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A New Age Consulting Partner, Transmuting the Finance Curve with Impeccable Consulting Services

Experienced leaders meticulously transitioning businesses into lucrative organisations and assisting them to flourish multifold are revamping the industry through their efforts. These ventures are fiercely navigating through  the components of their challenging profession with the virtues of a sincere passion for exploring, dedication, innovation, and excellence. While India has a plethora of financial consulting firms, only a handful have evolved to the level of promising partners. The New Delhi-headquartered seasoned company, Plutus Consulting, is one of them.

Incorporated in 2017, Plutus Consulting enjoys the stance of an industry leader in the financial landscape with its dedicated team of 35+ hard-working, diligent, and talented professionals directed by Kunal Singhal, Founder & Managing Partner of Plutus and an Alumni – of KPMG and E&Y India. In a short span of 4+ years of its existence, Plutus has garnered the trust of over 100+ small and medium businesses and corporates, both domestically and internationally, acting as their go-to consultant in the hour of need.

Plutus Consulting spearheads the financial consulting space with its comprehensive support framework in Corporate Finance/ Legal/ Transaction and Business advisory/Mergers & Acquisitions/ Strategy/ Due diligence/ Valuations/ Financial Modelling and decision-making, including others. Plutus is not just another financial consultancy services provider; it goes a step ahead to make services meaningful without letting clients bother about it.

The company primarily serves corporate clients who operate in a corporate structure. More than 90% of the base comprises such clients. It also helps individual clients; there is a different setup for it. The firm intends to keep its focus on solving the more significant problems for the SMEs operating in corporate structure as its more complex to understand for laymen. Plutus takes a process-driven approach to delivering best practices by leveraging the latest technological tools with complete transparency and visibility to the clients. This has resulted in companies completely outsourcing their divisions to manage and run.

Talking about the key differentiating factors of Plutus, the leading man, Kunal Singhal, apprised – “The key differentiator(s) is the factor that we own the function of the company when outsourced to us and the initial discussions with the management which enables us to convert their expectations and requirements into an action plan on paper which can be executed and deliver value.

“We enjoy our relations with our clients, and our ability to easily off-board them as easily we on-board them leaves our clients happy and wanting to come back to us even after they have left. The practicality and professionalism with which we work are why almost none of the clients have ended their contracts with us in our tenure of 4+ years of existence which has, in turn, paced our growth”, he added.

Inculcating the experience with industry proficiency in rapidly altering finance policies, ‘Team Plutus’ under the wise leadership of Kunal Singhal, works with clients as inclusive parts of their organisation. The team comprises Senior Executives, Taxation professionals, Finance professionals, admin, and support functions to keep the engine running on the ground and are ready to meet any challenge arising from the ever-growing growth pace of the companies.

The leadership at Plutus comprises Chartered Accountants/ Company Secretaries and Corporate Lawyers. At Plutus, there is a comfortable and flexible work culture, where every individual is ready to take on the workload and pressure simultaneously. Teams are willing to help each other and make honest efforts to achieve what clients want. While engaging with clients is quite evident as they are the main objective for any business, the leading team also believes in empowering the employees. Quarterly hangouts, event celebrations, quick, frequent day breaks, and longstay annual trips keep the groups charged and motivated.

The traditional working style lacks the mindset and approach and is too focused on completing service and collecting the receivables, which clients often complain about. Plutus adopts a different approach. It ensures these issues do not arise by setting up processes that provide meaningful information when required in a push manner rather than clients following up for the same.

They conduct detailed discussions with the management during client onboarding to document the expectations and convert them into an action plan that can be executed. They assign Engagement In-charge to each engagement who manages the requirement definitions, execution, communication, deliverables, and effectively reporting to the clients. Such a proactive approach gives clients confidence in the services being delivered.

No business in any industry can thrive for long or achieve scale with a vision without R&D. Where there is a vision, R&D has to be the backbone of such business. In the finance industry, though routine can be hectic and consuming, leaving no time to devote to R&D, I schedule time for research and development in my calendar weekly and sit for it. It helps us identify what we can do more, what we can do better, and how. This is an essential part of my life.

We believe business processes are ever-evolving, and there is no single best approach, so we keep improvising in real-time every time. This primarily involves experimenting with new tools in the market and how they can be helpful for our clients. We try to automate every activity we pick, which is repetitive. This gives us massive leverage since it enables us to select and offer them to our existing and potential clients. Automation brings ease to the company processes, which clients like about us.

Covid-19 showed the Plutus team a silver lining in the dark clouds. Although they always believed in technology and tools, the pandemic tested their strength. But they had a reason for not worrying. All their work was already automated, and they could support all the clients with little hassle. Lack of infrastructure did not deter them from collaborating between the teams and clients. They use all the available tools in the market to keep the office running and maintain the company’s compliance.

Over the last four years, Plutus Consulting has built a robust base and has achieved numerous milestones. Here are a few –

  • In terms of revenue, it has seen the growth of an average of the 4-5X year on year in the last 4+ years of its journey.
  • The international clientele has grown tremendously in 5 continents covering the USA, Australia, Europe, and Asia, due to its expertise in managing global clients well.
  • In terms of team size, from a team size of 2 in Year 1, they have reached a team size of 35 in the fifth (5th) year and expect it to cross 50 by the end of Year 5.
  • In terms of customer feedback, the team has received excellent and motivating feedback from the clients.

India is the largest democracy in the world; demography-wise, it is at its best. The following 10-15 years will be crucial for the nation as India is set to become financially free with its GDP rising. Plutus Consulting intends to be a part of this journey and make transactions between Indian companies and foreign companies easier in the play, thereby maintaining their faith in the ecosystem’s law of the land.

In the next 2-to 3 years, the firm plans to bring an enhanced reach to the solutions it offers to impact as many lives as it can as a full-fledged consulting enterprise, having achieved the scale of operations and may be working on A-category transactions happening in India.

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