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Bringing Comprehensive Consulting and Transformation Services Under One Roof

With PremierAgile, an incredible brand in his own right, Suresh Konduru leads the consulting and transformation servicing space. PremierAgile offers comprehensive trailblazing Coaching, Consulting, Transformation, and Training in the areas of Agile and Scrum to different sectors including banking & finance, insurance, manufacturing, automotive, telecom, aerospace, marketing, consulting, and services, and many more.

They boast incomparable learning programs powered by globally recognized Scrum Alliance flagship certifications like CSM, CSPO, A-CSM, A-CSPO etc; and also offers world class scaling programs such as SAFe by partnering with Scaled Agile Inc, USA.

Specialized in consulting and transformation services, PremierAgile helps global enterprises, teams, and individuals transform to an Agile way of working. The company has successfully supported numerous organizations to move beyond their traditional work processes to advanced ways of working that as given organizations an edge over their competitors in terms of Time to Market, Profits, Customer Satisfaction, De-Risking, Compliance, etc.

The genesis of PremierAgile was based on the need to address the ever-existing real-time everyday problems embedded in the current training programs. They intend to extend to their learners a real-time learning experience both in physical classrooms or virtual training sessions, with the unique Brain Science techniques. Its training programs are based on Neuro-Science learning and research conducted for over 50 years. Brain Science techniques help learners to experience real-time learning both in physical classrooms or virtual training sessions.

PremierAgile’s Exclusive Service Portfolio
offers comprehensive Agile consulting and coaching solutions under one roof. These include:

Transformation & Coaching
With several years of hands-on transformation experience at global Fortune 500 enterprises, the company’s coaches and trainers support learning as well as design their future roadmap that is perfect for an organization’s transformation.  From the organizational change initiatives, Agile and DevOps transformation, tools implementation, scaling to complex portfolio levels, PremierAgile works as a one-stop destination for all transformation needs.

PremierAgile’s trainers are amongst the first few accredited global trainers. Having trained more than 20,000 associates and several organizations globally in almost 35 countries and uniquely rated 5/5 on Google, PremierAgile is the preferable training partner for numerous large and small corporates worldwide, as well as for individuals looking for career progression.

It offers flagship certification programmes in the Scrum Alliance like CSM, CSPO, A-CSM, A-CSPO, etc., and other certification programmes in the areas of scaling, DevOps, coaching, management, technologies, tools, etc. The firm is also accredited with Scaled Agile Inc, that provides Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and the associated transformation resources. Few scaling learning programs are Leading SAFe, SAFe Product Owner-Product Manager, SAFe Scrum Master etc.

In-house Solutions

PACER support organizations to come up with excellent customer products and services. This unique framework allows early feedback and collaboration in contrast to a traditional way of operation. It is built on Scrum and defines an iterative cycle of activities to build products incrementally – be in software, hardware, manufacturing, banking, marketing, and a lot more.

Exepedia is a coaching model created by PremierAgile in collaboration with other seasoned practitioners. It helps create alignment during organizational transformations across the leaders and senior executives. This model consists of a series of group workshops and individual coaching sessions to help leaders co-create a shared transformation vision and align on a collaborative execution plan. The Know-Believe-Achieve coaching model was launched in Global Scrum Gathering Singapore 2017. It supports leaders to transform organizations, this model is being used by many large and small organizations.

Agile Product Metrics
The man behind the idea, Suresh Konduru compiled ‘Agile Product Metrics’ from his real-world experiences in Agile transformation and coaching. It includes a comprehensive 101 metrics adopted by several Agile teams across the world. These metrics are super helpful in measuring and managing the performance of products, services, business processes, team performance, etc.

OD integration
With the joint research on how Agile practices can be leveraged in Organizational Development (OD), PremierAgile built OD-Agile intelligence and analytics; and presented all its findings at an International OD Conference in 2016.

Training Scrum from the Back of the Room
An exclusive guidance ‘Training Scrum from the Back of the Room’ by PremierAgile makes the learning process easier and more effective than ever. Here, the company helps participants enact real-time situations and perform simulations during the learning. The workshops also run the participants through several non-software industry-related scenarios and examples.

As a premier quality provider of continuous learning opportunities in the areas of Agile and Scrum, PremierAgile’s core motive is to enhance the career of every learner to new heights. The uniqueness of the enterprise lies in its goal to support and empower businesses to transform from traditional models to Agile organizations. The organization has transformed Fortune enterprises from traditional models to Agile organizations for nearly 25 years.

The highly immersive training is powered by brain science learning techniques resulting from neuro-based research for the last 50 years. Additionally, they provide free mentoring for individual learning as well as real-time resources which will help the learner implement Scrum successfully.

Awards & Milestones on the Way
Having navigated the business through calibrated milestones, PremierAgile is moving up the maturity cycle in 2022. The company reached its first milestone as an amazing consulting and coaching partner for organizations.

In the next, PremierAgile has been featured among ‘Top 10 Agile Consultants – 2021’ by CIOReviewIndia because of its world-class learning workshops powered by real transformation experience, post-workshop support, and service, several in-house learning solutions. It has also been awarded as the ‘Best Agile Consulting & Transformation Services Provider 2022 – India’ by Corporate Vision, a UK-based magazine.

Guiding Force

Suresh Konduru – CEO, Lead Coach & Trainer
The man at the helm, Suresh Konduru is an IT expert with nearly two and half decades of experience extensively in Agile Transformation, Agile Consulting, Agile Coaching & Scrum Training, Delivery Management, Program Management, Project Management, for Global Fortune 500 customers.

Specialised in “Training Scrum from the Back of the Room” based on Brain Science learning, Suresh Konduru has delivered Agile & Scrum workshops across 35 nations and trained more than 12,000 globally. Rated as 5 out of 5 because of his excellent coaching and guidance, Suresh provides coaching at all levels including team, enterprise, and leadership.

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