They are offering true Software As A Service (SaaS) solution without any expense to be made on the hardware installation, along with reducing the time required for the performance of the task.

Extraordinary offering with an insightful approach

Coronavirus outbreak has affected every aspect of human life undoubtedly. Our lives are revolving around safeguarding ourselves as much as possible. Sanitizers and face masks have become as important as the necessities of life.

The past 4 months have been all about work from home, social distancing and avoiding unnecessary traveling, but the healthcare professionals are encountering immense adversities during this period. They have to save the patients alongside protecting their own lives, that are placed on stake due to this fatal viral outbreak.

Numerous hardships are faced by the healthcare professionals while connecting and coordinating with patients and relying totally upon video conferencing is not enough. A lot of aspects are related to this domain such as Patient-information, prescription delivery, lab order, review medical reports with patients, continuity of care, etc. PatientClick offers universal services that are not limited to a particular group. Be it a minor or a major healthcare provider, both could be benefitted from their services.

In the past few years, PatientClick has become an active supporter and frontline runner in providing Telemedicine Technology Solutions. This exceptional telemedicine solution can assist offices or hospitals to improve topline revenue and support the continuity of operation of the clinic. Making this unique offering in the respective sphere is their top priority.

The endeavors of Mr Mehta and his Technology Team are focused on to make the experience of the patients effortless, along with assisting the healthcare providers to maintain the better workflow. Psychiatry is the very first branch to adopt the electric pathway. Psychologists connect with patients remotely using this technology only. They are also developing a strong handbook to help clients manage the reimbursement hustle, that is a big challenge in itself for many. What code to use, what modifiers to involve in US billing – all difficulties will be resolved via this solution only.

Regarding the CEO

The maestro behind the inception of ‘PatientclickInc’ is Ashish Mehta, the CEO, who is responsible for the strategic planning process that is imperative for designing a company’s future.

Being an engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Administration, he carries the experience of over 20 years in the domain of Healthcare IT and Technology. He possesses the expertise of a veteran level concerning Global Business Management and has served the sectors like healthcare, renewable energy, petrochemicals, information technology, and business consulting, as an advisory board member.

Since the inception ofPatientClick, he is striving to establish gold standards in the telemedicine delivery, with the collateral efforts of the Engineering and Innovative Team. His phenomenal knowledge has allowed him to publish multiple articles about telemedicine, highlighting changes in the healthcare delivery model in the upcoming years. The insightful business leader has bagged the 2014 Healthcare Champion “Executive of the Year” award from the San Diego Business Journal and has also earned several awards for his contribution to the community.

Ashish Mehtastates, “We are connecting people, process, and technology, and offering efficiency to the doctor’s office by automating things including patient reminders or collection of payment, alongside several other clinical operations that are used on a day-to-day basis at clinics. Our products are designed for keeping Patient Care and Institutional Efficiency in mind.”

Offering ease to the healthcare sector via High-tech solutions

The cutting-edge solutions offered from the Company like incorporate guided analytics enables the healthcare providers to identify the spheres of improvement.  The organization constantly aims to modify its software with integrated scheduling, practice management solutions and integrated telemedicine technology with a single sign-in and easy to use platform. This software can be utilized without any additional hardware modification in any browser of the computer.

Patientclick is enabling the medical practitioners to make better decisions by offering the touch of Machine Learning(ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the solutions.  It is offering medical office automation along with ensuring cutting- edge solutions that converge on improving the healthcare delivery model and elevating the patient care across the globe. The single-window platform is quite enough for all the clinical and business needs, that in turn enables the clients to focus more on providing care to the patients. The best-in-class services that cover nearly all aspects of medical practice include some exclusive features-

  • Live, Video-based Telemedicine Solutions integrated with EHR/EMR and Practice Management.
  • Inbuilt Healthcare Analytics Tools to approach imperative Clinical and Financial Information.
  • Online Physician Registry for Telemedicine Clinical Services.
  • Patient Payment Automation that allows practices to collect co-pay collection or subscriptions from memberships regularly.
  • Enabling faster treatments to patients in a shorter time as the iOS/Android apps facilitate patients to connect with their preferred medical practitioner on a real-time basis and launch a live, real-time, face-to-face clinical visit.
  • Offering connectivity among the patient, pharmacy and healthcare provider based on the Geo-location tracking. It helps the patient to find a provider in the closest proximity.

According to the CEO, the domain is full of enterprise-level solutions but none of them is cost-effective. Other players in this field may not offer services that are customized to ACO, Medical Groups, and healthcare institutions. PatientClick recognizes its fundamental responsibility to deliver the innovative next-generation tools to medical providers. The other aspect offered from their side is part of the exclusive platform, where they assist physicians registered with PatientClick to provide telemedicine services to other patients in their spare time.

The effectiveness of telemedicine has been well recognized by masses recently, and it is rapidly becoming an elemental part of the healthcare infrastructure. This sphere is facilitating affordable quality care to the patients effectively. Functioning with a similar notion, PatientClick is moving ahead to expand its horizons in India by associating with several major companies.

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